I love you forever

chapter 1

she had spent an entire semester staring at her, studying the curves and every uniqueness of her face. she was convinced she could perfectly recreate the placements of the veins of her left eye, the eye that was placed so clearly into monica’s view from her seat, from memory. her lustful crush bordered on obsession, but she had never felt this way before. nobody, guy or girl, had ever sent monica into such a deep infatuation.

it started the first day of the semester, when a very overweight girl sat in the seat right next to her. monica had never been into a girl her size before, but then again, this whole being into girls thing - period - was new to her. it was only the prior summer that she had, in essence, come out to herself, and then to her family and friends.

from the very moment monica locked eyes with mia (her name) she had never gotten the image out of her head. from the very second she scanned mia’s body in full, every fold and roll and curve, she hadn’t thought of anything else. she had to be at least 250 pounds or so, absolutely massive; but the game of guessing at her whale of a seatmate’s weight only sent her deeper into her state of arousal.

an entire semester of fruitless lust and fantasy, and now, right before winter break, when everyone would be leaving campus for a month, was when she decided to make her move. she wasn’t even sure if mia was gay or not, but she couldn’t live with the idea of having to go back home not having even talked to her crush once.

as they walked out of the classroom on their last day before break, monica pulled mia aside before she could get too far.

“hey, umm, i know we didn’t really talk to each other all semester, but i was wondering if i could, like, get your number... or something? it’s just that i’m gonna be stuck here all break and i don’t really know anyone so, i just want someone to talk to, i guess.” monica’s cheeks were burning bright red and sweat was coming from every pore. mia, shockingly, just smiled. she had this all-knowing smirk to her face that made monica’s heart drop even farther.

before monica could register what was happening, mia reached out her chubby, soft fingers, grabbing monica’s arm softly. she wrote her phone number down with a little heart next to it, and she left the classroom without saying a word. monica couldn’t help but watch her jiggly, swaying ass as she half-waddled out the door.
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