One more bite

chapter 1

Mark had just moved into his grandparents house in sunny Los Angeles. He had three more years of high school left, but he wanted to go to college at UCLA. He was very fit and healthy and usually went to the beach in the summer. His grandparents were always trying to shove food down his throat but he never gained any weight and stayed very slim. He had met some people around town before school started he got to know them. There was a nice white girl named Cheltsie and her boyfriend Zach. He also met Owen who wanted to be an actor and Jocelyn. On the first day of school he went to his class which was History. His teacher was Mr. Connolly. He was a kinda short guy, but boy was he beefy. He had huge arm muscles. The thing that caught Marks eye was his gut. He wasn't fat at any means but he was packing the pounds. He was wearing a small skin tight t-shirt with shorts. Mark could see the outline of his gut and his nipples. Mr. Connolly was a fun easy going teacher and Mark mentioned his Uncle who went here to him.
"OH you're Dave's nephew? We'll that was a shocker." Mr. Connolly said.
He playfully pushed Marks chest as he was laughing. Mark had never felt a weird sensation like he had after being touched. All his life he thought he only liked girls but it seemed like he was bi. When he left history he looked at his schedule and he went spanish, and then Ela then Math and he couldn't get Mr.Connolly out of his head. Then he went to Science when he walked in Mark wasn't looking up and then WAM. He face got buried in a what felt like a warm pillow. when he backed up he looked up and it was a very tall mans gut. The man was about
6'7 but his belly was the size of a semi trucks tire. He laughed and said
" This things always hitting something."
He apologized to Mark and said
" I'm Mr.Golata your science teacher. Mark was so turned on now and it was only half way through the day. He stared intensely at his shirt which happened to be a button down that looked way to small for the teacher. Mark felt so weird all day and figured it was all a dream. When he looked at his schedule it said he had gym. When he got to the locker room he changed into his gym clothes when he heard the door open he looked over and saw a huge man. He was about 5'11 and had big arms and a wide frame. When looked down he could make out the outline of a big paunch.
"Names Gousie but you all me sir." He bellowed
We all were frightened by the huge man that looked like he could take on all of us at once. He ushered us out to the gym and watched us do laps while he sat on the bleachers and started drinking what looked like a gainer shake. Once he explained what would go on in gym. He told us to go to lunch them come back for the second half of class. Mark started to eat his lunch when all three men he saw walked in to the Cafeteria and got a cart filled with food and headed out the door. After the first month of school Mark got used to everyone and everything. He started to draw the gym teacher in his notebook in class when he heard
"Quirky listen up."
It was Mr.Connolly. He called Mark by his last name and realized that he gave Mark a nickname. He started to watch him and when Mr.Conn was wearing his usual skin tight shirt. When he sat down it was almost revealing his under belly, then he put his arms behind is head and he could see all the way to his belly button. Mark got close with all his teachers even Mr. Gousie. That night he went to the beach with his friends at newport. It was about 6:45 when they all went home to eat dinner. Mark stayed at the beach and lied down in the sand. He got up and brushed the sand off his back when he looked over to his right and saw the unbelievable. The three men he had been thinking about all school year was at the beach next to him.
"Heyy Quirks what are you doing here?" Mr.Connolly said.
"Oh just relaxing on the beach."
Mark's shirt was off from already being in the water.
"Shit, you have a six pack?" Mr.Golata said
"Yeah, I did a lot of sports back in Rhode Island." Mark mumbled.
"Well you best be joining the sports here at our school." Mr. Gousie bellowed
It seemed that Mr.Gousie had opened up to Mark. "So your Dave's nephew right?" Mr.Gousie asked.
"Yeah.."Mark said
"Well shit he was one of the best students here." Mr.Gousie said.
"Hey it's getting dark let's go" Mr. Golata said
All three men took off there shirts and all was revealed. They had all sorts of bellies. When Mr. Gousie took off his shirt he had a girdle on still. The two men took off running to the water while Mr.Gousie was struggling to get it off. He told Mark to help him get it off and he did what he was told too. When he unlaced the last button Mark was pushed back about three feet away from him. He look up and saw a mountain of belly over him. Mr.Gousie laughed and asked if he was alright. When Mark got up he put his arm around Mark and pulled him closer to his gut. Mark started to rub it and Mr.Gousie could tell that he was the one. He ran off into the water to rejoin his friends. Mark went home and couldn't sleep. He thought he creeped Mr. Gousie out by touching his belly. The next day at school the three men told Mark to follow them after they got their food from the Cafeteria. When they got into Mr.Connolly's room they shut the door and locked it. Mark was so confused and worried they were going to do something to him.
