Chapter 1 - dessert

"MMMmmmph" she moaned as a slice of cake was stuffed in to her mouth.

Her bloated body struggled to contain the huge meal now within it. She was stuffed way beyond full but it was time for dessert now. She had no choice. She had to eat more.

Another slice of cake was stuffed in. As she swallowed she felt her belly expand just a little more. She even thought she heard the threads on her underwear creak slightly at the extra strain. Not surprising really she'd piled on so much weight recently. All her clothes were tight now, some at bursting point, even her baggiest track suit pants threatened to split right open if she dared to bend over in them now. It wasn't her fault! It was him, he just kept giving her more food to eat! He was the one making her fatter.

The past weeks had been an ecstatic blur of food. Her belly had been filled constantly with of all sorts of fattening goodies. She could never say no, it wasn't her fault she was always hungry.

He poked her belly, "I see someone hasn't been watching her weight."
She blushed, she felt so heavy and warm.

"Really, I mean look how fat you've gotten," he scolded whilst jiggling her belly. "Such a greedy, greedy appetite, you must get so hungry," he held a slice of cake to her lips. "Come on, eat another. You're a fat girl, don't you want some more cake? A couple of slices can't possibly be enough to satisfy such a big belly."

She opened her mouth to speak but instead in went another slice of cake. She swallowed and felt her ballooning belly grow a fraction more. She swore she could just about feel herself getting even fatter. The enormous amount of calories she consumed in the past few days would have to be settling on her body by now, finding their way to her flab, plumping her up. She shifted in her seat, a definite creak was heard from her underwear this time, her thighs and butt cheeks jiggling as she moved. She gasped as she felt her super tight underwear ride up giving her a very slight wedgie. She reached back and grabbed a handful of flesh from her right butt cheek. God she really was getting fat!

"Yes, my cake filled fatty's going to burst out of her underwear if she's not careful!" he taunted whilst tracing around the fat that overhung her waistband with his fingers. "God look at all this flab!" he pinched her fat between his fingers and gave it a jiggle.

She moaned out loud only to have it muffled by another slice of cake. It was warm and deliciously moist, making it sinfully easy to swallow. Her chubby cheeks bulged. She had icing all over her lips. Cake crumbs were constantly spraying all over her chest, but they were always promptly collected and placed back in to her mouth. Before she even realised it she'd finished the next slice, practically inhaling it, quite amazed that he'd been able to cram the entire slice in to her all at once.

"Yes there's no filling you up is there?" he chuckled patting the top of her swollen belly. "Don't worry there's still plenty more cake left," he said and reached for another slice. She moaned and leant back clutching the sides of her engorged belly.

The feeding continued. He rubbed the sides of her extended belly as she ate more and more. "Yes, eat up fat girl. Can't have you going hungry now can we? Girls like you just have to eat all the time don't they?" He could see that her nipples were rock hard beneath the tightly stretched fabric of her bra. He cupped them in his hands. She could feel herself getting very wet. He drew circles with his fingers in her lower belly fat, then proceeded downwards to massage the thick layer of flab surrounding her inner thighs. She was getting so hot and began squirming in her seat as she struggled to swallow yet another bite. As she squirmed she subconsciously spread her legs further apart allowing him to squeeze even more flab higher and higher between her plump legs. When he touched the fabric of her underwear she shuddered causing all her flab to jiggle wildly.

She was very flushed now, leaning far back with her legs spread. He lent over her round belly, keeping one hand pressed firmly between her legs. With the other held the final slice of cake to her lips. He whispered in her ear "You've been naughty today, eating so much food when you're already so fat. I can barely believe how greedy you've been. Now all that food's going to make you even fatter."

He smeared some icing on to her lips and she clamped her thighs up around his hand causing the waist of her overstretched underwear to snap in the process. She gasped as he quickly removed their tattered remains and pressed his fingers in to her, feeling her wetness.

He leant in close again, still holding the cake in one hand and gently massaging between her legs with the other. She was panting in short breaths. He whispered in to her ear, "I warned you that would happen if you ate too much. You've been so greedy that you've burst right out of your underwear. You've been eating and eating all day, you must be so full by now." He massaged between her legs a little harder. "So full in fact that I think one more bite might just make you explode!" And with that he stuffed the final slice into her mouth, watching her body wobble delightfully as she thrashed about in ecstasy, and feeling intense heat gush between his fingers as she came.
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