Just like you imagined?

chapter 1

"So how big do you see yourself getting?"
It was a question I'd been asked a million times and my answer was always the same - "I honestly don't know"
"You don't know how big you want to get?"
"How could I? Everyone's experiences are different, I've never been fat so how could I know?"
"But you definitely want to get bigger?"
"Well I'm not here for weight loss tips" I joked. It seemed strange to me the amount of people that wouldn't bother to read my profile, no matter which feedism site I happened to be on.
"It looks like you're off to a good start"
"Thanks" I hadn't been shy about posting my pictures lately, still not brave enough to show my face but I was proud of the 30lbs I'd put on and wanted to share.
"I bet you're gorgeous, If I was your feeder you'd be huge"

I never knew what to say to these remarks - as nice as compliments are, there's only so many times you can say thanks without it getting a little monotonous.
"Thanks, 🙂" I put the emoji in to try and vary it up a little
"Seriously, I'd love to grow you massive"
Maybe it was because I was tired or maybe it was because I was tired of the same old chats but I got a bit snippy.
"Really Dec? And how would you do that? You live in a different country"
"There are ways if you're serious about gaining"
"Come on, the only way you'd be able to make me gain is if you put food in my mouth and unless you're planning an international trip, that won't be happening any time soon."
I didn't want to get into a feeding relationship with someone from another country, even if they provided money for food and you cammed every day, it seemed so impersonal. Besides, I wasn't even sure I wanted a feeder, I was quite happy sharing my stories and chatting to folks in the community.
"Forget about that for a moment, how big would you get given the choice? 200? 300? 400? 500? 600?"
"Sure Dec, I'd be 600lbs, why not even fatter?" I cut in with a sarcastic reply. I don't care if they do say it's the lowest form of wit, I'm a Brit, it's my birth right to be sarcastic.
"Oh nice" replied Dec "What would that be like? Tell me every little detail"
"Listen, Dec I'm really tired, I'm just gonna turn in, goodnight"
"Goodnight Blur, sweet dreams"
I powered down my tablet, snuggled up under my duvet and drifted off to sleep.

My alarm went off and I fumbled for my phone to turn it off, smacking my hand off of my bedside cabinet.
"Ow! What the hell!" It was if my bed was lower than it should have been, causing me to miss where my phone should have been, on opening my eyes, my ceiling looked further away than it should've been, looking across at my window confirmed that I was in fact closer to the ground as if my bed had broken. It was getting old but I didn't think it was that bad, and surely I would've woken up if my bed had collapsed! Just what was going on?
I got my answer as I raised my arm to brush some hair out of my face, moving far slower than I expected, it felt like my arm was moving through treacle. In my dazed state I opened my eyes fully to try and figure out what was happening - I was shocked at what I saw.
My arm looked massive! It was as if someone had stuck a bike pump in my elbow and blown it up. I gazed at a swollen hand with sausage-like fingers, there was a slight crease where my wrist should have been but my forearm now bulged wildly before dipping back in where my elbow should have been. My upper arm looked to be about the size my thigh had been before I went to sleep.
"What the fuck?!" I exclaimed "Steph! Steph!" I called out to my roommate in hope that she was still at home but she had obviously already left for work. "Fuck!"
I tried to sit up as I normally would but quickly came to the realisation that it wasn't just my arm that was huge, the rest of my body had been plumped up to match.
I flailed as much as I could, desperately trying to remove myself from under the duvet. I must have looked like an upended turtle with my arms and legs moving in slow motion, aimlessly grabbing and trying to right myself.
"Help! Help!" I screamed to no-one in particular, it was no use, if I was going to move I'd have to do this myself.
Eventually I regained my composure, I'd seen enough women of size move to know what I had to do, I needed to gain momentum. I reached down as far as I could, past my boobs and grabbed hold of the top of my belly. With all my might, I managed to swing my legs over the edge of the bed and planted them on the floor. By stepping on the duvet, I managed to pull myself into a sitting position, sweat pouring off me I used my bedside table to finally stand.
I reached for my phone, it was out of charge, whatever happened with my bed last night had knocked the charger out of the wall.
"Damn, I can't even call anyone!" I said exasperated. I then noticed a note taped to the back of it. It read: 172 x 4 =?
"What the hell is this?!" I said to myself "I've gotta get help" and I made my way to my bedroom door. Of course, this was easier said than done. My once graceful gait had been replaced with a slow ponderous waddle, my hanging gut slapping against my naked thighs with every step.
I then came to the problem of my bedroom door; my newly inflated hips now cleared the doorframe by several inches on each side.
"No! I can't be stuck in here!"
Turning sideways I pushed myself through by pushing down on my mountainous stomach, using the sweat I had perspired as a lubricant I had my escape.
Luckily my roommate's door way was wide enough for me to waddle through, I don't know why I went in her room but it was there that I finally got a good look at myself in our mirrored wardrobes.
I stood in awe at my reflection, I had been a little chubby before but now I was mountainous.
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Womansbellyl... 5 years
Very imaginative!
Nok 6 years
Just read this on your blog, very cool
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Oh, wow! I had no idea this was your story. I love your stories, and I'm catching up on your blog right now. Best to you, fellow writer.
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Nice little story. Thanks.