To the male feeders

Chapter 1 - food photo fantasy

This one goes out to the male feeders. The photos of luscious fattening food you post are so sexy. The tantalizing steak dinners with lovely potatoes and crisp asparagus make my mouth water. Photos of creamy cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries tell me you want to woo me.

We start to email, and you have me in your snare. Before long, you don't show me fancy meals anymore. You show me pizza. You show me fast food burgers. Fried chicken, pork rinds, french fries, donuts, hostess cakes, you stopped trying to impress me, because you know I'm just a pig. You tell me in your email that you send me the food photos because you know they make me hungry. You know I can't resist. Your photos make me so ashamed of my lack of willpower. I always end up at the drive-thru again. I always call for delivery again. When I think of you, I stuff myself. You're not here, but this food is here because of you. You've never touched me, but this food is touching my lips, and the new fat it adds to me will touch me forever. I can't stop fantasizing about you.

You make me want to eat (ungh) and eat (ungh) and eat (mmmm) and eat (oh god that's good).

You make me want to eat (more) and eat (mmmm) and eat (mmfff) and eat (mouth full, cheeks full, muffled moaning, tears in my eyes so afraid of how fat I'm getting, while you climb on top of me and start pumping, making my whole fat body jiggle).

You make me want to eat (mmfff) and eat (mmfff) and eat (I can't swallow as fast as you cram food in my fat face, I'm coming so hard I can't breathe, you're close, you're so close, you want me fatter).

Yes, yes, make me eat (push the crumbs into my overstuffed mouth) and eat (call me a f*cking fata** pig) and eat (pump faster, make me jiggle so hard) and eat (shut up, pig) and eat (mmfff) and eat (mmfff) and eat (you see in my eyes that I'm cumming while my pu**y grips your cock so tight) and you explode your creamy cum inside me.

Ungh, ungh, ungh, I swallow the food in my mouth, while wave after wave of hot white cream fills my fat c*nt.

You want me preggers.

You want to watch my fat preggo belly grow.

You want me to give you piglets.
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This! Just this!

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omg that's incredibly erotic! :O