The dough girl

chapter 1

Kristy was a girl with a secret vice. Well these days it's wasn't so secret. Her big round belly wobbling ponderously in front of her as she walked certainly wasn't easy to keep hidden anyway. All her troubles had started at her local bakery where she stopped by innocently one day on her way home from her part time job. She'd just been accepted in to college and decided to reward herself with a yummy treat. She fell in love with a cream donut that day. The following morning it was hard to shake the idea of getting a treat for breakfast from her mind and she stopped in for a coffee and another donut.

That was a few years ago and since then she'd stopped by the bakery nearly every day for a donut, or an apple Danish, or chocolate muffin, and lately she'd taken to getting a few snacks for the road.
Charles the baker had certainly noticed the attractive chubby young girl coming in to his store. He was an admirer of bigger girls, in fact if he was honest it was the main reason he decided to become a baker. He absolutely loved watching fatties come in to his store and indulge themselves on his cooking. It wasn't long before he was on a first name basis with Kristy and even flirted with her more than a few times. Kristy was just always in such a good mood when she entered the store, her face always grinning with anticipation of the tasty delights awaiting her.

Charles started preparing special treats for his favourite customer. He liked to think of them as "extra flavoured" but that wasn't the only thing extra about his special treats. The "extra" could soon been seen on Kristy's thighs and waistline, and now days her whole body was sporting extra bulges and rolls of soft doughy fat. It was due to a special kind of oil Charles was using to bake Kristy's treats. Sinfully fattening but with an amazing sweet buttery taste that couldn't be beaten. Kristy was hooked and Charles knew it.

When Kristy quit her part time job to return to school the damage to her figure really started to add up. Since she wasn't working Charles offered an all you can eat deal for a token fee. Practically free food was a hard offer to refuse for the budget conscious student and living nearby she began stopping by the store twice, sometimes three times a day. Everyday he'd coax her to have an extra pastry or two, and each time she left the store it seemed as if she was a little fuller, and fatter, than the day before.

Charles was taking great delight in watching her clothes get tighter and tighter week by week, her buttons becoming strained again and again each time she bought a new outfit to contain her new swelling curves. It was kind of a twisted game to him. He wanted to see just how fat he could make this sexy tubby girl grow from his devious cooking. Time went by, and Kristy grew, and grew, and grew. By her third year of study she was barely recognisable from the first day he met her and now over the past several months her appetite had really gotten out of control. Obese was an understatement, she'd grown absolutely enormous, easily well past four hundred pounds and was heading for five hundred at an alarming rate.

On one particular day however Kristy stopped by as per usual, but she seemed a little down. They chatted lightly as usual but Charles' expression froze when he heard her words,

"... so this might be last time I stop by for quite some time now I've finished my degree. I've decided to visit London and maybe I'll stay there if things work out. I'm sure going to miss your cooking though."

Charles forced a smile. This was going to ruin everything. He had to think quickly.

"I'm so sad to hear you're leaving. I tell you what, why don't you stop by tomorrow and I'll prepare you a little 'going away' feast. Consider it my gift to you for being such a loyal customer all these years."

Kristy blushed. In all honesty the main reason for her sudden move was that she had to get away from Charles bakery. She was watching herself blow up like a balloon helplessly addicted to the baked sugary treats he provided her. She knew if she just moved to the other side of town it wouldn't be far enough, she'd make excuses to come this way. No, the only way was to move somewhere totally new, try to put all this delicious food out of her head and distract herself with a new life. Then she could focus, get some exercise and hopefully get her figure back while she was still young. That was the plan anyway.

Kristy agreed to drop by the store for her going away present. If only she knew what Charles had in store for her. If only she knew he was the real reason she was now a walking blimp.

Charles couldn't bear to lose his burgeoning blimpette. He'd put in so much effort into fattening her up and he was certain she wasn't done growing yet. He had so many more things he'd planned to feed her. This called for drastic measures. He got to work immediately preparing the strongest batch of his special baking oil he'd ever concocted. This was going to be a feast to remember.

