Lifetime feeder

chapter 1

I have always been into larger women and I would have to say my appreciation has been insatiable and more than likely why I never married. I figured out a long time ago that because I operated a private catering business and I'm a trained chef I would target women's dinner parties which proved a success on both fronts, meeting women with a desire to gain and grow my business. My last foodie I was with was exceptional as she would avidly gain until a year ago when she did a 360 and told me she was going for weight loss surgery. I would never think about persuading her otherwise because it's her health and if it's important to her it is for me too. Which leads me now to six months ago when catering at a mixed dinner party I met this single woman who made a huge fuss over everything I prepared. After when everyone were having drinks Joanne (not her real name) came into the kitchen and asked if I could do a special dinner for her and one other person on short notice and handed me her card which showed she was a lawyer. I asked which night it would be and it was the following Saturday for 9:00 so I checked my calendar and it was open so I agreed right then which I usually don't do and I know it was my mind working overtime because she was a little chubby. When I asked what type of food and number of courses she said four plus desert and she added that I was to make enough so she could have leftovers because she loved the meal she just ate. I thought she was very open because before she went back to join the rest of the people she jokingly said she promised not to keep me too late which got me to thinking about what her menu would be. The following week I decided it would be traditional Italian where the salad would be at the end with the anti pasta then pasta followed by a fish dish then a meat course with a caramel sponge tiramisu for desert. Well the Saturday came and I arrived at 7:00 to get things prepared and when Joanne answered the door she was in a bathrobe as she said she just got out of the shower so she led me to her kitchen so I could get going. The dining room table was large probably seating for 14 so I set the placing close one on the end and one to the side, who would want to yell from one end to the other. While I was in the kitchen working away she came in all done up but in a real sexy lounge gown with two glasses of wine, she said you must get thirsty while cooking. I asked when her guest was arriving and she said around 9:00 so we could relax and get to know one another and the time drifted away until I noticed it was 9:10. When I let her know she calmly said let's eat cause there was no one coming , she did all this because she only went to those dinner parties to meet someone. Seeing that she was so open and blunt during her dinner when she asked if I was attached I told her no just out of a relationship. Then she asked if I thought she was attractive so I decided to be open and tell her that I was attracted to larger women, this did not faze her and asked if I thought she was large which she wasn't she was about 175 and I told her my past relationship she was 585. Well the rest of the night was wine and talk leading up to now. Joanne has willing put on weight for 6 months and has added a little over 30 pounds to 207 and she is really rounding out. I have fed a few women in my time and never have I seen someone who gets so much satisfaction from gaining and loves to show off her new found freedom. We will have one day a week where we go grocery shopping even though I do most through my business and she likes to let her belly be exposed and hanging as she walks through the store with an overflowing shopping cart of goodies. I got her into cake shakes where you break up a store bought cake into a blender and add a quart of heavy cream and a pound of butter and I funnel these to her three times a day and she just loves the belly bloat she gets from them so now I order the cakes through my business where I can get them at a quarter of the price when it amounts to 21 cakes a week from my baker. Even though she shows no signs of slowing down and says she will never stop but only time will tell but she has moved her law practice to her house and she always has cakes and chocolate bars to snack on till I'm around.
(If interested I will add chapters)
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GrowingConcern 5 years
Great story. Please add more. And cake shakes sound amazing.