In need of cash

chapter 1

Zoie comes home to her small apartment where everything is placed exactly where she wants it to tiniest detail. She then proceedes to pack it all up, Zoie had recently decided that she could afford her tiny apartment and had to downgrade to a simple trailer. Her work has been cutting back her hours so she starts digging through adds for a new job when something catches her eye "Burn Fat for Cash!!!!" Zoie would have been the perfect candidate in high school in her sophomore year she was 270 pounds she loved to eat with her best friend Gabby, but when she went to college she had to leave her friend and started staying at her moms which was closer. Her health obsessed OCD mother soon took over Zoies lifestyle completely demolishing the food crazed teenager. But Zoie started to think of a plan a way to bring back her old self and get some money at the same time

"I'll just get fat and loose the weight again" Zoie said over the phone estaticly to Gabby
"I don't think it's that simple... I mean your mom bared down on you hard that's the only way you ever would have never gotten the weight off in the first place" Gabby responded
"Come on you can help me pack them back on... I mean you were really good at it in high school."
"It's not my fault you ate everything my moms left for me Zoie... I just didn't stop you."
"Come on Gabby!!" Zoie started yelling in to the phone "You could make a some money too."
"Hell no I'm almost 300 pounds and I love every bit of it!!"
"That's exactly why I called you, I need a pro!"
"Okay Zoie how much weight are you going for exactly."
"275 is the biggest I ever been I want to go to 280."
"Wow how long do you think that will take you"
"Well I'm coming over tomorrow and we'll act like it's the good old days and just see how we go from there" said Zoie sternly
"Well if it's like the old days then I guess I won't stop you."

Let me know how this is going I like writing, but I don't know if anyone likes how I write. Negative and positive feedback is welcomed👍🤙
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Jazzman 5 years
A Marvelous premise.RE Gains are Super Fast.I would warn against Huge initial quantities. But 20 lbs Plus per month is something that could truly happen in real life and actually Has happened.