Feeding my girl

chapter 1

Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend and I know she’d do anything for me. I knew she’d participate in any sexual desire I wanted. That’s why I love her, but I wasn’t too fond of her body. Jen was a skinny girl with a flat stomach and a toned body. I wanted that to change, that’s all I wanted.
I shoved a large plate of food in front of her, watching her eyes bounce back and forth between me and the plate.
“Why do you want me to eat all of this?” Jen asked with a puzzled look on her face. Before I could answer, her stomach growled. Jen giggled as she playfully patted her tummy.
“That’s why,” I said. I kept my voice calm and collected, I didn’t want her to know how bad I wanted this.
Jen smiled and picked up a greasy slice of pizza. She promptly shoved it in her mouth with a cute smile of her face. I sat next to her as she stacked two slices on top of each other and devoured them like a glutton.
I looked down at the sexy tank top she was wearing, it clung to her body, showing off her perfect stomach. But now, a slight belly was poking out. It certainly wasn’t that noticeable, but it bugged out a little.
Jen kept eating, at my command, licking the grease off of her fingers.
Her belly grew a bit bigger, straining her tank top. Her belly bulged, moving up and down as she breathed. Jen always had a big appetite, but she never gave into her gluttony until now.
She ate more as her gut grew bigger and bigger. Her shorts were tight around her waist as her belly began to sag over it.
Without looking at her shorts, Jen reached down and unbuttoned them. Her belly nearly jumped out.
It growled and gurgled with pleasure as Jen started eating a little slower. She ate more, forcing her belly to get even more bloated.
Jen finally put the plate of pizza down, showing me the emptiness of it.
Her belly was bloated and round as the gurgling continued. She lifted her tank top to show the huge belly. It sagged over her undone short and huge near her lap. She rubbed it, moaning from the massive amount of food behind it.
I ran my hands against her fat tummy, feeling the softness behind the bloat. Jen tried to suck in her belly, but failed as the bulk wouldn’t go away.
She rested her head against my already chubby belly.
“I like this feeling,” she said, “maybe I’ll get even fatter.”
She grabbed the pudge around my belly and shook it. My tummy was a lot bigger than her’s, but wasn’t massive. I had love handles and a belly that moved when I walked.
Jen lifted my short and poked my belly, watching it jiggle. She laughed as she grabbed my love handles. My gut was soft and a great pillow. Jen forced my hand against her belly.
“Wake me up and let’s do this again,” she said, slapping her belly before her eyes slowly closed.
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