Just one date

chapter 1

Eric was a middle aged bi man with five kids. He owned a 4 acre house with millions invested in the property. After having to raise five kids by himself he started to gain weight. Passing 190, then 210, then 240. He realized he enjoyed the weight gain and his now noticeable ball belly. His kids had made fun of him for it while he enjoyed it very much. His three oldest kids Sarah, James, and Connor slept downstairs in the basement which had three bedrooms. Upstairs was Evan, and Olivia and himself. With a large master bedroom, he liked to be shirtless and stare at himself in the mirror. Everyone soon went to sleep and the house was quiet. In the morning, Sarah, James and Connor all went to high school and Evan and Olivia both went to jr high Eric was finally alone. He got in his car and drove to the market and bought as much food he could stuff in his cart. He didn't even leave the parking lot before opening a box of cookies. He drove to the nearest mcdonalds and ordered 4 big macs 2 large fries 40 piece chicken nuggets and 2 large sodas. He grabbed his two trays of food and plopped down in a booth for the next half hour eating nonstop. His shirt could not cover his entire belly only up to his belly button. His shorts were now unbearably tight even unbuttoned. He struggled to get out of thee booth when his massive swollen belly increased in size dramatically. He waddled to his car and he had to move the seat all the way back in order to drive. He returned home and put all the groceries away and went upstairs and fell asleep while his belly stewed away digesting all the food he ate. He awoke 2 hours later. He looked at his belly and it had shrunk a little. He got on the scale in the bathroom. Just yesterday he weighed 243, now he jumped up to 261. He smiled and looked in the mirror again with a noticeable difference from yesterday. He got the measuring tape from the drawer and tried to wrap around his belly. Before the massive stuffing his waist was 38 now it was a 43. He left the bathroom and went outside from the deck to the large pool area. It was a hot spring day and he decided to go swimming. He peeled off his shirt that barely fit him now and dove in the pool. Once cooled off he sat on the lounge chairs and basked in the sun. He heard the bus in the front yard stop. He knew his kids would be surprised but Eric wanted to see their reaction. The back door opened and Connor and James walked out to the pool area. When they saw their dad they didn't even recognized at first.
"Dad?" James said.
"You look like a beached whale." Connor said.
They both walked to the pool where there dad was laying down.
"Impressive right?" Eric said.
"You look 18 months pregnant." James mumbled
Eric got up and grabbed James by the arm and tried to pull him towards the pool. He tried to pull back he ended up soaked in the pool. Connor ran into the tiki bar and was cornered. He threw Connor into the pool and both of them now soaking wet. Eric started laughing and his belly started to jiggle with each laugh. Sarah soon came outside and with her bathing suit and Connor and James both took off their shirts and decided to go swimming as well.
"See dad all of us are fit without any fat while you are packing away." Connor Said.
"It gives me strength." Eric yelled.
Soon afterwards Evan and Olivia got off the bus and was in awe of Eric's ball belly.
"Did you swallow a beach ball?" Olivia asked.
"No I'm gaining weight and you kids are going to accept that now; if I hear anymore shit about it then you can starve because you ain't gettingg no more food. Got it?" Eric announced.
"Yeah. Just one question, why do you want to gain weight?" Evan asked.
"Because.... I like big bellies and I can't deny, you brothas can't deny when a guy walks in with a round thing in my face i get sprung." Eric sang.
He grabbed James and Olivia and put them in a headlock and shoved their heads into his belly and started singing again. Now scram dinner will be ready soon. You're going to help me eat.
An hour later Eric called all the kids down. There was only one plate on the table.
"Why is there only one plate," Sarah asked.
"This is all for me." Eric said.
It was an endless amount of food from Steak to chicken pot pie. "One of you is going to help me eat tonight". Everyone started to run away but Eric grabbed James' arm before he got away.
"Guess who the winner is." Eric laughed.
