I will not apologize

Chapter 1 - chubby y/n

Your P.O.V

I woke up, looked around, and saw mountains of papers and food packaging around me. Then I remembered my eating from last night and early morning. With that, I let out a loud belch, and struggled to sit down. I sat down, and then looked at my body. At my age, at age 16, most girls want to be thin and toned. But I do not. Not! I liked my chubby body, and that stopping to repair now, was no longer chubby. He was fat.

I, now sitting on my bed, surrounded by papers and food packaging, began to really notice my body. My breasts were rounder and tight in my pajama top. My thighs were thicker and tightened by the shorts of my pajamas. My arms were thicker and limp. But the best part of all was my belly. It was rounder, larger and rounder than when I'd gone to bed last night. She was tight in my pink pajama top, which now only covered until I reached my belly button. I leaned back on the bed, patted my fat belly, and smiled at that. I loved being fat and being able to get fat. When I was little, my parents would stand on my foot to lose weight. Now that they're one of the busiest lawyers in Los Angeles, they do not even look at me right. I used to think it was bad. But now, I can eat whatever I want, as much as I want and when I want.

The money they earned helped me in this crazy dream. I straighten up again in bed, put my legs out of bed, wedge my pink furry slippers and try to get out of bed. After a few tries, and being out of breath, I can. I get up staggering, and head for the bathroom in my room. I yawn, and pick up a slice of pizza in a box I find on the way. In two bites, the slice was already inside my belly. I let go of another burp, and I stare at myself in the bathroom mirror. The mirror shows my whole body, and upon seeing my reflection, I smile proudly. There was fat everywhere, in the right measure. I take a handful of the fat from my belly with my hands, and let it loose, seeing it sway.

I take off my pajamas, which were now tight, only getting panties in front of the mirror. I take off the panties, I turn, taking the remote control of my little robot that brings me food when I'm too lazy to look. That is, always. I filled the bathtub with water and foam and went inside, intending to relax. I press a combination on the remote, and my little robot has been carrying a fat breakfast tray. With three mountains of pancakes topped with chocolate and butter, three shake glasses of weight gain, four plates of scrambled eggs and Bacon, and two gallons of milk. My mouth salivates at seeing all the food that in minutes would be inside my fat belly.

The little robot leaves the tray in the bathtub, and I, without hesitation, begin to devour the food. After minutes, all that food, was in my huge fat belly. I smile and burp. Even after I had eaten all the food, I was still hungry. I squeeze another combination, and the little robot comes back bringing all the fast food a table with 30 people could eat. Ahh, and three more Shake glasses of weight gain and three gallons of milk. I smile at that, and as soon as he leaves the food on the table in the bathroom of my suite, I finish my bath, rubbing moisturizing oil in my belly, and out of the tub. With my hygiene done, I wrap myself in the towel and sit down on the bathroom floor, next to the small table with the food. I start with a gallon of milk, and then I attack the extra large four-cheese pizza. The taste of the fat coming down my throat was indescribable. Soon after, I drink a glass of weight-gaining Shake, and devour the rest of the food. I burst into a loud belch, and I rise with difficulty from the bathroom floor. I go to my closet, and try to choose a suit that suits me. I find jeans, a pink blouse, and a pair of vans. I grab a leather jacket and go back to my room.

I put my clothes on the feet of my bed, and to complete my first meal in the morning, I sit on my bed and squeeze the combination I liked best on the remote. That combination, turned my little robot into an extra thick and greasy ice cream pumping machine, mixed with super fast extra weight gain Sheik. The little robot's hands turned into a long barrel, which extended to my throat, and where the highly fattening mixture would be pumped. I choose Neapolitan flavor, so instead of being pumped only one flavor of ice cream, three would be pumped. Soon I can feel the thick, thick mixture of fat coming down my throat. I just relax more in my bed, and let myself be fed by the tube.

The cool thing to be fed by my tube / robot, is that it had a latch that was stuck in my mouth. That is, do not unlock, or let go of my mouth, until I have finished dumping all the contents of weight gain in my throat. Every sip I could feel the fat piling up in my growing body. I looked down then and noticed my belly already stretched, expanding even more with the fattening mixture I was getting. With each sip, she expanded more and more. And so it was. Growing, growing, growing. Getting fat, getting fat and getting fat. Getting bigger and bigger. And my belly rounded and stretched. I could not take it anymore, but there was still a taste to be poured. That is, it would not be released yet. I massaged my fat ball, also known as belly, in an attempt to free up more room for the next fattening mix. That seemed to lighten a little, but not enough. But then, unannounced, I began to feel the last taste being poured down my throat. The thick, fat mixture filled me and puffed up. I just stood there, still and sucking the mixture. Until, when I thought it was going to explode, the mixture stopped being dumped, the latch was released and the tubes removed from my mouth. My robot returned to its normal state and warned me that I would be late for school if I did not get ready fast, and leave the house fast.

I tried to get out of bed, but I was too heavy. My little robot then came to help me and helped me up and get dressed. My clothing was extremely tight, and my shirt left part of my belly appearing. I put on my jacket, not caring whether or not to look at my fat belly discovered, and my little robot helped me to put on my shoes, since I had not done that for a long time, since my huge belly in front of me would not let me . I finished getting out of breath, and walked slowly to my dressing table. I combed my hair and tied it in a ponytail, passed it on, took my cell phone and purse, and left my room. I went downstairs, slowly from my lack of breath, and out the door toward the driver, Jason. He smiled at me.

- Tasty morning, Miss. Y / N? he asked. I smiled and bit my lip.

"You know how I am, eh?" I blinked at him. "But just out of curiosity, is there any food in the car?" What makes me hungry halfway? I said amusedly stroking my belly. Jason was the only one who knew about my fetish. And the only one I could trust to get me food or take me somewhere to eat. He never judged me. When he saw this scene, he smiled, denying it.

"You know that, yes, doll. Always stock the food supply just for you. he said with a smile. I kissed her cheek in gratitude, and with his help I got into the vehicle. He got into the driver's seat, and started. With that, and a few more bites, we soon arrived at my school.

... continues

Hey guys ... So this is my first history of weight gain, so let me know, let me know where to improve and so on. I'm sorry for my English, it's not my first language. And not least, this is an interactive story. or is it for you to imagine yourself in the place of the character okay? Well, that's it, thanks and until the next chapter ...
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Anie_fat 5 years
Oh I'm so glad you liked it. And thank you very much for the tips, I'll try to improve for the next one. thank you very much! It means a lot.
Growing Bigger 5 years
Interesting. Minor typos. You go from first to third maybe twice I noticed. Try to stick with one POV. Also don't rush slowly writing it is better than rushing it. Good start. Good job smiley