The spectacular spiderman

  By Fatj

chapter 1

The dimensional swirls shocked miles as he looked at the face of his mentor peeking his head through the portal
"Hiya buddy" he spoke in his rough manner. He pulled himself onto the bed to sit next to the boy and patted him on the back
"Whoa hey Pete, what's it been like a month" he said eyeing the man.
"Yeah, I've uh been busy that's for sure" he looked bigger his face a little fuller and his torso a little more bloated than it had been since the last time he saw him. Miles Thought as he got up to stretch.
"How's mj?" miles asked as he threw on a shirt.
"Oh uh, good she's with her fianc� so that's good" Peter said looking down at his hands. He was in normal clothes and his shirts just looked absolutely tight on him wonder what he's been doing miles thought.
"Oh sorry I uh, you never mentioned it" he said looking concerned.
"Oh it's fine I'm uh seeing someone actually, his name's Eddie. He's pretty cool"
"Eddie? Whoa that's awesome dude, I didn't know you were interested in men"
"Me neither, but he's got the charm and I don't know he's just really cool" Peter b Parker said as he stood up and cracked his back. "Hows you and Gwen, I know you had a thing for her when we were all together, what was that 3 months? I don't remember"
"4, an uh nah me and Gwen are just friends just friends" miles says as he tosses a pb&j sandwich at Peter who catches it with extreme reflexes.
"Oh thanks I was starving" he says as he basically scarfs the entire thing into his mouth.
"You're always starving, so how's your dimension?" Miles says
"Its good crimes been minimal, haven't had much use for the suit much of late and uh my fast metabolism only works when I'm uh on the job" he said poking his gut.
"I mean you make it work" miles said admiring the beautiful bulb.

After an hour of catching up the portal reappears and Peter's time is up
"Well guess this is it pal, I'll see ya soon" he says before going through the swirling circle of science and disappearing.

Flying through cosmic dust Peter b Parker found himself on his ratty old couch in his studio apartment the smell of day old pizza wafting through the air. His stomach grumbled loudly something about interdemetional Transport making you hungry. Something like that.
His cell phone rang as he grabbed a piece of pizza and began to eat as he answered.
"Hey," Eddie spoke through the other line.
"hey Ed" Pete spoke between chews.
"Wanna go out for supper? I wanna treat my meatball right" he said and Peter gulped happily.
"Yeah sure" Peter said "where?" Eddie cut him off
"Meet me in Madison Square Garden at 6" he said before hanging up.
"6? It's 5:30!" Peter said smelling himself but Eddie had already hung up and he really didn't have time for this. Besides being spiderman he didn't have time for a relationship or a healthy meal now that he thought about it, but since the crime rate was a haltering 0. This is nice. Throwing on a nice button up that barely fit he just couldn't sit down or the buttons would strain. Looking over he grabbed a jacket to cover his torso.

Rushing into the subway he had 10 minutes 10 minutes and he'd be late. He was dressed to impress except everything he owned seemed to be a little too tight for his liking so he kept his gut in and didn't dare let loose. He sprinted when he saw his man with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.
"Whats all this"
"2 month anniversary" Eddie said.
"It isn't till next week" Peter said.
"Mmmm no, it's today dumby" Eddie said punching Peter's shoulder.
"Aww shoot Ed I'm sorry"
"Don't be, come one let's get some food I'm starving" he said and Peter was actually sorta full as he and just eaten a whole pizza before rushing over but it's food it's whatever.

Arriving at this extremely fancy restaurant Peter looked extremely uncomfortable tugging at his button up luckily the jacket covered up the tightness. Taking a table Eddie insists on taking Pete's jacket but he refuses
"Nah it's sorta chilly in here" he says as an excuse.
Eating a devilish amount of bread the main course had arrived. Chicken Alfredo a huge bowl of it.
"Whoa this is a lot Ed"
"Only the best for my man" he says and Pete can't help but blush by the end of hefty meal he could feel his buttons begging to be released for some sort of salvation.
"Do you want dessert?" Ed asked looking at the stuffed superhero.
"Oh I shouldn't"
"Come on I heard the cheese cake is actually amazing" Eddie said getting the attention of the waitress.
"We'll have 2 strawberry cheesecakes" Eddie said. Jesus he knows strawberry cheesecake is my weakness Pete thought as he rubbed his distended gut.
Basically eating 2 pieces of cheese cake Peter had to basically waddle home keeping his jacket zipped because of how tight his shirt was.
"You're so cute when your full" Eddie said to Peter as they wandered through central park.
"Yeah? You big dork" Pete said sluggishly he was in a haze walking like a zombie being so full that he couldn't even think straight.