James spent 2 and a half hours stuffing food into his dads belly. His shirt was so tight that when was guzzling a milk jug it ripped. After Eric was done eating he gave the kids the rest of the food which was a frozen pizza. Once everyone showered they all went downstairs to watch a movie. As it got dark everyone cuddled around Eric's belly. James rested his head on his dad's belly and everyone fell asleep. The next when all the kids went to school Eric got up for work. As the boss of four major companies he needed to look well. He got up and put on whatever didn't cut off blood circulation. Which was a large stretched out sweatshirt and tight gym shorts. When he got to the work place he was stared at by all his workers. He told what was needed done to day and everyone went to work. He went inside the office to check on the files when he felt hungry he went to the break room and look in the mini fridge and grabbed all the food he could carry. As his brunch disappeared one of his workers came in and told Eric that one of the landscaping area's his workers had been assigned need help. He drove over to the place and saw everyone was confused. He realized that he need to work too. It was another hot day and most men took off there shirts. Eric was wearing a sweatshirt and he was baking. He decided to take of his sweat shirt. His big belly was revealed to everyone and everyone wanted to squeeze and massage it. Later that day he went clothes shopping and spent half the day look for something that would fit. He decided to give his kids a break and go to the bar at night. At the bar he met a guy named Kevin. He was a single guy and he was overweight as well. He was the gym teacher at his kid's school. After they both had cocktails they went back to Eric's house and slept with each other. Both of there big bellies rubbed against each other. They decided to go out for dinner tomorrow but before they left they both stuffed each other with all the food in the house. The next night Eric was getting ready when he got an important phone call. He didn't want to be late so he called James up to help him get dressed. James went into the closet and got the dress shirt and pants. He struggled to button the shirt and his belt didn't even come close to each other. He told James get the girdle from the drawer. He struggled to put it on but it made him seem like he lost 75 pounds. He proceeded to dress him until he was all done. He told his kids to behave and he will be back later. When he got to the restaurant Kevin was already there. He looked surprised when he saw Eric. He told Kevin he had to wear a girdle in order to get the suit on. They got seated and talked for a while until there food came. They ordered so much food that it took five waiters to bring one of the guys food. After intense stuffing the owner comes out and told the men that there bellies look very full but if they could finish the big burger challenge they would eat for free. They men got cocky and ordered two each. The owner was surprised and even said if they finish both they would eat here for free for as long as they live. Each men's belly was stuffed with food but two massive burgers where on it's way. When they burgers arrived they were the size of the serving platter. Eric and Kevin had to eat two each. They both dug in and the first one made both men very full. They still had one more to go. They both got halfway before almost giving up the owner came out with the check with a smug look on his face.
"Since you wont be able to finish." the owner said. The bill said almost 300 dollars for all the food they ordered before that they didn't even realize. They felt even more determined to finish, they both pushed threw but made it. The owner came back with two large bowls of fries. He said now for the second part. Kevin and Eric both looked puzzled when he gave them the fries but on the menu it did state that fries was included. After another half hour they finally finish all the food. Both of the men's bellies had been stretched out so far. They got stuck in the both and the table had to be moved. When the got home at Eric's house they barely got threw the doorway without getting stuck they both went to bed and in the morning they got the scale and tape measurer. When Eric stood on the weight scale it broke and cracked. When Kevin tried to put the tape measurer around his belly it was still near his hips. The total length of the tape measure was 75 inches. When the both went downstairs the kids was shocked. There bellies casted a shadow over all of them. When they sat down there bellies could hang over their legs. The kids found it very entertaining. They climbed under there bellies. Eric's and Kevin's bellies was so large they could fit the kids under them when sitting down. They said it was like a large blanket. When their breakfast were ready they both slowly ate. While the kids still played around with them. A large piece of bacon fell into Eric's belly button. James looked into his belly button. It was so large James climbed inside his belly button and was completely inside it. Then the kids went inside Kevin's. A week after the massive feeding they went to the doctor and had x-rays. When the doctor came back he told both of them that there bellies would now be this large forever. They both were surprised and excited. The doctor said that there stomach was stretched out so far you can fit a person inside their bellies. The doctor tested this by them eating a turkey whole. They could also have living people
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