Judith´s enlargement

chapter 1

English is not my first language, so please don￿t judge me too hard. But please correct me. I￿m open for helpful suggestions
Enjoy it!￿

It was in the highschool where we started the first time dating: Judith and me.
We knew each other already for years but both of us didn￿t indicate interest. After a class outing to France it changed, we came closer and closer. We realized that we had a lot of things in common, like the same taste in music or the same interest in soccer. But the deciding reason had been her lovely and refreshing smile and her sweet character.

Judith is a girl of 17 years who has light-brown hairs with sparkling blue eyes which make every guy smelting away. She is blessed with a short body with a size of 5,3 feet and with a small body type. Every guy who sees her would say that she has an athletic body but that￿s not totally true. She is small but if you look more precisly you can find little layers of fat on her belly but she knows pretty well how to hide these "problem zones". Because of this "hiding of her body" the most of my class mates had no interest in her. That￿s why she had no relationship-experiences. But I was sure that there is a very pretty girl, covered in the clothes. I just had to push her out and get her in some new one, even if that means that I have to change her dietary habits...

"Where do you wanna go to eat?", I asked her after a long day of school. "I￿m not sure if we I should eat today, don￿t you think that I￿m getting fat?", she answered in a way of embarassment.
Our highschool is located in the near of the City centre, logically there are a lot of Fast-Food￿s.

Since the School year restarted two weeks ago we just went to KFC, to Burger King, McDonald￿s and other unknown takeaway￿s every lunch and also after class.

"Fat?You?Ahahahha...what are you talking `bout, babe?, I said. I just wanted to calm her, even I know what she was talking about.

Since we were in a relationship our dates were more concentrated in the food we get, than in real conversations, but I had no problems with it. At the beginning of our dates she ate not that much but always ordered a big dessert. I think that￿s why she is not as atheltic as it seems for the most people. It seemed that the most of the sugar directly went to her belly in form of fat.
From day to day I convinced her to order a little bit more or at least to buy a starter like smelted cheese. I always said that we could share, at this point she yielded every time. But actually I didn￿t even eat one bite.
After 1 week she ordered a starter for her and one for me, that she ate alone, a main dish and 1 Dessert for her.
"Babe, you didn￿t put on weight, you are as wonderful as always, I said with a convincing smile. "Do you think so? Yeah I think you￿re right, I mean I still get into my pants... And also I￿m doing sports so...so let￿s get a big meal!

Message to me: I have to make her stop playing soccer...
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AndiFive 2 years
Karenjenk 3 years
You should totally work on this some more
Jazzman 7 years
It's nice. Reminds me of the old weightwatcher stories. He was from Germany.
But try to keep food quantities realistic and gaining rate.
Unless you want pure fantasy which is fine too. Very nice story
Zachi 7 years
can't wait for more, nice story!