Jim meets a feeder

chapter 1

My alarm clock goes off as usual. 6 o'clock Monday morning. Today is a work day. After such a great weekend it's hard to face the reality that my last two days of living my fantasy were over. I already feel like a part of me has died. I don't think I could ever top those two days of pure joy.

It all started Friday afternoon. I don't have many friends because I am chronically shy. I always have been but I decided to go our for a drink. I was alone as always and because I am not much of a bar goer I really didn't know what one to go to. There are so many in the city. I didn't want a dive but I didn't want some loud or crowded place where I couldn't just unwind. I expected a long weekend alone. Just me and my computer. Searching fetish sites and doing some online flirting. To say I was lonely would be an understatement.

I noticed a new place called Horizons on Corona Blvd. and decided that would be where I had my two drink limit then head home. The depression that came with every weekend was slowly grabbing my soul. I parked the car then walked on in. Ordered a rum and coke then sat in a corner to people watch.

I was early and Horizons was empty other than bar staff and me. The DJ wasn't even there yet so the people watching would have to wait. I sipped my drink and checked my fetish websites to see if any of my online friends were posting. I went to my normal haunts. Weight gain sites were a biggie with me. I had others that were more on the kinky side but I always got the best conversation in the weight gain community.

Weight gain was always a fantasy of mine. I was always on the chubby side and to find a community of people that accepted me and didn't judge me negatively when I gained weight was a welcomed discovery. They actually encourage weight gain. Perfect for the chronically chubby. The rest of the world calls us names and belittles us. Tells us we're lazy and have no will power. The weight gain community was different. They were friendly.

I was almost half way into my drink when a lady who looked about my age came to the table I was sitting at and introduced herself.

'Hi I'm Carol. I am new in town and thought maybe since you were sitting alone you might want some company. If not I understand. Don't want to intrude or anything, I just thought if we were both alone then maybe we could join forces."

At first I was shocked. This was a new experience to me. I can't say this has ever happened before unless the other person needed something. I happily invited her to have a seat. She was cute. You could tell she'd been at work and like me was looking for some down time before going home.

"Hi Carol. I'm James and yes it would be nice to have some company for a while. Normally I just people watch. This is my firs time here at Horizons. I think it's only been open for about a month. It's nice and clean so far. Not sure if it has a theme or what but it looked clean so I decided to give it a whirl."

"That's pretty much why I stopped. It looked clean and more like an adult bar and not some place playing a lot of loud music and a lot of people bumping into each other. This is more my speed. Life is already to hectic so I see no point in going to a place to unwind that is as busy as work is. We have that in common James."

"Please call me Jim and yes. We do have that in common. So what would you like to talk about Carol? I'm good at being part of a conversation but not starting one. I am a line worker at the pillow factory on El Paso street. Have been since before I graduated from high school so that makes 11 years."

"I am a receptionist at a doctors office. Sick people all day every day. I get to know most patients though so it's like seeing your friends every day. They are just always sick when I see them. I have been there for about the same time you've been at the factory. I like the job. I get to dress nice and stay clean."

"Carol, I'm am about to go get another drink. Can I get you one?"

"Sure Jim. I will have what ever you're having. And thanks."

Jim walks to the bar and places the order. He looks back at Carol and lets himself think about them as a couple. She was pretty and fit. Tall for most ladies Jim knew. Easily 5 foot 10 and no more than 130 pounds. Why she stopped at his table was a mystery to Jim but he didn't care. He was just glad she did.
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WayTooThin 6 years
I love the pace of this story, a nice slow realistic build up
HeFeedee 6 years
Thanks pd500
I think I make my stories too long but I get bored during the day so I just let my mind wander.
Glad you like it.
Pd500 6 years
Loving this! I can't weight to hear what happens with chapter 16!
Growingsofter 6 years
Amazing. Please dont stop
FrecherTyp 6 years
Such an intetesting deep long story smiley thanks for writing and sharing smiley
WayTooThin 6 years
very very nice