Flipping the switch

Chapter 1 - first blush

Jen blinked a couple times and stared at the screen her boyfriend had pulled up for her. Her mind was working overtime as it often did when new information presented itself to her hungry intellect, and this was something she had really never considered. She had heard of chubby chasers but this concept was a couple layers of complexity beyond that, what did it say about the well built, shyly blushing guy sitting in the chair in front of her.

She considered the before and after picture of a woman in alternately too small and well fitting bikini and decided, well She had certainly heard of weirder sexual interests. Jack turned around a bit, looked at her and said "So, any thoughts?" "Oh, Many." Jen replied, breaking from her reverie. "First of all, what exactly is driving your interest here?" Jen had a tendency towards the analytical and apparently the potential oddness of this situation had done nothing to dampen it. "Like I understand the idea of liking someone whos a bit bigger but what exactly about your partner gaining weight, you know, does it for you."

Jack looked down and considered his response. Where Jen was quick and full of questions, Jack was all deep consideration and economical word choices. He looked up and locked his deep brown eyes on her bright grey ones. In a slow deliberate tone he responded "Well, I think it has something to do with change. It excites me. There's also elements of control and dominance at play. You know food is a passion of mine, and I guess I just like bigger people as well." He blushed and looked askance again at this admission "It's sort of at an intersection of a lot of my interests."

"Well, If that's the case why do you like me" Jen forged on shamelessly "Im skinny as they come" She ran her hand over her flat belly for emphasis. "Jack glanced back up, smirked and drew her down onto his lap "Because I love you silly. You know how much I admire you, you’re passionate and funny. Honestly it’s not like our sex is unsatisfying." He rested his hand over hers on her waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "This isn’t something I need from you to be happy, I just wanted you to know that it’s a part of me."

She craned her neck and ginned wide at him "well I think I can accept that." she nuzzled into his neck as they sat on the chair together and jack sat back feeling relieved and content. Jen broke the silence "It’s not really even that weird you know, and I’m honestly really happy you told me. Who knows maybe I’ll get a little chubby by accident one of these days." Jen held her breath and jack stiffened slightly below her before before barking a bright laugh. "Holy Damn that really gets you going doesn't it!?" She snuggled deeper into his lap as he struggled not to think too hard about what that might look like "uhhh.. maybe a bit."

She Laughed again and turned to kiss him "Your cute when you're embarrassed you know that?" Jack kissed her back before picking her small frame up in a quick motion. Jen let out a little cheep as he dropped her onto their bed next to his computer desk and proceeded to start kissing the other exposed parts of her. "let me show you just how excited I can get" he said into the curve of her collarbone. He kept kissing until they found a much less verbal way to share the intricacies of their sexuality, and as they fell further out of the realm of assembled thought, Jen filed this away. She had just discovered a potent new tool for turning on her boyfriend.
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Mingu 1 year
Can’t believe this story is getting a revival! Love the new direction, keep up the good work!
Fatchance 3 years
This is an awesome story in every way. Please keep it going!
Jazzman 3 years
Very good new chapter
Jazzman 3 years
I write stories about 50 percent as good as this one. It's been a tough year for all of us. I have to think that's the cause of the long break. I hope you will be updating regularly again. It's a shame to see I commented 9 months ago.Nice addition
Jazzman 4 years
Some of the finest writing I have ever seen in 21 years of reading stories and writing a few that are not great but not bad either
Jazzman 4 years
This writing is ART.This extra chapter is exquisite in every measure. Some of the best imagery and prose I have Ever had the pleasure of reading.Perfect pacing. I was irritated at the cliffhanger after a long break. The resulting extra chapter is some of
Occamslaser 4 years
Thanks man, I appreciate you still reading! I'll try to get it written sooner than later
Jazzman 4 years
Great story. Hoping you will update sooner since you gave this nice chapter a cliffhanger ending.
Theswordsman 4 years
Can't wait to see how far she goes
Hundzabrutus 4 years
That's a great story, I really hope you didn't give up or lose inspiration
Hereiam 4 years
Really enjoying your tale of gluttony and submission. Can't wait to read more!
Occamslaser 4 years
noted, ill edit it out to have more paragraph breaks for the next update
Karenjenk 4 years
The only thing i wish you would change is to make more paragraphs.
Occamslaser 4 years
thanks guys!
yeah im writing the next chapter now. I'm going to try for a weekly update schedule going forward
Blunderbusty 4 years
It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed the opening of a fetish story as much as I did this one. I hope it continues, and soon!
Jazzman 4 years
So Erotic. Fabulous Start