Good pig

Chapter 1 - first meeting (chloe’s pov)

Chloe sat in bed smiling softly as she scrolls through Pinterest before getting a text from an app called "fatty finders" a girl named Tara had texted her it read 'hey sexy want to maybe go in a date I'll feed you and rub your belly ;)' it made Chloe blush softly Texting her back 'Sure when' she giggles softly only to get a texted back a few seconds later 'how bout on Friday at the new feeder feedee buffet?' Chloe sends a text agreeing to go

*time skip*

Tara was waiting for Chloe she came a few minuets late smiling, when Chloe sat down her small belly was strapped her arms chained along with her legs she smiles, "ready?" Tara asks. She nods softly. Tara opens Chloe's mouth feeding her a piece of pizza followed by another and another after awhile the pizza was gone and Chloe's belly a bit bigger Tara rubs her belly "look at you, you hog you ate a whole pizza ready for more?" She asks "not really.." Tara frowns "look if this relationship is going to work I will feed you no matter how stuffed you are got that?" Tara asks Chloe frowns nodding Tara smirks "good piggy." She leaves to get more food Tara comes back with three buckets of chicken starting to feed Chloe as Chloe keeps her mouth shut Tara scowls forcing Chloe's mouth open making her eat every chicken wing in the bucket. After a bit there was a funnel in Chloe's mouth
*first person*
I sat there helpless as Tara pours a milkshake down my throat my belly was tight and it hurt upit had bloated a lot and Tara seemed to love it I know I did for sure but I felt like throwing up more than ever. It hurt like hell after awhile the funnel was gone and Tara was shoving cakes in my mouth after a long few hours of stuffing Tara stopped to rub my way over bloated belly "look at that jiggling ball of fat." She smirks softly "you fat hog look at your feet for mo oh wait you can't can you?" She asks smirking rubbing my belly softly "god you gready piggy." She mutters Chloe smiles softly "I know" she smirks softly to herself giggling.
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