Opening Eddie's front door they began to kiss frantically. Eddie grabbed Pete's jacket and ripped it off before tearing peters shirt off to reveal doughy skin. Peter moaned lightly as he saw Eddie take off his shirt.
"Wow you're really bloated" Eddie teased grabbing his stomach.
"Speak for yourself" Pete said grabbing Eddie's own flabby midsection.
"just shut up and kiss me" he said forcing himself onto Peters lips. Edging towards the bedroom Eddie pushed Peter onto the bed before taking off Peter's pants to reveal his hard on through his underwear.
"someones happy to see me" eddie said reveling his own hard cock.

Taking a sip of canned beer Eddie flipped the tv to the news. Peter was curled up next to him both naked under the sheets.
"Isnt it weird how crime has been non existent?" Eddie said looking down at Peter with drunken eyes.
"Yeah that is weird" Pete said sitting upright.
"Haven't seen spiderman either, he must be having a blast." Eddie said, Peter's throat tightened as he tried not to act like it was a big deal.
"Yeah he must be enjoying himself" Peter said.

Walking into his apartment building the next day he stopped and went into the closet. His suit was hung up all neat and tidy. Closing the closet door he sat on his bed and flipped through the channels. Calling for a larger pizza extra pepperoni.
"Might as well make that 2 it's gonna be a long night" he said to the pizza guy. Pulling up a ratty old laptop on his crotch he did some clacking and realized that because of the low crime rate cops haven't really been on patrol as much as they should.
A few hours and slices of pizza later a text from Eddie aka cutie pie (Peter's nickname on his phone contacts) popped up.
"Hey Ed, what's up?"
"Ah nothing last night was pretty hot"
"Yeah it was" Peter said shoving his 5th slice of pizza into his mouth. "hey maybe tonight? I'm free after 7" Peter said closing his laptop. Peter worked as a photographer for the daily bugle. And with the crime rate down there's no use for Pete to be out on the job force. So he took his week vacation.
"Oh ok yeah sure where do you want to go?"
"Im thinking burgers" Pete said
Looking himself in the mirror he thought "wow I've really let myself go." And well it was true, but also Eddie liked his chub even pointing it out during sex. Putting his suit in his backpack he went out into new York. Buying 2 hotdogs on his way to scope out for crime, he noticed 2 thugs approaching a bank. "Better time than ever" he said going into an ally. He stripped going in just his underwear into the suit. It was tight. Reeeaaally tight. Like it didn't fit.
"Come on. COME ON!" Peter mumbled under his breath as he tried to get it zipped.
"Fuck it" he said putting his jacket over his back to cover his exposed back. Putting his backpack on and pulling on the mask he was after the thugs as a alarm went off. "Right on time" he thought swinging in. His bulbous gut Really showed through the suit and did he have moobs?
"Hiya fellas" Peter said stepping into the bank
"Hands up! I-I don't wanna shoot you, spiderman?" one of the thugs said questionably.
"Nah that ain't spiderman, look at him, spidermans fit. This guy ain't fit" the other thug said.
"Wow ok people I'm spiderman. Ive just been eating a little more, that's all" he said and he shot webs at the men sticking em to a wall. "The cops are coming soon. I'd think about what you guys did if I were you." He said "Jesus even the thugs thinks I'm fat." Peter thought walking out. He swung around a little more and decided to call it quits and show up to eds a little earlier going into a corner store bathroom and changing back into civilian clothes he walked out a little more comfortable and a lot less embarrassed.

Ringing the doorbell Eddie Brock Answered in his underwear and a grey hoodie.
"Jesus Pete you're early!" he said startled. "I uh didn't think you were going to come for another half hour"
"I was in the neighborhood." He said walking in. The place looked as it did last night and he saw his left sock underneath coffee table.
"Uh you stay here I'm gonnna shower." Eddie said taking off his hoodie and walking into the bathroom. Peter took a seat on the sofa and scrolled through his phone feed. Cat videos and politics. Great, "I wonder how miles is doing?" Pete thought looking up at the ceiling.
"He's probably at school" the chubby web slinger thought as he watched a video of a cat playing with a ball of yarn. Eddie came out of the bathroom 10 minutes later a town wrapped around his waist. His hairy chubby belly in view.
"Theres my chubby guy!" Pete said walking towards Eddie.
"Eh, speak for yourself" Eddie said mockingly poking Pete's mid section. Both broke out in a laugh as Peters belly grumbled loudly.
"Let's get some food" he said.
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