Lent and valentine’s day

Chapter 1 - pancakes and kisses

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you think Lent is about sacrifice, forget it! Let's all enjoy pancakes and chocolates this week! Many view Valentine's Day as the end of the fattening season (which in the USA started back on Thanksgiving). But it doesn't have to be as these two stories show.

"Fat Tuesday and Lenten Sacrifice"
A 69-word erotic weight-gain tale
by Zonker

Danyel loved getting into all the boys' pants. And at the Fat Tuesday church supper, she displayed her other carnal desire - a lust for fattening desserts. The next day, the priest crossed her forehead with ashes, and she decided to give up sex for Lent. A major sacrifice for her.

Unfortunately, she replaced sex with chocolate and cheesecake. And by Easter, Danyel couldn't even get into her own pants.
NOTE: The above story was inspired by a Pancake Supper....

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"The Day After Valentine's Day"
A 69-word erotic tale
by Zonker

Marie's body is spent but warm, full and soft, sated. She writhes ecstatically, engulfed in orgasmic afterglow. She licks her bittersweet lips, smiles at her naked curves. She is full of love but hungers for more.

Reaching across bed, she finds only disappointment -- four empty heart-shaped boxes. Struggling to button her jeans, Marie dreams of pleasures to come. And prays Wal-Mart still has Valentine candy on sale.

NOTE: this is a 69-word erotic short-short story for those weight-gain erotica readers who have short attention spans...You can probably eat a couple pieces of chocolate as you read this.
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NOTE: I had to put something else here to get to the 2000 words. Here's a poem about Valentine's Day chocolate kisses. It is written in rhyming haiku-style verses. Enjoy.
"Valentine Kisses"
By Zonker

Kisses are quite sweet
delivered by a lover
who knows what you think.

Yet sweeter Kisses
which will plumpen your belly
come from Hershey's Inc.

Love your chocolate
and all that it delivers.
Self-righteous, be not.

Those bodies rounded
with Valentine's chocolate,
are chubby and hot.

With lover's kisses,
feast in lustful gluttony,
your desires indulge.

And from Hershey's
twenty-five calories each,
eat Kisses and bulge.

So, into the trash,
the flowers, the greeting cards,
cherubs, you may dump.

But devour Kisses
and all chocolates. Indeed,
grow pleasingly plump.
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