Your dreams and mine

Chapter 1 - what more could a lover want?

"Your Dreams and Mine"
By Zonker aka GrowingLoveHandles

It is early morning, the sun not yet up, but there is some pre-dawn light at the window, casting a muted pinkness into our bedroom.

"Red in the morning, sailors take warning," I say aloud. It's going to rain today. What a great day just to stay in bed and have fun!

I watch you as you sleep. You are not the only one dreaming right now. I dream also - with my eyes wide open.

I dream of you and the changes I have planned for you.

I whisper my daydreams into your ears and watch for signs of approval.

I watch your breath rise and fall inside your small belly.

Yes, you have a little belly now, dear. Does that surprise you? Delight you? Shock you?

Or does it disgust you? Haha.

It does not really matter how you feel about all this. You are under my control now whether you like it or not -- whether you know it or not.

And I doubt if you know it -- not yet anyway.

It's a very small belly - almost insignificant, probably not noticeable to anyone but me, and maybe to you. And you are so vain, you won't say anything about it for a while.

Are you in denial about gaining such a cute starter belly? It is just a bare bit of pudge out front of your pelvic bones, something your shirt will easily cover later.

I reach around your waist and try to gather this small bit of softness which covers what used to be rock-hard abs.

I smile at how this promising bit of softness feels. "Now, we have something to start with," I whisper into your ear.

We made love a few hours ago, and I have been lying here ever since, just admiring you.

What a wonderful lover you are! It turns me on how you aren't quite as fit as you were when you first moved in four months ago. You huff and puff some now, losing your breath when you exert yourself very much.

I enjoy the changes taking place, how out of shape you are getting. Is that wrong of me? I suppose some might think so, but I am who I am.

I inhale the scent of our lovemaking. The smell of me is upon you, and your sweet aroma is upon me. All sweat and passion.

And there is the smell of chocolate and baked goods and milk upon your breath. On the nightstand, I see the crumbs on a plate and an empty glass.

You don't seem to mind any more my quirkiness about wanting you to eat a little while we make love. I make you such good snacks that you are starting to enjoy eating in bed, isn't that right?

I see how your body has already changed, just a little but it is progress. "Every great journey begins with a single step," I say aloud to you in the stillness of the reddening light from outside.

You may not even notice any of these changes yet, but I do. Or perhaps you do notice and have not mentioned anything to me. Vanity always gets the best of slender lovers like you.

Perhaps you will notice later this morning when you detect a certain tightness of your favorite jeans as you put them on. You will think nothing of it, of course. Or you might think, "I just need to get to the gym a bit more."

Like that's going to happen with me around.

You will not be aware that I am conspiring to make your hot sexy body grow fat and burst right out of those jeans, the zipper failing, the stretched seams giving way and tearing.

I stroke and lightly rub your arms and your legs as you are snoring lightly. Your arms and legs are not any bigger, but they are definitely much softer.

They are preparing themselves for the thickening to come. Your thighs used to be so muscular from biking and rockclimbing, but now they are turning into mushy adipose.

How much have you gained so far? I wonder. Seven pounds? Nine maybe, surely not ten yet? It makes me hot to ponder how much weight you have already gained. I smile as I become aroused.

I feel my smile widen as I imagine you piling on dozens of pounds, hundreds of pounds even. I cannot help where my thoughts travel, and I chuckle aloud at how strangely turned on I feel.

You have no idea that I have been secretly changing your shape, your weight -- changing your hardness into softness. And I have been working hard to change your fitness into unfitness, as your slender strong body is slowly being replaced by a nice beautiful flabby round body.

You would never understand all this, but I am a what is called a feeder -- one who enjoys fattening my lovers up. I enjoy it so much seeing you soften. It makes me tingle as I conjure up in my imagination just how big I will make you.

All my former lovers grew quite large. I remember your eyes nearly popped out of their sockets that time when you accidentally saw a photo of me with my last lover. The photo fell out of one of my old books when I was moving them to make room for your stuff.

You were probably wondering what I was doing with such an obese fatty in that photo. I really regret letting that humongous one get away. What a hotty! What a grand belly for soft lovemaking! I had it all.

And then, gone, gone, gone. Said I was too controlling! Hah, I mean really, can you imagine! Me, too controlling? Haha.

I didn't mean for you to see that photo at all. You should not glimpse into your future. What is to be should be a wonderful surprise!

This is all a lot more fun when it just happens without your knowledge. More of a surprise that way! I know you like surprises, like when I surprised you on your birthday with that huge cake and all that ice cream.

This feeder thing, this strange desire of mine, it is not something I can control. It is just the way I am.

"And you love me the way I am, don't you?" I whisper in your ear. Your lips open slightly, and you smile in your sleep.

I don't need to talk with you about all this. You really don't want to know that I am fattening you up, I can tell.

And yet I love you in all ways. I just want to serve you and spoil you, to do everything for you. What more could a lover want?

(to be continued)
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LuvsChub04 2 years
very hot
Firelion 4 years
This is devious and wonderful, excellent work!
Zurea 8 years
Reminds me a little of my first gf lol
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks so much, jed2020. Where would you take this story now? What would you like to see happen next?
CaliGainingGirl 8 years
Yay I love it - keep going - you're so talented!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks, lkr!

Coming from a writer of your caliber, your comment is most appreciated! Writing for either gender/sexual orientation is a fun challenge!
Ikr 8 years
Fantastic writing! Very erotic. I'm impressed with what you were able to do in such a short story - and keeping the genders neutral was a nice touch. Bravo!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thank you all for your sweet comments. Fantasygains21, there can be no better compliment for an erotica writer than what you say here. I appreciate it.
FrecherTyp 8 years
Oh well this is so genius every time i read it ;-)

oh you plan a continuation now i am very curious ^^