Getting fat in secret

chapter 1

I used to be the skinny one. I had always been really thin with skinny abs. 5'2" 96 lbs. That was what i was always taught as acceptable; aside from my sister, Lauren, everyone in my family is thin. My mom and dad are thin (my dad has mostly muscle), my older brother, Andrew, has a bit of fat from his medical issues, and my younger brother, Jacob, is basically anorexic. Lauren has a habit of sneaking food into her room, and so she does have a fair amount of fat on her, however she also has a lot of muscle. Anyways, I had been extremely thin throughout elementary school, and in junior high I had a big growth spurt. I had participated on the cross country team in junior high, and I had an increased appetite because of it. So at the end of 7th grade, I shot up to 5'8" 120 lbs, making me even more thin. However, when I got to 8th grade, I didn't have a major growth spurt, and cross country only increased my appetite. Also, I had a strange desire to be fat, and I would fantasize about it nonstop, about how awesome it would be to have a potbelly and love handles and a double chin. So, in the middle of 8th grade, I tried to get myself fat.
Unfortunately for me, it wasn't easy. Because my family is all about being thin, I couldn't just eat openly. I had to take my sister's route and sneak food whenever I could. That method did work out. I went from 5'8" 115 lbs at the end of 8th grade cc (November) to 5'9" 155 lbs by June the following year. I loved the progress I had made, and I had 2 fat friends who supported me.
What makes it even better is that my family hadn't quite noticed it yet. Sure my parents said my face was getting fuller, but Jacob then said his face was fat, which was a lie. I did have Lauren and Jacob riding me every time I grabbed something out of the pantry. Fortunately I could do it right back to Lauren. My uncertainty lied at how much longer I could pull it off until my family found out, until I got caught for all of the fat I have put on and plan to put on in my future. And that is where the story begins...
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