The temptation of dumpling

Chapter 1 - give in to your desires?

Allow me to introduce myself, sweetheart. I am the voice inside your head, the one you have been trying so hard lately to suppress.

And now at last, my chance to be heard is here.

My voice is the one which whispers in your inner ear and convinces you to overeat and grow fatter. You know me well. You have listened to me a lot lately. You are definitely getting heavier, and I am getting louder with every ounce you gain.

I am not that still quiet voice of your conscience - the one they tried to teach you about in Sunday school when you were a young girl.

I am drowning out the other voices in your head -- the voice of reason, the voice of willpower, those goody-two-shoe angel voices which tell you how to be a good girl.

I tell you how to be bad, very bad.

"But I don't want to be bad," you say. "I'm a good girl."

Correction: You were a good girl.

I am the demon of decadence, the sprit of self-pleasure. I represent all that you don't like about yourself - your over-indulgent nature, your carnal desires. I am the real you.

I am the devil residing in you. I am your inner demon. I am your greatest temptation, like a powerful sorcerer putting a spell on you.

You have allowed me inside your head a little at a time the last few weeks.

A few cookies here. An extra helping of supper there. Some ice cream. Baking yourself a cake. A late night snack. A trip to the vending machine. A little feeling that you don't need to go to the gym right now.

"But I can always go to the gym later, right?" you say to yourself.

Wrong. You are never going back to the gym now.

Your conscience is the voice of dieting and "eating right" and exercising all the time. Mine if the voice of gluttony.

You will obey me. You have no choice from this point on. Mine is the voice you will come to respect and worship. Soon, my voice will become your voice, the only voice you will have.

"But I'll get fat," you whine.

It is a small price to pay for so much joy, sweetheart. Listen to me. Your face is so pretty, see it, adore it and love it. You look beautiful.

"But what about my 'fatty parts'?" you ask as you look at yourself in the mirror.

Your face is beautiful, but those "fatty parts" are mmmmm very sexy. You will learn how sexy they are. You are adorable with those beautiful plump lips and cute dimples when you smile.

You smile, and your dimples deepen. You listen to me as I give you false compliments. You smile at your image in the mirror, seeing those lovely eyes and that beautiful hair and not really noticing what is happening to the rest of your body lately. It has gotten bigger the last few months, your clothes tightening around it.

You believe me as I flatter you, and you relax just the right amount to allow me even deeper into your mind.

So I can coax you like a butcher leading a pig to slaughter.

Go ahead and eat, Dumpling. There's a chocolate cake in the kitchen for you.

You get the cake and a jug of milk, and return to the bedroom. Setting the cake on your dresser, you take a big sniff of its tempting aroma.

I hope you don't mind my pet name for you - Dumpling. You are my pet and my project, and I have the right to name you as I wish.

Dumpling just seems such a perfect name for you and what you are becoming. Like a dumpling, you are round, soft and doughy - and you are expanding, getting even bigger and fluffier as time goes on.

You hungry, Dumpling? I know you are hungry.

You nod your head, and right then, your belly growls in agreement.

Good to hear. Now I want you to eat the cake now - all of it!

You look both scared and ecstatic at the notion of eating an entire cake. Your forehead furrows with worry.

"I don't want to get fatter."

Yes, you do, my Dumpling. With every ounce you grow lovelier and lovelier. Look in the mirror and see.

You gaze at yourself again, and I shift your perception from disgust to acceptance to admiration for how you look. You move one hand to your belly as the other forks cake into your mouth.

That top is so lovely on you, Dumpling. So much more beauty than you have ever had. The boys are going to be all over you. And your girlfriends will be so jealous of your beauty. Go ahead, and eat. Words cannot describe how lovely you are becoming.

You start to rub your belly and get a look of contentment on your face. It's lovely to see that you are so easily persuaded.

That top shows off your belly and your middle so well, a perfect muffintop.

"I love this chocolate," you moan between bites. You shut your eyes and smile as you take a bite. You chuckle softly to yourself.

Oh, Dumpling, you have the body of a goddess, the goddess of gluttony, a lover of chocolate, the empress of eating - and overeating.

You wince a little, your eyes open suddenly, and I see I may have overplayed my hand. Your conscience and your willpower are struggling hard to be heard. You gaze at the mirror more critically now.

"Won't boys be disgusted by all this flab?" you ask yourself, grabbing a handful of your middle.

Before the voice of reason can muster a peep, I shout loud enough to echo in your skull.

No, Dumping! Boys love women with some meat on their bones, with sexy hefty curves. Don't worry. Eat. Just as chocolate rules you, your growing beauty will rule all men's desires.

These thoughts sooth any worries you have. You continue eating and eating until the cake is nearly all gone. I am silent now. No need to interrupt you as you plow through slice after slice.

Finally, you stand and look at your figure in the mirror again. "I think I'm a pear-shaped," you say, turning to see your wide round bottom. "Ugh, my ass has gotten so fat."

I quickly reassure you. Men love women with big rears. Go ahead and finish your cake, Dumpling.

You listen and obey, then scrape all the crumbs onto your fork and eat them carefully, not letting one calorie escape its destination between those plump pink lips.

You lie back on the bed, your belly full and domelike now, like a mound of blubber growing toward the ceiling. You rub it slowly and say, "I can't believe I ate it all. Burp. I'm a big glutton, ugh."

And men will be a glutton for you, my Dumpling girl. They won't be able to get enough, don't worry about a thing, just listen to me.

The sugar hits your body with a surge, and the chocolate heightens your mood, making you feel full but also very happy with yourself. Who isn't happy when they eat chocolate?

You're getting bigger all over, very nice. I whisper false flatteries to you. Good curves, beautiful bulges, sexy love handles. You look fantastic. Now, keep eating for me, Dumpling.

You reach down and caress your love handles, a wicked smile tracing its way across your lips. You like this feeling so much, this full-full feeling. And you like what all this gluttony is doing to your body, you like it too much to ever stop.

Ahh, gluttony is the funnest of all the deadly sin. Wouldn't you agree, sweet Dumpling. You, like most humans, are programmed biologically for gluttony. And combine gluttony with lust, and you have an unbeatable combination - just enough to drag your fat carcass to the evil side of life. Food and sex - girls like you can't get enough.

A little more food won't hurt you one bit. I push you on. You're not even overweight yet. You're practically skin and bone. You know you enjoy this food, so why not give in to your desires?

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VanillaCream 4 years
Oink oink oink ^°^ wish I had cookies lol
Abundantbounty 5 years
this is just the most perfect story in this genre ever. thank you
Collegeguy2514 8 years
Been looking for this one for a while now. Its just as good now as when i first read it years ago.
FrecherTyp 8 years
hehe yes a really good story plot for both sides ^^
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
DocHQ, yes, I had posted this here before when I had another account. Also, used it for "Succubus" story inspiration, so very similar to that BHM story.
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Oh, thanks for all the sweet comments. You readers inspire me, and I appreciate your kindnesses.
Noarthereonl... 8 years
brilliant writing!
DoctorHarleenQ 8 years
Was this posted elsewhere as well? I feel like I've read it before.
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
I don't think I have ever had comments pile up so quickly on one of my stories -- and such sweet rich comments at that! Thank you all very much!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
faremark, me too! Thanks for your honest exclamation!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
So do you associate yourself with Dumpling or the demonic voice? I will post the rest of this within the week. The "climax" is coming (or cumming). Thank you for your kind words.