Feeding island resorts

Chapter 1 - prologue

“if it seems too good to be true it usually is”, I’ve learned this lesson in a hard way, but hey we all make mistakes when we’re young right? and besides that, I’ve learned to appreciate what happened to me and even if I didn’t feel it back then that was the best thing that happened to me.

It all started six years ago, it was my second year after graduating and life wasn’t bad, I was living with my best friends Dan and kim. We were running our own bar: “The Captain”. we met at college and we soon became best friends, our common interest in feederism did help bring us together.

Kim is the type of person who seizes the room, everyone wants her attention. That made her very popular. Being the captain of the volleyball team she attracted all the jocks on campus, however she only had eyes for the chubby guys stuffing themselves on the bleachers. Most fellas were a little bit intimidated by her, but I don’t blame them, there aren’t many girls that are 6’00” tall with a 150lbs toned body, besides Kim had that dominant presence that made even the most cocky guy tremble.

Dan wasn’t very smart but he was sure good looking, a muscular physique sculpted on a 5’10’’ and 178lbs body, his greek god looks always made things very easy for him, well this and the small fortune that his dad left for him.

On the other hand I wasn’t that interesting, Average Joe that’s what people called me. Not only because my name is actually Joseph, but also because I was very average in every aspect of my life, an white middle class average looking guy, 5’7’’, 155lbs, just another face in the crowd.

As you can imagine Kim and I did all the hard work in the bar, but we didn’t mind since Dan did all the investment. Week days were very calm and weekends were very busy, but we could make enough money to keep the bar running and pay the bills.

One wednesday I was opening the bar when Dan texted me that Jenna was coming to visit us that night. Jenna was one of our ex-girlfriends, yes, we both dated her. Our similar taste on women resulted in a few common exes, even though we never dated the same girl at the same time.

Jenna was gorgeous, dark hair and a very curvy body, 200lbs well distributed in a 5’1’’ frame, but what really caught the eyes was her smile. That smile left me heartbroken a couple years ago and since then I never heard of her again.

I was kinda anxious to meet her again, but she didn’t show up at the time she said she was going to. The Captain wasn’t crowded so I could see everyone from behind the counter: a few usuals were gathering at the pool table, a couple was kissing in a booth and a very large blonde lady was sitting in the back, if this was a regular night I’d totally go and flirt a bit with her, but all I could think was about Jenna, so I let Heidi, one of our waitresses, take her orders.

It was getting late, Dan said he would show up at 10pm, I was hoping to have some private time with Jenna before he arrived, but it seemed it wouldn’t be possible. He showed up to The Captain in his workout gear, I was pretty sure he only did that to impress Jenna, but I wouldn’t say anything.

“Hey, dude! How's the night going? Ready to meet Jenna?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure” I tried to hide how anxious I was “But she didn’t show up” I told him.

“Dude…” he laughed “she’s sitting over there” he said pointing to the large blonde lady.

I looked at her face for the first time and there was the smile, in front of me all night and I didn’t even recognize her. In my defense she doubled her size since the last time we saw each other. If it wasn’t for that smile I wouldn’t be sure that it was her.

As we walked to her she rose from her stool, she was even prettier than when we dated, she probably weighed 400lbs, her face was rounder and her hips wider. I was in love again.

“I thought you wouldn’t say hi” she said grinning.

“Well you look really different” I stuttered and blushed.

“and you still look as cute as the day we broke up” she winked.

While she dated Dan he introduced her to feederism and while she embraced her feedee side, she didn’t go through big changes she gained only 10 pounds when she was with him. After a few months they broke up we started dating and, as I like to point out to Dan, when we were dating she gained more 20 pounds. As happy as we were she got offered a job across the country and we figured we weren’t ready for a long distance relationship, losing contact over the years.

“So what are you up to? and how in the world you became this gorgeous SSBBW? Dan asked with that dumb smirk that all the girls fall for.

“Well, after I moved out I started exploring more of feederism.” she started “I met a ton of different people with similar tastes and made good connections. One day I met this lithuanian billionaire named Vytas Khait who was recruiting feedees for a resort with feederism theme, He bought an island in the Carribean and built a feederism paradise where feedees and feeders would meet and enjoy themselves.”

