Going to business with heaven peace

chapter 1

Chapter one
Cecilia Gibson is a young British girl that heading to America for the first in her life moving away from her home country London, England. She is twenty-year-old British girl who has blue eyes, long blonde hair, and wears a blue headband. She an arrogant girl who believe that everything in England is better.
As she got off of the plane to see that their many fat people in America and she can say that this country is full of uncivilized people. She took her purple handkerchief, “Madam, I brought your luggage’s to your temporary apartment.” Cecilia look back to see her maid, Jackie Forman has a short red hair girl with purple eyes and classic British maid outfit. “Thank you, Jackie, for you assist from this uncivilized country” Cecilia walk outside the airport.
As they where on the taxi and Jackie was curious to know what the restaurant they pass by “Excuse me sir, but what the restaurant we just pass.” “Well that Heaven Peace, it a restaurant that been here for a year and consider expanding their branches.” Cecilia snug off because she can tell that once you go in you get out bigger.
The taxi driver got them to their apartment to see that it next to the beach. As they got up to their room to see that some high-class places are experience bad eating habit. She could see some people she saw in facebook are few days ago are getting big. As they got to their room to see that it a penthouse and have a nice view on the beach.
Jackie put the luggage down and ask Cecilia in a straight forward face “Miss Gibson, I want to remind you that we came to America to search for successful business to increase your family fortune and become head of the family.” Cecilia got her laptop out and search on google to see that the successful business in town is ‘Heaven Peace’ that consider the restaurant that won at least fifty thousand dollar their first week and manage to get at forty seven million dollar at the end of the year. Jackie look to her and say “Miss Gibson, do you want to experience the restaurant firsthand to see if it real.” Cecilia thought to herself that this is a bad idea, because she thought that is a bad idea and doesn’t want to dirty her own mouth, but she must at least try. She stands up “Ok Jackie may a reservation and let check it tonight, understand.”
Jackie bow to her master demand, Cecilia can’t believe she will do this.
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