Le reine

Chapter 1 - talk

"Ich brauche ein zwei!" I screamed, releasing the dice. Sometimes I still spoke German when I was excited or nervous.

"Try not to lose the national debt tonight, dear", Louis whispered against my ear.

I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek. Everyone played cavagnole and gambled, and they laughed at me that I didn't know how when I came here. Now I play as much as everyone else, and they dislike it. These courtiers will never be happy with anything I do.

Thank goodness for the Duchess de Polginac and the Princess de Lamballe, my only true friends.

"I'm having so much fun, mon amour, thank you for arranging this." I threw my arms around him and held him tight. "Do you want to play?"

He laughed. "Nooo, thank you."

"Are you hungry? Bring the King some oysters...veit!" I clapped my hands. Servants moved quickly, bringing out a small table laden with the ocean going delicacies. It was one of the only ways I knew to put a smile on his face.

Louis picked up an oyster and slurped it down. One after the other, they slid down into his growing belly as he watched me and my friends play.

"He'll hear no word against her", I heard from a woman in the crowd behind us.

"Then I would not say so many words against her", her husband warned.

My dice came up a three.

"Nein..." I moaned.

"Come to bed soon", Louis said, kissing my cheek, and taking his food with him.

He would always rather sleep or eat than play or do anything else.

"I'll see you later, my little dumpling", I whispered into his ear, and gave his round belly a pat.

He blushed.

I played for a couple of more hours, but called it quits early to join the King.

When I entered our bedroom, he was passed out with an empty tray of oysters, still half dressed, with a bare belly sticking out and rolling over the top of his pants.

My heart flip flipped.

I put down the plate of cream puffs I was carrying, and knelt on the bed next to him.

"Wake up, Butterball", I whispered to him, massaging his digesting belly.

"Mmmm", he woke up with a happy moan.

I leaned down and kissed his tummy.

"Look how fat you've grown, my love." I lifted his belly and jiggled it a bit, weighing it in my hands. "Heavy."

I pulled him to his feet and stood him in front of the mirror.

"Look at this..." I patted his belly. "Look how big you've grown?"

I stepped behind him, wrapping my arms around him. I jiggled his belly.

"God, I'm huge", he said. I couldn't tell if he was happy, sad, or a little of both.

"You're a big man, it's okay."

Then stepping in front, I took a handful of plump hip in each hand and pulled him hard against me.

"My husband is so soft, and so hard...."

He moaned against my hair.

We went back to bed. It was getting harder for me to wrap my legs around him and keep them there comfortably. As he widened, the stretch in my thighs became more and more uncomfortable. I tried hard to be limber. One day we would have to get more creative, but we would always find a way to get my handsome husband inside me.

"I want you deep", I moaned, two hands on his plump bottom, pushing him deeper. I took up his lovehandles and squeezed.

"You never stop eating do you, my greedy little porker?" I whispered in his ear.

"God, yes!" he cried out, so turned on by the shame. "Never."

"But you love me anyway?"

"Not anyway, that would suggest I love you despite the fact that you're fat. Despite looking as you do. But I would have it no other way. You are exactly as I would prefer you." I answered.


&q uot;Here...open." I pushed a cream puff into his mouth as he got close, then arms around me, he swallowed a mouthful of sweet, sugary cream as he spent himself inside me.

We were a rare royal couple, sleeping in bed together, in each other's arms really. He often woke, talking in his sleep, and I would kiss him and rub his back until he fell asleep. It was difficult to be hated by everyone. It felt like we had only each other.

The next day, he was being talked to by the duc de Artois. And his brother never minced words. I stood outside the throne room, listening.

"$350,000 livres! On a pair of earrings! Louis, this is ridiculous, you must make the Queen curb her spending!"

The King smiled.

"You know how Versailles is. She remembers all too well being laughed at for not dressing well enough. The Queen must shine brighter than them all, she says, and I can't argue with it", Louis said.

"And you must do something too..." The duc de Artois motioned to him. "You've grown slovenly, brother, you have let yourself go. You're...to be honest, you are fat. Very fat. It isn't proper for the French monarch to appear so."

"We're two very self indulgent people", Louis said then.

"That's more self knowledge than I thought you capable of", the duc answered.

"Of course I see it! I love my wife, but more than that...she understands me..."

"You mean she doesn't argue with you when you stuff your face..."

Said royal face was turning bright red. Louis was angry.

"As a child when it was all on my shoulders, when Grandpere lectured me, blamed me, when everyone wished it was someone else who would inherit the throne, and I ate to feel better...I did so many things to feel better, you mocked right alongside them..."

"You're a grown man, now. Stop blaming everyone but yourself", the duc answered. "You eat like a pig and you're starting to resemble one. And the terrible things being said about the Queen will only get worse if she doesn't stop."

I felt terrible. No more gambling. For a while.

"She might start by toning down that strawberry blonde hair of hers...the women are calling it Cheveux a la Reine."

"Brother or not, you can wind up in the stocks", Louis snarled. The duc nearly fainted. My mouth fell open. Louis was never aggressive.

"I'll take my leave then...Sire." Angrily, the duc left.

All we had was each other.

"I'm sorry", I said, coming forward when he was alone. "I was listening. I'm sorry for the money..."

He opened his arms, and I sat on his lap on the throne. Let someone walk in on this!

"I don't want you to worry, Antoinette. But he's right about the gambling..."


"And he's right about my eating, but...I..."

"Don't want to stop", I offered.

"No", he said.

"Well...our primary duty is to create the next heir of France, that's something no one can argue with." I kissed him. "And I think one more cream puff and my butterball is going to pop his pants. I want to see your tummy spill out into my hands, the lines on your wide hips from pants that are too tight...thighs that are big and round."

"I won't lose an ounce with you around", he sighed.

"Probably not", I agreed.
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