"So Mark, I don't know if you could tell but we are very fat, but we do it on purpose. We are gainers. "Mr.Connolly said.
"We have seen you stare at us and draw us so we have decided."Mr Golata said
"We want you to help us gain. Your Uncle helped us get to were we are now but it hasn't been the same so we want you to get us even fatter." Mr.Gousie said.
"I will help."Mark said loudly.
He spent all his time trying to feed all three of them but it was no use. He couldn't get all of them fat at the same time. He made a plan. The next day he got into school and he had brought lots of food from his house. When walked into history he saw Mr.Conn in his chair with the tightest shirt he had ever seen. It had long sleeves but barely made it to his waist and it made amazing outline.
He put a big cake on his desk and he ate it before school even started. When teaching the class he was putting on a show for Mark. He then put a sweatshirt on and had his own plan to show off his belly. When he turned off the lights for the video he walked over close to me and slowly took off his sweatshirt in front of me, his under shirt came with it and showed his entire chest. He leaned closer to Mark and he stuck his finger in his belly button. Marks finger wasn't even close to the end of his belly button. Mr.Connolly gave his belly a small slap just loud enough for Mark to hear it. He put his shirt back on. When everyone was getting ready to leave Mark gave him one donut before he left.
"This food baby is growing fast buddy. I want it even bigger though." Mr.Conn said.
"I'm trying but it's hard to feed all three of you and get you stuffed enough."
"Well I'm sure you'll get the hang of it, I'm going to name thus food baby Quirkism."
When Mark got to Science he didn't expect what was coming.
"Today we are learning about Human Biology." Mr.Golata said. He winked at Mark.
"We are going to see how the digestive system works first. I'll be eating three large Cakes to test how the stomach and intestines work. I need a helper to make me eat."He said
"Mark why don't you help"
Mark walked to the front and opened the cake box and started to feed him. Mark was secretly rubbing his belly under the desk. Mr.Golata talked as he was being over stuffed with food. When POP. His button down shirt had only two buttons left.
"See class as the stomach is being expanded with extra calories it builds up as fat. The bell rang and it was time for lunch. He went to Mr.Conn's room when three carts of large amounts of food came rolling in. Then the men came in.
"Come on Quirky, the belly wants it's meal."Mr.Gousie said. When all the food was gone all three men sat in their chairs getting their bellies rubbed and massaged.
"Better step up your game kiddo I ain't even half full."Mr.Gousie said.
"Yeah."Mr.Golata said.
"You just need more practice Quirky, we're going to the beach for a couple hours. Gussie's going to come back to coach for after school then we want you to come with us back to the boardwalk." Mr.Conn said.
"Alright" Mark said.
"Great see you later kiddo."Mr.Conn said.
He ruffled up Marks hair and patted him on his back then left. At the end of the day he went out to the baseball field waiting for the coach to come and practice. When a car drove up Mr.Gousie stepped out while the two other men drove off. All the kids were whispering to each other.
"Alright 30 laps around the field or the belly crusher is gonna come down on all of you."Mr.Gousie yelled.
He grabbed Mark and pulled him to his office.
"Not you kid, you are going to actually stuff me this time. I want the same amount of food as two of you in me before we leave." He told Mark
After 50 minutes of stuffing he fell asleep. When he woke up Mr.Conn and Mr.Golata was in the office. Mark was on top of Mr.Gousie's belly mountain. They picked Mark up and got in the car to the beach. When they laid out their stuff Mr. Conn handed him a bottle of Sunblock.
"Think you can handle it?" He asked
It took 3 bottles to fully cover Mr.Gousie and two each for the other men. Mark was so tired of all the work in school and his job he fell asleep on the beach while the men went in the water. When he woke up in the morning he was in a very large king sized bed. He looked over and saw Mr.Conn sleeping next to him. He thought it was a dream so lied back down. Mr.Connolly then grabbed Mark and pulled him closer and put his arm around him. The warmth of his belly made it feel like it was a giant squishy blanket.
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