Growing girl

chapter 1

Ughhhh chewing the last few bites of the pie I devoured.. chins jiggle I lean back belly ballooning infront of me. I'm breathing heavy I feel the cold on a lower section of belly that isn't visible in this position hanging out of a T-shirt that became a high crop top. I chuckle to myself sitting in front of the open refrigerator at all remains of the food I greedily stuffed into my belly that's taken up my lap . I start to pick up the evidence of my midnight binge attempt to get up to throw away, my legs are so tired I can't seem to get up. I'm excited yet panicked I'm already going to be in loads of trouble w the roommates for emptying the fridge (again) and I can't figure out how to get up on my own. After the last dr visit my two very good friends who never had a problem helping me w a snack or getting me more food always teasing they decided dr is right I'm out of control and they will no longer enable my I ate alll the food hehe. And here I am the beached whale in front of fridge. Rolling side to side like turtle on there back I attempt to roll to the couch just feeling my heavy belly underneath me rubbing against the carpet oink excites me I reach the couch huffing gotta catch my breath 5'2 458 lbs and 68 inches around it's hard to carry all the weight I lift my belly on the couch for support and try n hoist myself up first I don't budge. The shock excites me. I've put on so much weight my legs are having hard time supporting me im scared thinking I'm finally immobile... the thing I've threatened to become my whole life. 2 more attempts I'm up trying to gain my balance feeling absolutely massive. Belly leads the way waddling to my room I need to squeeze thru doorway and it's starting to get harder lol Try n suck in best I can I get in bed that groans as I climb in beds getting old tmy massive belly getting a bit to much for it I lay back and see nothing but belly I rub what I can reach n think how yummy it tasted lol how I emptied the refrigerator in 4 hours n have ballooned n I feel enormous when I can't see infront of me when I can't reach all of the belly. As I lay there thinking what's for breakfast I heard a crack n finally the bed couldn't take much more finally gave away! slanted I leaned to other side n that side snapped like a tooth pick. Omg omg I just broke my damn bed!! My roommates are yelling earthquake
"what was that an earthquake?? Oh my... she stops talking when she eyed me n the broken bed. Roommate #2 walks in eyes my massive belly and gives it a slap and a good rub. "You naughty porker you broke the bed!" I'm red from humiliation "it was old!" I whine my tummy hurts so bad so full and walks in Roomie #1 eyeing me what's the matter hun you ate yourself to this Roomie, you greedy porker She's skinny probably 100 lbs I'm massive next to her. “She emptied the fridge bc we said she had enough.” And clearly you’ve had enough. First your office chair now your bed? Climbs on my belly and stares at the blob I've become you are almost 5x bigger then me she teases. It's bigger then I can remember n higher up too jiggles it getting the waves going. Oh my look at you she wipes my face covered in food someone's been naughty. Waving a finger at me. I'm a growing girl I whine I need my food "oh you're growing all right growing out you obese whale you look like Jabba I hear jack and feel a slap on my lower belly. You broke the damn bed! You're so big you can't get off it he comes into view. We gotta try n roll her off to pick up the bed frame n box spring we will leave mattress on the ground no point in trying to find a bed that can support shamu. My weight is fine ughh I can roll off myself I'm embarrassed Brittany climbs off me and her n Jack stand off to the side. I begin to roll back n forth get the motion going I'm trying to gain momentum n they are smiling snickering at me. I'm already sweaty and out of breath and atlast I'm moving I roll and they push so I can get over my rather large gut speed bump lol I'm on my belly which is so uncomfortable it's so bloated ugh it's hurts they are out of breath from pushing thus greedy fat glutton. I Lay there belly up gasping “how did this happen?” “ You're too big” jack says out of breath way to big you're ginna need to diet tubby. “I'm fine” I laugh everything is good my weight is fine Brittany smiles chimes in. We can't lift lift you anymore you're too big for us i think your dr was right you have gotten out of control any day now you’re gonna wake up and realize i Beached myself this massive blob whose gotten so big it may explode. We can’t tske care of you full time

Been fat all my life my sister babysat me summer breaks and she'd hook me up w snacks n a movie and I'd be set. When it was time to go back to school n we were clothes shopping. Me my brother n my sister. Playing in between the clothing rack n I'd sit down thinking about how I hope we get ice cream after this. I was like 6 or 7 n i outgrew Children’s close. My mom would say it’s baby fat n I’ll groe out of it. I was wearing sizes the same as my brother and sister 10 & 14. We went to get ice cream and then to a park to try n run off the dessert. My brother n sister ran off playing n out of breath my belly bouncing I'm this fat butterball who couldn't keep up. I'd get scolded for eating so much n grounded when they found the food i hid in closet. My parents were called in to conference when I was 8 or 9 I needed to sit at a table bc I was to fat to fit in a kids desk and they were concerned that my belly was so large I couldn’t do a sit up. They knew I had a problem. remember one year going back to school of my first of many summers going to dr getting weighed for school physical and I weighed more then both of my siblings. 7 years old 130 lbs. first year at fat camp n spent almost every summer there. Id lose weight but gain a ton during the year. One year they didnt have the money to send me and I ate all summer long lol. My parents worked brother n sister had jobs lives and then theirs me. 14 4’8 and pushing 150 maybe ? Or I thought lol one day in August we were all going to the water park everyone s ready I waddle out of my room and my bathing suit was skin tight a one piece (mom only bought my sister 2 piece) n my massive belly as round as a beach ball pop tart in my hand everyone gasped. My parents looked at each other like we should have sent her to camp my sister stared open mouth and my brother smirked and said now I know why we have nothing to eat around here. I shrugged was use to being the fattest glanced in the mirror and I looked like a planet. Blushed n grabbed my belly to hide my mom made me get on scale and shocked pushing 180 I weighed as much as my dad... I was so fat n I kept piling on the pounds I got to school easily the fattest in my grade didn't fit in the desk w my belly grown and as short as I was Spent the entire summer eating n eating nothing fit had to shop in plus size stores at this point had to sit at a table I knew I was big but I needed my food. I was just so hungry By the end of freshman year I weighed a whopping 212 lbs. i got stuck in an arm chair and my sister couldn’t get me out they ended up calling neighbor n they had yo help get me up. figured Id lose a lot at camp but I gained nearly 70 lbs by summer i was the fattest kid in camp that year I only lost 25 lbs which is great but I still had an extra 50 attached. Guy friends would tease big mama or big birtha I couldnt believe i was the fattest kid at fat camp.
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