Hi there little piggy

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Hi there Little Piggy. I think it's time we had a little chat about how FAT you're getting. I mean just look at all that naughty, jiggly, blubber!

Why can't you stop eating fatty? Are you really that hungry all the time? Do you like being a greedy fat little glutton? Stuffing your fat little face with more, and more, and more, until you're so full you think you might just pop? Such a naughty fatty! You just can't stop growing can you?

What if prepared a banquet in your honour. All you can eat. Yes even you porky!

Are you hungry fat girl?


Well go on then, plump little piggy, eat up! Eat all that you can and then eat even more. Yes that's right just eat and eat and eat like the naughty little glutton you are. Just eat and eat and eat and eat...

Oh my you're getting even fatter aren't you? I can see your belly growing!

Go on keep eating!

Don't worry about your clothes getting tighter. Keep eating.

Don't worry as your buttons pop off one by one, just keep eating more.

Don't worry as your big fat butt splits the seat of your pants.

Don't worry as your fat belly comes pouring out for everyone to see.

Don't worry as everyone stares at your ballooning waist and thunder-thighs thinking,

"Oh God, what an enormous porker!"

Just keep eating piggy. I want to see you grow, and grow, and grow, and GROW!

I want to rub and squeeze all that naughty fat, slide my fingers between your fat rolls, bury my face in your huge tubby belly.

I want to watch your underpants dig in to your fat as you swell up like a balloon, watch their threads stretch and snap as your fat outgrows them, tearing them to shreds.

I want to make you bigger, and Bigger, and BIGGER. Breasts the size of volleyballs, hips so embarrassingly wide you can't fit anywhere! Fat little sausage fingers and toes, and your cute chubby face so fat you'll barely recognise yourself in the mirror.

Stuff that fat gut! Grow for me piggy! Bigger! BIGGER!! Don't stop eating!

I want to make you so fat you're almost completely round. Like a huge, gigantic beached whale. So fat and round you can't even reach your own bellybutton. Too fat and helpless to even reach for more food, but don't worry, I'll keep feeding you more, and more, and more! Pancakes, donuts, cupcakes, pies, chocolate, ice-cream, so much food! And you have to eat it ALL!

I won't want to stop until you're the fattest naughtiest piggy in the whole world! ;)
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Love it!!!!! I want that!!!!!!!
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Thank you!