Premature e"fat"ulation (true story)

chapter 1

First I brought him takeout. I love watching him eat. He's always delicate and polite at first, and then it's like he turns on the turbo booster and shovels it all in. This time was no exception.

When his appetite for food was sated, he suggested that we make out on the couch. His huge belly forces his legs apart. I'm so lucky to land a guy this big. He sits on the couch like a heavy lump while I climb all over him, kissing him from every angle. His face is red, he's sweaty and breathing hard. And all he's doing is sitting there. I tell him I want to get naked. We both strip. The vast expanse of his belly looks even bigger when he's naked. He looks like he might have the biggest belly circumference of any guy I've ever been with.

He suggests going into the bedroom. He flops on his back on the bed. He's so heavy the mattress sinks low where he lays. I put one of my breasts in his hand, and the other in his mouth. While he stimulates me, I feel his belly mountain under my mildly chubby belly. My god I look like a supermodel next to him. I'm moaning and then he switches his mouth from one of my DDD breasts to the other, and uses his other hand to gently arouse the other nipple. I think about how fat he is, how much food had to go in him to make him this size, how much sedentary laziness. I get wet. His belly gets wet. I ask him if he has any condoms.

He rolls the rubber over his cock. I can't believe its circumference. It makes me think that a fairy godmother granted his wish of a super-wide cock that women would beg for, and the magic wand slipped, also giving him the gift of a super-wide belly. It must have been *my* fairy godmother creating the perfect man for me.

He pulls his belly up out of my way, and I have to lower myself onto him slowly. So slowly. I feel like a virgin, stretched wider than I've ever been stretched before. Finally, the tip is securely in me. He releases his belly onto my thighs. Oh god he's so fat. I've been wanting a fat man's dick in me for so long, and this man is so f*cking fat. He uses his magic hands on my huge tits with special attention to my sensitive nipples to make me wetter. To make me slip down onto him. To get his huge wide cock all the way in me. He doesn't move his hips at all. He's obviously had women impale themselves on hm before. He knows a woman needs time to adjust to his huge cock. I place my hands on his moobs and press so that I slowly sink further down on him. I'm imagining how many more times I will get to do this. I want to do it again and again. Finally he is all the way in my soaking wet pu**y.

I try to use my legs to pump up and down but it's so hard. His body is such a wide load that my legs are spread so far open that it's hard to get good leverage for vertical motion. Plus his belly and lovehandles are so huge they're pressing on my thighs even in my lowest squat, and lifting myself up will mean having to push back that tidal wave of fat. I find my strength and I work hard to f*ck him. He is lying there pinned down by his fat like a beached whale while I ride him. He tries to bring his hips up to meet mine, but it's too much effort for him and it messes up my rhythm. He lies back like a helpless overstuffed animal. I slowly bring myself to the tip of his cock and then quickly shove him back in me. I do it again. I can see how much he likes it. He knows he hasn't made me cum yet and feels incredibly guilty. He asks me to slow down. I love how guilty my greedy fatty feels. I want him to feel like a selfish pig. I served him dinner, I'm wearing myself out physically to give him a good f*ck, and he can't even make me cum. I go faster. His belly is shaking like jello in an earthquake. His eyes are rolling back in his head. "Does that feel good baby?" I coo. "Are you gonna cum for me?" His head jerks as his fat self-indulgent body takes its pleasure. He lasted maybe 30 or 45 seconds after I started pumping, and that's with a condom. I think those are tears of shame. He wanted to pleasure me before he came, but greedy fatty couldn't stop himself from cumming the way he's never been able to stop himself from eating. I curl myself around his enormous belly and sigh. I think I'm in love.
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KarlaFFA 9 months
more chapters here, updated as things progress in real life:
VisibleBelly... 10 months
Really powerful erotic fantasy. The narrator's dominance and control is especially arousing... 🥵
Pillsbury22 1 year
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
Here again to overindulge in your enchanting tales of erotic sensuality. You are the best!
Danimal 4 years
Great writing and I love how you came up with so many different names for the narrator to refer to her boyfriend.
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
Wow! I didn’t remember how great you are at this sort of thing. Even better than I recall. I’m going to re-read all your stuff. Thank you for your erotic visions.
Built4com4t 8 years
even better the second read...more please
Fatlilboy 8 years
Love it - use him, fatten him f**k him and stuff him into hopeless, helpless oblivion.
5HT1A 8 years
I wish the narrator wasn't quite so mean, but Oh My F***ing Christ, that is one of the sexiest stories I have ever read. Uhhh, so delicious.
Edxl 8 years
I love it! Well written, and brilliantly, if almost painfully, honest.
Fatrnfatr 8 years
Totally holds my attention. I want to see the dynamic develop between the narrator and the "Blubberwhale". And of course, how ginormous he will get.
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
What a gluttonous feast of eroticism this story is! I would love to be in his place . . .
Teasesfatties 8 years
F*ck...that was hot. Great job.
FrecherTyp 8 years
hehe the sitting booth was funny :-) and i like your descriptions ^^ of his belly and the slight hint of humiliation that lies in the air ^^
Giantjay 8 years
Excellent! Top notch all around, you are a very skilled writer. I loved it, so arousing. Hope to read more experiences.
Built4com4t 8 years
spectacular...a very arousing read
Voluptuouslover 8 years
Short, to the point, very arousing to hear from a woman's perspective especially at the end.
M4nx 8 years
Yes. Short but sweet. I love it.
Built4com4t 8 years
Story Consul... 8 years
that creates wonderful images in my head