The making of riley

chapter 1

I have had this restaurant in a small town amongst a popular summer vacation area for 5 years now and as with all vacation areas things slow down after the summer except for local business. At first my help would be students working the summer for tuition but with summer changing to fall each year I was left to do it all. About 3 years ago I decided to hire someone full time which would leave me to cook full time and even though things still would slow down in the fall that's where Riley came into the picture. One day during the summer this really cute woman came in and asked if there were any openings for work as a waitress. She certainly had what it took, she was friendly and could converse about anything so I decided to hire her. She told me she was from just outside town and her family were farmers and that she was 30 and single which I had a hard time believing she was really beautiful. The first day she came to work I noticed she was a little on the plump side and it was highlighted because she was only around 5.2 but she got right into it and the customers liked her. One day I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said a cheeseburger platter and she would make herself a chocolate shake. For anyone who worked for me the meals and drinks was an add in to their pay. I remember standing by the cash and watching how she devoured her lunch and then when she was bringing the dishes to the kitchen she got herself a large piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk. These large lunches she would eat every day and when really busy and she worked a dinner hour she would have a meal before going home. As time went on you could tell she was getting heavier and the dress was casual so she had changed from jeans to leggings or nice track pants, maybe she was afraid I would notice and say something which I would never do. I clearly remember that day in October and other than a few locals at breakfast and lunch dinner was empty and Riley saying that she guessed her hours would be cut. I was really fond of having her around and I said no she was an important part of the place and liked being with her and she gave me a smile that melted me. We sat at a table and I told her that the following day I wanted to close at dinner and would love to cook a meal for her and her face lit up and she said she couldn't wait as everything I made was so good. So what do you feel like for dinner I asked and Riley said I really would like something Italian and I told her Italian it will be. That night at home I decided I would do a Lasagna and Veal Scaloppine with Salad but tonight I would make the Tiramisu as it always is better when it has a chance to rest and I would bring a few bottles of wine in. I decided to call Riley and tell her not to rush in the morning and to come in about 8:30 when the breakfast really gets moving because I needed to get everything prepared for dinner. When Riley showed up in the morning she looked so excited like a child at Christmas and she had her long dark hair tied up and was wearing light blue leggings and a white knit top that revealed her breasts were fairly large. We got through breakfast and lunch and during the afternoon Riley said she wanted to get something for that night and did I need anything when she was out. I thought for a minute and thought it was warm in the kitchen so I gave her some money and asked her to pick up a case of beer. When Riley got back it was around 4:30 so once she got in I pulled the blinds and flipped the door sign to closed and locked the door and as I turned around there was a vase of fresh flowers on one table that's what she had to pick up. We both went back into the kitchen and I asked her did she want a beer so I grabbed two from the fridge and we sat down and talked. Riley asked if she could ask me a few things about myself and I saw no harm in it so I said sure. It was the usual are you married or ever have been, my age and where I came from, the usual ice breaking stuff and now it was my turn. I knew her age and I knew she was single so my first question was is she seeing anyone and she replied no, then she stopped me and said she was always worried about what people think of her because of her big appetite and that was almost jaw dropping. I said around here and with anyone you should meet through me that should not be a worry for you. You could almost feel the relief coming from her and she said Rick you are so nice and have been so nice to me. I said our meal would be ready around 7:00 so we could talk some more after I prepared the veal and help yourself to another beer. Riley left the kitchen and came back with a few butter tarts on a plate from the front then went to the fridge and got us each a beer. As I was working away I looked over and Riley was just finishing the last butter tart about to wash it down with some beer, I could have sworn there were 3 tarts on the plate when she came back so I said did you like your tarts and she said their so good she just ate 4. Riley said the kitchen smelt so good we should just use the table there for dinner and stay close to all the smells and without another word left to get a tablecloth and her vase of flowers and silverware. Seven came sooner than we both thought so I uncorked a bottle of wine and went to prepare her a plate and said I hope your hungry and Riley said famished and to be honest me being a lover of the larger sized woman what she said got me excited. Then and there I decided I would use a platter and load it up with Lasagna and Veal enough for two people for Riley and when I got to the table she asked if there was more crusty bread she had eaten the whole basket. When I brought more bread Riley asked where my plate was and I told her I just felt like a glass of wine right then, this happens to me quite a bit the smells of cooking sort of fill me up and besides I want to see you enjoy yourself and she smiled. Riley had finished her first helping and as I was fixing her a second platter I made a plate for myself and sat down and ate with her. I really was amazed how she could put so much food into her belly and noticed this second platter was almost gone and I had just started and then was startled when she said you must think I'm a pig but I really could go for some more and put down my fork and went to fill up her platter again. I was really under prepared as this third helping for Riley and it would all be gone, I made enough for six people. When the dinner was over I asked Riley if she had any room for desert and she said yes once she used the washroom and cleaned up. When she walked back to the table I could see how stretched her knit top was and how expanded her belly was and could feel myself getting hard and almost exploded when she said I hope you don't mind I need some room and pulled the waist of her leggings down below her belly. We had some more wine and she said she didn't know if she could even lift a spoon or a fork she was tired from dinner. Do you not want any desert I asked and she gave me this playful look and said you could feed me desert and that did it my boxers were a little wet. With that I got bold and brought the whole tray of Tiramisu to the table and said this is all for you and I will feed you every last piece till it is gone and Riley said piece of cake and we laughed till we were in tears. Spoonful after spoonful the Tiramisu vanished into Riley's waiting mouth and I was getting rock hard and then it was all gone and she was rubbing her huge belly when I said to her just relax and let me do that for you and she smiled and said, would you. I pulled my chair to one side and went about rubbing Riley's big beautiful belly and could feel her hands wandering towards my inner thigh and then she felt my rock hard member and said this feels nice then one handed started to undo my zipper and waist.

Chapter Two Coming
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