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Chapter 1 - a dream where you get too fat

Have you ever had a dream that's so vivid that even though the events that take place are quite impossible it seems completely real in every way?

Imagine dreaming about a busy shopping centre. There's crowd of shoppers browsing and hanging out in the main foyer and shops, most of them are young attractive guys and girls. Then you appear in the entrance, but my god in this dream you have gotten SO FAT! An estimate on your weight would be very difficult, but it's clearly too much for even the larger standard home scales to measure. You're wearing shorts and a t-shirt that look like they would have been very fashionable when they fit, which must have been a very long time ago because the t-shirt now barely covers your belly button, the bottom of your navel is just slightly visible below the overstretched fabric and the rest of your stomach hangs exposed. You keep trying to pull it down to cover yourself but the top doesn't even come close. Your overhang falls so far down your huge thighs it nearly reaches your knees. Your shorts are so stretched the material has faded so much it's become nearly see-through. Your hips are so wide it's lucky that the entrance way is a double doorway or else it looks like you might have had trouble squeezing through.

You pause in the entrance for a moment, clearly enjoying the air-conditioning, seems like you worked up a slight sweat along the short walk from shopping centre's car park. As you begin to walk, err waddle forward the thud of your heavy footsteps sends shockwaves throughout your entire body. Passers-by can't help themselves but to stare. One girl looks at you in shock, you see her eyes scan you from top to bottom, they widen and her eyebrows raise as she looks at your gigantic boobs wobbling about inside your super tight bra beneath your super tight t-shirt, then as she looks lower down to your belly and thighs you see her jaw slowly drop in horror at what she's witnessing.

You hear some people gasp, "Oh my god!"

Other comments escape the murmur of the crowd,

"I can't believe how FAT she is!"

"Holy shit! Look at her gut!"

As you walk forward more and more people begin staring and commenting. It's almost like you're a circus attraction, many of them have never seen a girl who has let herself get so obscenely fat in their entire lives.

"What the hell does she eat for breakfast, sticks of butter?!"

"Man that is one WIDE-LOAD!" you hear from behind you.

A young guy smirks and turns to his mates, "Holy ***, did you see the size of her thighs?" making a round shape with his hands about half a meter across and starts wobbling them about unevenly as if to simulate the jiggling of your legs as you walk. This gets a laugh from his mates.

A girl giggles turning to her friends saying "She looks like she's about to burst out of her clothes!" one of the friends replies, "Yeah! She's going to pop a button and kill somebody!" to which they all laugh.

This statement was probably not so far from the truth. You're heading towards the clothing stores for with good reason. In this dream, it almost seems as if you've been at home stuffing yourself silly for so long that you accidentally outgrew all your biggest clothes and now you're forced to go shopping for new ones. It's hard to fathom how anyone could let themselves grow so big. What a huge greedy piggy you must have been.

The first clothing store is a disaster. You don't even fit in to the changing rooms! You could tell the skinny shop assistant was trying not to laugh as you struggle to squeeze you flab through the door. She stops laughing though as you lose your balance falling forward grabbing the door for support accidentally pulling it off one of its hinges. You regain your balance and look guiltily at the door now hanging crooked in its frame. Not trying too hard to hide her annoyance the shop assistant asks you to leave before you do any more damage.

"What a fat-ass!" you hear her say to a colleague when she thinks you're out of earshot, "I mean seriously I was thinking like 'Hey tubbo, you're gunna need to hit the gym and a shitload of slim fast before you can fit in there, or any of our clothes!'"

You skip past the next few shops and go straight for the biggest plus-sized store. You try on outfit after outfit but there's not one that comes close to fitting you. You've more than outgrown their biggest sizes, some of the dresses barely fit around one of your thighs. You're starting to get a little desperate that you might actually have to leave the shopping centre still wearing the same clothes with everyone starting at you when you finally see a medium length skirt that can just about fit around your huge butt and thighs. Not quite though, it covers you but you just can't quite get it to button up. After several minutes of 'sucking it in' you spy a large sized safety pin on the shop's counter and with some quick thinking you grab it and squeeze back in to the changing room. You use the safety pin to close the gap. The skirt hugs you like a very tight fitting glove. You find a matching top that just about manages to cover your huge tummy. It's a tight fit but at least you're decent now. You relax, breathing a deep sigh of relief as you let it all hang out only to hear the sound of stretching fabric which instinctively causes you to suck your gut back in. You let your stomach muscles relax a little more slowly and fortunately the outfit holds together.

Your new clothes feel so tight. As you walk you can hear the new material creaking, struggling to contain your fat as you jiggle from each heaving step. It's so constricting across your midsection that your belly feels like a giant heavy water balloon wobbling and bouncing around in front of you with every step. You overhear someone describe you as a baby elephant heaving yourself through the crowded mall.

You see a wooden bench and stop for a quick rest. Your huge butt cheeks take up the entire width of the bench and as you slowly lower yourself down it creaks loudly. You find that you're sitting opposite the food court and you see a bakery and place selling some delicious looking fried chicken. Your tummy rumbles. Suddenly you're distracted from the food by a loud SNAP! You feel the bench start to vibrate and then another loud SNAP! Your eyes widen and you heave yourself up just in time before the old wooden frame collapses under your weight. You stare in shock at the broken cross beam and bits of splintered wood on the ground. You hear some schoolgirls sniggering behind you.

You waddle away quickly and suddenly find yourself in front of the bakery and fried chicken place. You're feeling pretty hungry and still a bit tired from all the clothes changing from earlier. Deciding what you want for lunch suddenly becomes a hard decision, so you go with both. You walk towards the food court tables holding a large box of fried chicken and box of fresh cup-cakes. You check the chair this time to make sure it's made out of metal and sit down carefully.
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Elliebelly42 11 years
wonderful story! loved the humiliation part..really hot.
Noarthereonl... 11 years
Ah Layla, greedy for more are you? That's so like you smiley
Noarthereonl... 11 years
Thanks mollycoddles, your stories are awesome!
Layla 11 years
yesss this story is so ***ing HOT write more
Noarthereonl... 11 years
Thanks smiley
Noarthereonl... 11 years
Thank you smiley
Giantjay 11 years
Nice story!
Green Eyes Dose 11 years
aw thats sweet you wrote a story for her smiley