Kristy approached the store in the evening the following day. She'd actually planned to stand up Charles' invitation but by evening time the temptation of all her favourite treats awaiting her belly had gotten the better of her. She was so fat now the only outfit she could squeeze into was an extra-large set of blue overalls, and even they were cutting into her fat so deeply a faint creaking noise could be heard with every step she took.
Charles greeted her warmly. He showed her to her table. He'd set up some candles and a large pile of her favourite pies, pastries, cakes and other assorted sweets. Charles had gone to the trouble of decorating each of the cakes and pies with cute little faces in icing or chocolate sauce almost humanising each treat with a little personality. Lined up at the back was a row of two dozen pink frosted cream filled donuts, their cute faces had round open mouths and their eyes were made to have slightly sad expressions, they were surrounding a huge triple layered chocolate cake which was decorated with the words "We'll miss you Kristy!" surrounded by love hearts written in white cream and sugary red jam.
"Oh how sweet of you!" exclaimed Kristy, genuinely surprised at the effort Charles had gone to.

"But there's so much I couldn't possibly eat all of this..." her words trailed off, she could smell the crispness of his special baking oil radiating from the table and its delicious aroma was stirring something deep within her stomach. It rumbled deeply, hungrily, and she had to place her hand on it to steady herself. Almost like an unseen force was drawing her towards the table, her eyes were starting to glaze over and her mouth was watering. She sat down slowly on a metal chair which creaked loudly.

"Bon appetite," whispered Charles as Kristy giddily picked up the first sugary treat and took a bite.

The poor young girl moaned in an almost sexual way as the flavour hit her. She had no idea what she was getting herself info. She blushed as she realised the sounds she'd made were audible.

"Excuse me, oh they're so good," she said almost apologetically, covering with a nervous laugh.

"Please enjoy yourself. Just call me if you need anything." Charles knew she'd prefer to eat in private so he ducked out of sight, however he couldn't resist at peaking in on her through the crack of the kitchen door.

As soon as she thought she was alone Kristy picked up a cup cake and stuffed it into her mouth in one single bite desperately trying to stifle her moans as she swallowed its buttery goodness. She felt giddy, everything seemed so hazy, almost like she was high. All her concern for her expanding waistline was swept aside. Right now she just wanted to indulge, just for one more night. What harm could one more binge do? If only she knew what Charles had in store for her back there...

Kristy ate with gusto. She finished the cupcakes and then the pies, lemon, jam and chocolate. Then the Danish pastries, cream & jam ├ęclairs, chocolate ├ęclairs, apple turnovers, pecan pie, cinnamon swirls, butterscotch pudding. Every bite was swallowed quicker than the last, she was eating so fast she was getting out of breath. She ploughed through the chocolate cake centrepiece at an amazing pace getting chocolate all over her fingers. The taste was so good she'd finished it before she knew it. She was starting to feel full but a strange sense of euphoria was compelling her to keep eating. It was like the blissful feeling was getting more and more intense the fuller she got. It was almost sexual, she HAD to keep going. She was panting desperately between mouthfuls trying to stifle her many audible moans of pleasure.

She finally made it on to the back row of donuts. Fullness had caused her to slow down quite a bit by now, but her glassy eyes smiled as her stubby arm and fat fingers reached with determination for more food. Those pink frosted donuts just looked too divine not to at least try.

She ate them one by one. Another, and another, and another. Charles watched in fascination with a grin on his face, his mouth slightly ajar in awe at her gluttony. With each one she ate his eyes and mouth widened a little more in anticipation. When she finished a dozen and moved on to a second batch he could barely contain his excitement. She was struggling to swallow now, but strangely the fuller she got the better they seemed to taste. Each time she told herself "just one more" she found herself unable to resist taking another.
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Noarthereonl... 8 years
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Oh that's hot
Noarthereonl... 8 years
I'm glad you think so. I've become a rather big fan of your writing recently as well smiley
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I've read this before but it's definitely worth revisiting.
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Oh hey Cyrelle, of course I remember you! smiley I'm like totally obsessed with your adorable little fatty drawings smiley and Uphill is one of my favourite fat fantasy tales as well, somehow you managed to make it both cute and dark at the same time. Nice to see you here as well!
Noarthereonl... 9 years
Thank very much, glad you enjoyed. I have a whole heap of similar stories at and a few very naughty ones here
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This is the best one Ive read in a long time. Holy shit
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