Sam and leila

Chapter 1 - supposed to stop at 135 lbs

Samantha wakes up late on a Saturday and heads into the bathroom for a shower. Waking up late has become the norm for her. She used to be so industrious, never sleeping later than 6 a.m., but since Leila moved in . . .

"Well, a lot of things have changed since Leila moved in," she says to herself, feeling the hot water from the shower pour over her as she conditions her long brown hair. She looks down to see water draining down her midsection. "Yes , a lot of things." She pauses, looking at her protruding gut.

"Like this belly," she says aloud, reaching down and grabbing onto her sizable potbelly. She frowns at how large it feels.

Samantha had always been so fit and slender, never more than 120 pounds before college, or perhaps, more correctly, before she met Leila. This new belly is a thing of curiosity, of horror and of pleasure all at the same time. She'd never had a belly before. She is learning that having a belly is so sweet and so sensual, so arousing but also so confusing.

Trying not to think about the confusion, she closes her eyes and begins rubbing her belly as conditioner rinses from her shiny hair. The gush of water between her breasts turns her middle into a soft slick globe beneath her fingers. Her hand drifts further southward, and she thinks about Leila. Such pleasurable thoughts.

"No, I'd better not," she chides herself, fighting her libido as she looks down at the drain.

She thinks about how easily she can now be overcome by what she now sees as a growing problem - not just her belly, but also her growing sexual desires in relationship to getting fatter and -

"Food!" she says aloud and then laughs when her belly rumbles in response. She has become obsessed with eating ever since that night when Leila confessed strange desires to her. It was just two days after Leila had moved in - a mere month since they had met and decided they were soulmates. Samantha thinks back to Leila's announcement.

"I don't know how to say this," Leila said that evening, holding both Samantha's hands in hers as they faced each other on the couch. "I love you, Sam, but -" Her voice trailed off.

"But what? I love you too, Leila. Whatever is wrong, we can overcome it. We're soulmates, remember?"

"Okay, I'm just going to spit it out, Sam." Leila paused, then her thin lips parted and she said the words which would change Samantha's life forever. "I am a feeder."


&quo t;I want to feed you, Sam, to make you plump and sexy. I know this sounds crazy, but just the thought of it turns me on so much."

Samantha looked puzzled, then chuckled nervously. "You're kidding. You want to make me fat?"

"Yes, it's always been a fantasy of mine to chub up a hot girl like you. Will you do it, Sam?" She looks right into Sam's eyes. "For me?"

Samantha thought about this and was quiet for what seemed like hours but was only a few seconds. Finally, she spoke. "Well, you are a really a great cook, so I'm probably going to gain a few pounds anyway. So, uhm, sure, Leila, I'll give it a try."

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Leila exclaimed jumping up and down on the couch, then plopping herself onto Samantha's lap, kissing her deeply for the longest time.

In the lovemaking whirlwind that followed, Leila had gotten a huge chocolate cake from the kitchen and fed it to Samantha while undressing her and pleasuring her. Before long, they were both lying were in bed, in that woozy dreamy state of post-orgasmic bliss.

Samantha had never been very bold, but she decided to speak up now. "Leila?"


"That was very fun, but I do want there to be some limit on this. I don't want to gain more than 15 pounds; that will put me at 135 pounds - not too big for my height, okay? I don't want to get fat - just a little chubby."

"Sure, anything you say, sweety," Leila said with a gleam in her eye.

Samantha recalls that day with wonder but also with a little fear. The sex and the food had been so wonderful, somehow, she had forgotten that she had set a limit. And it was easy to forget in the blur of decadent pleasure that Leila provided her these last nine weeks.

Leila is fantastic in the bedroom -- and in the kitchen. She has a culinary degree with a special certificate in baking. And when she wasn't plying Samantha with homecooked meals and baked goodies, she was bringing in all manner of fast food - greasy, delicious, and fattening!

Samantha, who used to be so health-conscious, now found herself being regularly stuffed with Macky D burgers and fries! "The D stands for 'delicious'," Leila told her repeatedly.

Samantha chuckles in the shower, thinking of her lover's lips saying those words. But then she quickly stops chuckling, recalling something important.

"I was supposed to stop at 135," Samantha says to herself as she turns off the faucets.
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Ariahart 4 years
love this!!!
Jack-Elray 5 years
This is still one of my favourite stories
CaliGainingGirl 5 years
sooooo good I love it - more please! you rock! xxx
Silentgrizzly 7 years
I really love this story!!!
GrowingLoveH... 7 years
Thanks for all the great comments here! I will return to this someday because I love these characters too much to leave them where I have.
Coastie15 8 years
More please
Soft Punk 8 years
Please continue with a sequel. One of my favourite stories on ff ☺️
LoraDayton 8 years
Perfectly lovely! I would love to have a feeder like Leila in my life...or maybe not...she'd make me huge in no time!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks, BigFA! More is coming soon!
BigFA 8 years
Good lord, this story turns me on like crazy. Well done! Great writing. Looking forward to Leila's fattening as well.
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks, Jazzman. I have not written this out that far yet -- to Leila's plumpening up. I think having Sam turn the tables on her may work nicely.
Jazzman 8 years
I remember the Zonker stories from the old days. They were really good too!
Jazzman 8 years
Love the story. How about this?
For every 3 lbs Samantha gains. Leila has to gain two. Getting a "little chubby " is letting her off easy. So when Samantha is nearly immobile at 600 Leila will be mobile enough at 400 and strong enough. But also Very Fa
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
There is plenty more to this tale, ramak92110. Stay tuned.
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Oinkonny -- That was my story on dim under name of zonker. I occasionally "borrow" from other stories, but I have never outright stolen. I always credit my inspirations.
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Jazzman and others -- Thank you. Like you, Jazzman, I like the idea of the tables turning... so stay tuned and see.
Beautybelly 9 years
more pliss smiley
Spaniard93 9 years
continueee¬°¬° smiley
Jazzman 9 years
Completely realistic .I like your writing style. Of course I love some collateral damage to the feeders waistline too.When they Both get Fat it's amazing!