New man in town

chapter 1 the new job

Bill Connolly was a man in his mid 30's. He had a wide build with large shoulders and big arms. He was a nice family man and he just moved into a new town in Louisiana. Bill worked three jobs to get by. His day job was a local History teacher at the high school. He was also a licenced food critic. He had three kids Cheltsie, Zach and Mark. Bill was a large build but was very fit. He weighed 175 lbs and was 5,9. The next day he drove to work with his kids and went inside the school. When he got there he was greeted by his best friend Kevin Gousie which was the school gym teacher. Kevin was noticeable overweight and had a breakfast burrito in his hand.
"Hey Billy how was your weekend?" Kevin asked.
"It was great! I got my licence for a food critic."
"Awesome now you can take me to get free food!" Kevin said.
Everyone at school knew Mr.Gousie was a gainer and everyone liked it. In the gym Kevin had half the kids run laps and he had the other half get their height and weight. Zach and Mark went over to Mr.Gousie to get checked out. With there dad being Kevin's best friend they were comfortable teasing him about his belly. They asked him to get on the scale first to see how much he weighed. It showed that he weighed 358 pounds.
"Only 360? I've got to get more food." Kevin laughed. At lunch Kevin and Bill got their plates of food and headed for Kevin's office. When they got to his office Kevin dug in immediately. Billy stared at Kevin's growing belly and was turned on by it.
"How do you do it?" Billy asked.
"I eat as much food as I can; I'm not even full yet" Kevin said.
"You should try it, it's really nice my kids use it as a pillow and they usually rub it. Later that night Billy got to the restaurant. He decided to try stuffing himself. Kevin ordered everything on the menu for Billy. Once he got full of all the food Kevin pushed him even more to eat. After he finished everything he noticed he had a belly. They both went back to Billy's house. He got on the scale and saw he was 185. He then realized he wanted to get fat, and so big his belly would be able to hold his kids. Kevin loved the idea. Kevin took off his shirt which revealed a girdle. He was so fat that his girdle didn't even make him thinner. When he took it off a massive belly pop out like a jack in the box. Billy started to rub his belly and they both rub each others bellies even though Kevin's was much more impressive. The next day they both went to a restaurant called Big Bellies. When they went inside it was mostly filled with large men. They met the owner which was a large man with huge belly himself. Kevin and Billy was sat down in a V.I.P section. Billy got cocky and asked for everything on the menu. Kevin ordered the same as well. When all the food came out the owner had a small beaker of a liquid.
"What is that?" Billy asked
"As you can see we get many gainers, and I assume you two are gainers. This is a hunger enhancer which will help you finish all your food. Your friend doesn't seem to need it but you are much more fit, so enjoy." the owner said.
Kevin started to dig in while Billy pondered whether to use the liquid. He decided to drink it, at first nothing seemed to happen but a few seconds later a deep hunger in his belly started to take over. It felt like there was a black hole in his stomach. He started to inhale all the food on the table. After many hours of stuffing Billy looked like a balloon. When they left and returned home Billy walked in and saw his kids on the couch watching a movie. When they saw their dad they looked at him in awe. Billy liked how big he was and he lied down on the couch and his kids used it as a pillow. The next morning he stepped on the scale and he now weighed 228. Over the next month he went from have a 4 pack of abs to have a tire sized ball belly. He and Kevin's goal was 700lbs and soon enough they had reached it now having massive bellies to show off to the world.
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