Ffa in bed with a bhm

Chapter 1

First, i would show off my fattening body to you, and let you see how tight my clothes are getting before you remove them and measure my belly and breasts. You would point out all my new bulges, rolls, and creases that i haven't even noticed yet because i'm fattening so rapidly. You remind me that these new inches and new bulges will never go away, but will only expand because I can't stop myself from being such a greedy, lazy pig. I know this is true. I am humiliated and turned on at the same time. I can't help myself. I want to become the piggy of your dreams.

To top me off after our huge dinner, you bring out a supersized fast food cup full of melted ice cream, hand me a straw, and tell me "You know you want to suck it." It's so much, and I am already so full. I'm not sure I can.

You lie down on your side because that's the only way you can get your huge belly out of the way to allow you to reach your cock. As I play with the straw in my mouth, not ready to suck yet, because I'm still so full, you push back your pubic fat and put some lube on your cock.

I'm turned on by this show, so I sit on the bed where I can see the action, and start sucking. You're watching me closely, and you time your motions perfectly. You stroke your cock in time to my sucks and swallows. Your shaft grows, and I suck harder, moaning a little each time a swallow of ice cream hits my overfilled stomach.

My eyes wander from your self-massage to your belly to your man-breasts to your face, and we lock eyes. You're the sexiest man I've ever known. I cherish our time together, even as I fear you will dump me if i can't become the fat woman you need. The thought of becoming a fat woman turns me on while my fear of being cut off from the best sex of my life urges me to give in *now* to my desire to grow. I start greedily sucking down ice cream like the pig that I am. I put one hand on my aching, fattened belly. You stroke yourself faster, and I start to realize why we're doing this.

You want to fulfil my fantasy of sucking you off, of swallowing your creamy ejaculate that magically goes straight to my belly as fat. After every blowjob I'd give you, I'd be blowing up like a balloon. I moan with pleasure and suck faster, and you stroke yourself even faster. You're on the verge of orgasm.

I cry out. My belly is so overstretched, it hurts, and I stop sucking down sugary fatty liquid long enough to whimper in pain. You slow down and tell me to come closer. With your free hand, you touch my belly gently. An electric shock of pleasure runs through me. With the other hand still on your cock (I assume because I can't see over your mountain of bellyfat), you rub my belly here and there. Your chubby fingers reassure me. I am gaining weight fast enough to keep your interest. The tension in my belly is a bit relieved. I shake the cup to show you that it is mostly gone. I drank it faster than you thought I could. You are turned on by my gluttony, and quickly stroke yourself in an effort to bring yourself back to the verge of orgasm.

I know what will please you. I cuddle next to you and offer you my fattest breast for suckling. I put the cup of ice cream just above your head, tilt the straw toward me, and keep sucking on it. I imagine I am sucking and swallowing cum from your cock that is fattening me into the woman you desire. You nestle into my breast and imagine you are sucking milk from it that is fattening you even more. Our bellies nuzzle and rub against each other. You stroke yourself faster and faster, imagining that all the cum you milk from yourself will fatten my belly.

And even without the fantasy, the reality is we are two fatties in bed together, fat bellies pressed together, turned on by our own and each other's indulgence, pleasuring ourselves and each other sexually. Who could ask for more? I finish the ice cream with a loud slurp as you explode into orgasm.
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Stuffing Our... 10 months
Hot and sensuous!
Built4com4t 1 year
Love it…what a turn on
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
There are very few stories about mutual gaining/feeding, but only yours are so so arousing. Thanks for the years of pleasure.
Grizz 3 years
I don't know how have haven't read this one!!!! That hit all the right spots.
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
I commented 4 years ago. It was a pleasure to re-read this amazingly sensual story.
Thank you so much for all the pleasures you’ve given with your writing.
Badhansel 8 years
Lovely story - would love to read more like this from you...
Ateitall 9 years
Again, back for my ummmmteenth read. Thank you for the great and erotic story... Makes me want to suck down a half gallon of melted ice cream!
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Wow! How did you pack so much eroticism into so few words! Envying you as a writer and admiring you as a dreamer of gloriously gluttonous dreams!
Ateitall 11 years
I think a cute title for this could be, "Big Gulp". smiley)
FoodieChef 11 years
I love it!
Gettingfatter 13 years
What a sexy, dirty mind you have smiley
James Marlow 13 years
whoah, that is so hot, I do share this very same fantasy but with our roles reversed