Highschool revenge emma

chapter 1

The weight gain plan for my hated girl-friend

Hello, I´m John and a successfull actor in Hollywood and I am single.
2 weeks ago I quited my career to have time for me. I wanna live my perfidious revenge dream, but let´s go back to highschool:

At that time I was in no way popular, I was fat, unsporty, had many pimples and got annoyed by the most popular girl of the school, her name was Emma. She was absolutely perfect. She was hot, sporty, a perfectly toned body with abs, brown hairs. Besides she liked to annoy other people like me. My plan developped first when Emma decided to expose myself to ridicule. I just got 17 and we were in gym class, that I didn´t like at all. In the gym was constructed a obstacle parcour of different stations and the class was divided in pairs of two people, boy and girl. Of course Emma became my partner. At the first station we had to do as much crunches as we could do while one minute. Emma started and impressed with 40. "Hard to top for a flabby that you are!", she said. When I got in the right position, she touched my fat on the stomach. I just got it to do 3 ones. While I already was embarrassed by my unsportiness, she yelled in the class how much I did and what a fat pig I would be. Following we had to do wheelbarrow and I already fatigued when I just had to run, but when I was the person who had to carry his weight on his hands, I failed disastrously. When she tried to take my legs, she acted or really had problems to carry them. "You are fat like a whale, I don´t even get it to lift your fat legs". And again she yelled so loud that everybody heard her and everybody laughed about me. As if this wasn´t enough, she now started to pull up my shirt to show everybody my fat belly. As all eyes were on me, I ran at home and didn´t come back for the next 5 days. As I got so angry and my school life was terrible after this gym class, I decided to take my revenge on this fcking Emma.

Now 5 years later, I´m a pretty good looking guy with an enormous house. My income is big and I already had some nice girls at home. But yesterday I heard that Emma just left his boyfriend and I saw my chance to fullfill my dream.

My plan was it to get this pretty woman with her abs to get as fat as a whale. I want her to get so fat that she´ll never have a boyfriend again. Don´t get me wrong, I love big women as much as skinny one but at a certain point I just find them disgusting and this level I wanna her to reach.

That´s why I invited her the last 4 weeks to many events. At every moment the event included much to eat to expand slowly her little stomach. As she is a person who pays a lotattention on her body, she asked already after 2 weeks if she gained weight. When she asked me the 5th time in a row, I yelled at her and told her that it would be unsupportable for me with her stressing like that.
That worked pretty well, as she didn´t ask me another time for the next 3 weeks

We are spending time together for 5 weeks and this morning I watched her getting in her pants, it were skinny pants, but nevertheless, it seemed that she didn´t get it to close. Desperately she asked me if she gained weight, this time I kept cool and told her that she were still thin like a model. She asked me for a scale, but as I knew she put on some weight, I hid it. Besides I convinced her to wear the newest clothes I just bought for her like Gucci, Prada...I bought these dresses some sizes bigger but she didn´t notice it as I removed the size sign. Her eyes sparkled.

After 8 weeks of well eating, she put on another pounds. All in all she is now 10 pounds heavier than 8 weeks ago. She is still really thin but her abs are slowly disappearing and a slight layer of fat is beginning to grow on her belly. But she also noticed her changement. When she looked in the mirror after showering, she couldn´t believe what she saw. She asked me all day long about her weight and couldn´t stop herself. We got a big beef.

I tried to provocate this beef and acted angrily to come to part 2 of my revenge: Playing out her psyche. For reconciling I invited a good friend and neighbor of mine, Lili. As the reconciliation didn´t work pretty well and we discussed another time, I left my house, while they stayed there.
"If you want to weight yourself, you can use my scale", Lili offered her. A little bit embarrassed she accepted and they went to Lili in the bathroom. When she stood on the scale, she read 110 pounds, so she didn´t put on weight. She became very happy and huged Lili. "But why do I feel so fat?" "Maybe it´s just your psyche that tries to annoy you", Lili said.

After the weight in Lili and Emma did a conversation and Lili told her that I left my last girl friend because she talked non-stop about her weight and couldn´t enjoy the life time. When Emma left the house, she felt happy on the one hand because she didn´t put on weight, on the other hand feld bad because she thought that she behaved like a stupid girl.

What Emma didn´t know: Lili knew my plan and was just a plan of it. As Lili got also annoyed by Emma in highschool, she was happy to hear my plan. Lili had manipulated the scale: It showed ca 10 pounds less.
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Mikeboi1994 1 year
Hey man. Just saying this now. I love this story. The whole reason I got into writing stories is in part because of this masterpiece! ❤ Mad respect.
Guykju 1 year
Daaamn, that´s nice to hear!! Thanks a lot!
Mikeboi1994 1 year
I love your story man! Every chapter is so enchanting! 🤗
Karenjenk 1 year
dark.... okay with me!
500 lbs.... maybe she doesnt need to be restrained if she is too big to get up
or... make the doorways smaller so she wont fit through
AndiFive 1 year
the last few chapters were amazing
AndiFive 2 years
Growingsofter 2 years
More please
Azismiss 2 years
I love your sense of narrative.

Super hot.

Kudos for being able to make such a hot story when your first language isn't English.
Guykju 2 years
Thanks a lot!! I appreciate your words and it keeps me motivated!
Guykju 3 years
I'm glad you found it and even more happy that you are enjoying it!
Karenjenk 3 years
I love the revenge angle.
Not sure how i missed this one but glad i found it.
Aquarius64 5 years
Glancing at this title for the first time, I read ‘high school revenge enema’😂 instead of ‘high school revenge Emma’
I bet this slant would change the entire story!