I found a lover

chapter 1

I was alone for some time when my buddy Jim suggested I get back out and mingle and get on with my life. You see, I was divorced for about two years and after such a brutal breakup, I had no interest in any part of being with anyone anymore. So I had gave myself to my job of running medical supplies and delivering meds, going home after twelve hours a little sleep and then back at it.

I must had been doing this so much for a while when my boss came to me before I was trying to get started on my upteenth day in a row and told me point blank that I had maxed out my shifts and needed to give payroll a much needed break and to please go home for a couple days and get some life and don't let me see you for a while please!

So here I am in the mall walking and talking on the phone with my Jimmie-boy pissed off that I was sent home and fuming about deciding what to do with myself when he screamed in the phone loo(that was the nick name he gave me because he swore I was crazy😜) you need to take a chill pill and just relax! Do something that you used to like to do and try to enjoy yourself for awhile. You have the time.

So I promised him we would have a long awaited bowling night or something tomorrow and that was when I saw the sign for a cooking class that was about to begin and free sign up and I decided I had nothing else to do and I like cooking so I went up.

I know I'm a little weird. Most guys wouldn't do what I do. I was a pretty good cook since I had went to school for it and I just wanted to relax my nerves, So I went and signed up. The class was scheduled for the following morning.

The next morning as I had been instructed, I got my utensils and ingredients that I needed for the class and arrived pretty much at the time the class was scheduled to start. I was surprised to see the number of people that had signed up, especially guys! Well that made me feel cozy. Especially to know that I wouldn't be the only guy. The room was just about full when I noticed the space up front by this tall, thick woman would like to get to know with blue sandals and black toenail polish on her feet.
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