Growing wards

Chapter 1 - learning

'Now, all eyes on my belly. I will demonstrate what you have all been brought here for.' Instructor Reta instructed, hands now hovering over her stomach.
Gemma's eyes were stuck in a glazed stare upon Reta's stomach as rolls of fat slowly initiated their growth, oozing over her belt like overflowing froth.
Reta drew her experienced hands away and the rolls ceased their growth, leaving two slightly formed rolls of fat around her waist, drawing several un-certain gasps and murmurs from the crowd.
'Now remember, the trick .. you MUST have food in your stomach or it will not work. Understand?' she scanned the students eyes. 'The wards draw the energy from the food in you and convert it to fat immediately. If you use the wards without food, guess what happens? It takes all the energy from your body instead, including your mind. It is dangerous and you must know when to stop once the food has run out, or else it can lead to fainting... and potentially death, depending on whether or not the user is worth half their wit.'
Reta drew her brown eyes to look at the wards etched into the gateway plate, pointing to them. 'Now, without looking at them, can anyone tell me the sequence of wards for this bioligik?'
The students were silent for a moment before Gemma drew to a conclusion. She put her hand up and sheepishly asked, 'Is it... tru, aman... tru, sol... tahken... da'rond?'
Reta's eyes creased into a bemused gleam. 'Nearly. You just missed one. Tru-aman-tru-sol-tahken-da'rond-ces.'
'Close I guess,' Gemma shrugged to herself, her wavy, deep copper hair sliding off her shoulders.
'So,' Reta turned back to the small class of observers, 'Remember, it is reversible too. We will practice those ward-chains net week. Everyone practice the recital of the gaining wards over the next few minutes, and practice food-to-fat ratios as well - always. Your safety depends on that knowledge. Class dismissed.'
As the students milled out, Reta drew a series of new wards and re-shrunk her stomach. The rolls that had formed diminished and downsized rapidly. The energy produced was transferred into a glowing orb and today's new teaching brought a flurry of excitement and urge to Gemma's mind. She knew this method was only done as a purifier for energy to be contained for later use, but the idea of growing made her buzz inside.
Gemma bundled up her quill and scrolls and wove her way through the warrens of the building , stopping by the privy before she stowed away in the dorms.
There was an expensive mirror made of burn-sand that reflected quite clearly despite the average of mirrors around the university these days. Aware that her mop of hair was enshrouding her face rather un-civilly, she set to combing it back into a loose pony tail of rich hair. Her dark hazel iris was stark against the pure whites of her eyes as she combed back a pretty eyebrow. She made sure her soft, flaccid cheeks were clean and she bee-lines back t her dorm.
With no one there she undressed to change into more loose-fitting clothes. Amid the mess of the room, she ran her eyes approvingly over her lithe figure.
Her curly copper hair fell over shoulders and onto her round boobs, which drooped, cold and pale, smooth and soft as an infant's skin. She let her long fingers slide over her slender waistline and run over the protruding roundness of her butt cheeks that gave birth to full, meaty thighs.
Perfect, she thought. But there was something missing. The thought of growing to the power of wards made her feel wet before she knew it, and by the time she did realize for the most part, there was a slight trail of moisture falling down her leg and a vicious urge to tend to herself then and there.
She almost did, as she quickly slid on a dress and laced the top up tight, letting her breasts press into an appealing cleavage line.
The raging urge still wasn't gone and she gave in. She busied herself finding a ward-board, qill and ink and the necessary supplies. A buzzing, thrilling excitement raced through her but she grinded to a halt suddenly. She had no food. She needed food for this.
She looked around the room and saw nothing of use. She realized she would have to take a whole heap from the mess hall tonight. So be it.
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Goodworks 11 years
it's more erotic than 'munchies,' so unless you plan on returning that to a plot more in tune with its title and finally give its main character some cajones, I'd just as soon you continued this