“Feeding Island, we heard about it” I said “But isn’t like a fortune to visit there?”

“Yes, the island is like a private club for feeders and has a very expensive membership. To feedees on the other hand it’s a lot cheaper, well, at least if your application is approved, I got tickets and accomodations for free, but I met girls that had to pay, still a much smaller fare compared to what feeders pay. Besides once you’re on the island you can always find a job.” she replied.

It was insane, Jenna told us she spent two years on the island, she was even considered living there permanently, until she met her fiancè, an english dude named Ethan, a retired soccer player. They’d get married in eight months, she actually was there to invite us, Ethan insisted that she had to invite the guys who introduced her to feederism and in some crazy way had part in their marriage.

After a few too many drinks we decided to call the night off, we waved goodbyes and promised her we would attend to her wedding.

That night sparked an idea on Dan’s brain, he was determined to sell the Captain and move to Feeding Island, Jenna told us some people even opened small businesses as bars there. Kim and I spent the following months trying to dissuade him from that idea, even if we sold the Captain, we couldn’t afford one ticket to Feeding Island, let alone three.

We were very successful, he gave up, that was until Jenna’s wedding. Vytas, the owner of Feeding Island, was Ethan’s best man and at the party he befriended Dan, using his charm
Dan entered his social circle and only a week later he returned with news: he had sold the bar to Vytas and we would be moving to Feeding island as permanent residents.

At first we were really mad at him, how could he sell the bar without consulting us? After a few “I’m sorry” and some videos of Feeding Island we were hooked, that was literally a feedist paradise: one whole Island where everyone took some part on the feederism spectrum. He explained that our tickets would be like a loan, we would have to work for Vytas until we could pay back our stay there, but even though we were employees in our off hours we could enjoy everything the island had to offer.

We packed our bags and hopped on a plane to live the life of our dreams… at least we thought we were going to...
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Starterman 1 year
Without the illegal parts, is there a location or an island like this?
Stevita 3 years
This was riveting from start to finish. I'm glad Joe and Sarah ended up together!
Unknown2None 3 years
Definitely worth the wait. This was a really good read, I don’t think I’ve been as invested in a story on here since To Feed Man finished up. Great work dude, looking forward to seeing more stories from you!
Bbman30 3 years
Very nice. Thanks for sharing this story
Felipe1 3 years
@Rmd2 There will be an Epilogue
Unknown2None 3 years
He did say that Ch.30 was the last chapter, so I’m eager to see whether this was all a fever dream for Joe or not.
Rmd2 3 years
Aww that's a bit of an unsatisfying ending. Needs a follow-up to see how everyone turns out and settles in life.
Unknown2None 3 years
I dunno, I’m hoping that they all manage to break free and get off the island!
Bbman30 3 years
I’ll have to wait and see how it ends but I really wanted Joe to be the fattest on the island. I hope they don’t escape lol
Felipe1 3 years
This story is coming to an end, chapter 30 will be the last one!
Bbman30 3 years
Oh Joe, shooting pass 300 going to almost 400lbs. You really are going to be the fattest on the island aren’t you?
Kim...she’s 300 hopefully she can fight the gain. I don’t want her spirit to be broken...
Tablesofacha... 3 years
More pleaseee
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So, I’m caught up to ch.20, and from how I’ve seen it, Kim is just Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim lol
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I hope this story keeps going for a while, the premise is great. Kim is going to finally gain some real weight but I don’t think she’ll catch up to Joe, he’s going to be the king fatty. I can’t wait for Dan to feed them hehehe
Bbman30 3 years
I think Dan is the “special project” someone was talking about in the earlier chapters. I love how fat Joe is getting. I’m glad the girls are starting to feed him, he’ll be 220 by his next weight in lol
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Why do I feel like Dan has not gotten away unfed? Great premise and very nice story.
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Yessss!! I’ve been hoping for funnel feeding to be incorporated
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I meant Prologue lol, thanks warning me