Gainer murders

  By Fatj

chapter 1

Brian held the door as I entered the building of our shared apartment. We’ve been roomates for the past 2 years and living with another dude isn’t as bad as you think, coming from a gay guy. He’s fit, fantastic and let’s just say we both have a similar work out routine. He brings home a different girl every night while I’m working on a story for our true crime podcast. It’s mostly just broad unsolved cases that are popular to the eye of society. He’s the voice of reason where I speculate far too often. He locks the door behind us as i take off my steel toed boots. “This weeks story is going to be....amazing I can feel it!”

“It’s just a cover of the Gainer murders,
not that exciting.” Brian says scoffing a bit. The gainer murders were a series of murders that occurred a few months apart where the victims gained a shit ton of weight in no time at all, until they died from heart disease or something. He takes a sip of steaming hot coffee from a cup. As we enter the apartment I take my coat off and wander to the couch. Brian does the same, lifting a bit too high to the point where I can see his treasure trail, and a bit more as a matter of fact. Don’t get me wrong. Brian is the apidame of fitness, working out everyday never skipping a beat, but today he looks positively thick. The slight curve of his stomach present beneath his sweater. Now that I think about it he’s been eating an awful lot today. Completely out of character for the brawns of our operation. As soon as his sweet treasure trail was revealed he subconsciously pulled his sweater down to avoid a draft.

Opening my laptop to write down the script for tomorrow’s episode a email popped up on my screen.

“Your roomies looking a little fat DONT you think.” I feel a flush take over my body as the words register in my brain. I look at it for at least 10 minutes trying to make sense of what I’m reading. Whoever sent this agrees with me. Not saying it’s a bad thing, I love it when people gain weight. Get fat. Brian isn’t in the room, but the noise from the kitchen says he’s eating again. I follow the sound to find Brian slouched over a gigantic bowl of cereal, we’re talking mixing bowl level bowl.

“Yeah I don’t know what’s come over me.”
“Knock yourself out big guy.” I say before pouring myself a glass of water. His pants look hella tight. The soft outline of his dick pressing against the denim, he’s got a semi maybe he’s happy to see me, or he likes it as much as I do. The button on his jeans must be begging to be let go. And I can see the dome of gut begin to become more prominent.

I try and ignore the noise from the kitchen for the passing hour, but I wonder if he knows what’s happening. I don’t, but the ever present dish clatter and chewing says otherwise. Opening my door he’s sat on a chair take out bags littering the entire floor, I didn’t even know he got take out let alone 15 bags of almost every place you could think of. He’s hunched over the table the grotesque sounds of his eating fill the room. The back of him looks huge, the medium sweater that fit like a glove now fits at the middle of his back forced up by large love handles, and his 30 inch jeans that buttoned without any restraint now pushed down by his massive ass. His tight underwear look to be squeezing his hips forcing them inside the restraints.

“Brian?” I ask walking towards the hog like grunts. Approaching closer the large rolls appear up his back and even on his neck. His pudgy fingers reaching for another chicken wing, I reach the table where I can see the front of him. The sweater bearly reaches the navel of his massive gut, his face looks to be fatter sporting chubby cheeks and a double chin, his thighs where his gut rests looks flabby and huge hidden by the absolute tightness of his jeans. I feel myself grow hard as he continues to gorge not even noticing me staring. Then a horrible thought enters my brain. The gainer murders. I put my hand cautiously on his shoulder to shake him out of his trance, but he doesn’t seem to even notice me touching him. I take a step back stepping on fast food take out bags. “Brian stop!” I basically yell as loud as I can without disturbing the neighbours. He takes a giant bite of a burger eating it in 2 gigantic bites, he then moves on to a whole pizza rolling it like a burrito and attempting to swollow it whole. The email. I think as I rush from the kitchen to my laptop. I open my email and see the mysterious note on my screen. I refresh the page and a new email pops up.

“Piggy’s hungry isn’t he? You can’t stop him, he’s too hungry.” Fuck I think clicking the reply button but my computer just freezes. Fuck fuck fuck, I go to my cell phone and try and turn it on, I dial 911 because I’m pretty sure this is the gainer murderer, but the line hangs up before I can even talk to anyone. I turn to go back into the kitchen where Brian is eating his life away, he looks to of gained a solid 75 pounds and the chair under him is struggling to hold the weight.

“Need more! So hungry!” He grunts attempting to raise from the table. He grunts heaving himself up, his jeans look about to burst and now that he’s standing the true nature of his gain is true to see. His gut sticks out making his sweater look skin tight, resting below his perky new man boobs, his pants don’t even cover his ass anymore and the button to his pants have been blown off by the force of his growing body, the inseam of his thighs are straining the tight fabric stretched too far. I can see his underwear from the gap between his pants and he looks to have a erection present. His face looks unrecognizable. Brian was a handsome 170lbs before today, and my guesses for now are nearing 250. Maybe even more if we’re being honest.

“Holy fuck.” I breathe under my breath and go to adjust my pants so that my erection isn’t as noticeable. He wanders to the empty fridge and looks at me.

“I’m so hungry man. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but fuck....” he groans holding his gut as if it were to explode. I wander towards the beast and put my hand out. Slowly I move my hand onto the gut and begin to rub slowly. He releases a sigh of relief and I continue before moving closer to him.

“I think this is the gainer murderer.” I whisper in his ear, close and quiet. Secret to only us. I feel his tight drum packed full of too much food and fat. As brain hears this I feel his stomach tremble.
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BulkBrit 3 years
That was beautiful! I really enjoyed it. Very well written, great concept and a tantalising glimpse at what we all wish could happen to us.

Please continue the story if you get the chance.
Bhfjbjhdwhb 3 years
I am very happy to see you back with such an exciting story I await the continuation and your future stories