Living in a fat town

Chapter 1 - prelude( and also, chapter 1)

Jessica is a typical fat girl in her fat town. However, she is a fat girl in a fat town, so she is treated normal anyway.
Now, this 'fat town' is not normal in The Republic of Korea, where people are thinking of healthier and thinner lifestyles, there is a 'ideal' town filled with fatties, like this website.
Jessica's family has been always fat by food and their fat asses. The neighborhood has a few 'obese' people and they are proud of it. In this neighborhood, almost no one is skinny, everyone is fat.
She was the most skinniest girl in her family, when she was young( when she was at age 12 to 17) she almost had no belly and almost no fat on her body, too.
Then, her family thought it was time to fatten her up, and when she was at high school, her family force fed her until she was fat.
She did not like being fed up and being fat, but her parents and family forced her to do that, which finally made her fat and proud of it.
Now, Jessica usually gets stuck in between doors, her boobs are big as a small pineapple, small seats make her fat flow over the seats, and her fat gut gets in the way when she tries to move, and sometimes her thighs rub together and crush into each other, making it look more fat. Fortunately, she doesn't have double or triple chins which might make her look ugly(that's what she thinks, though).
Still, she is over 100 kg and morbidly obese(by Korean standards, of course) and she still is one of the most lightest person in her village.
Really fat girls( and I mean HUGE girls) in this town are really common( as I said) and their life had more fat than Jessica, they have been fat their whole life, and almost reaching their final goal: immobility. When you become immobile, you can't walk or lose weight, and you can only gain weight. It is some kind of point of no return. BUT, in this town, immobile people have their own mobility scooters, which are brought to them by the government, and some have even hired people who officially feed them.
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