Me and mel

chapter 1

I met Mel online. She looked beautiful in her profile pictures. She was 22, 5'6" tall, beautiful face, and long blonde hair. We got chatting and got on so well. I soon got to know her and found out life wasn't quite as she had planned it. It was turned upside down a few months ago when she got pregnant, then her boyfriend left her, her family kicked her out for getting pregnant and now she found herself on her own in a council flat with nothing to do but look after her baby.
Mel had so many guys messaging her, but they all went quiet when they found out about her situation. She seemed to like me and always sent me messages every day. We wanted to meet each other but that could only be at her place because of the baby. I said I'd bring some things over and we could make dinner. We were both so excited.
I got the shopping one Friday night and drove over to her flat. It didn't seem a bad place. She was on the 2nd floor and I found her flat quickly. I knocked on the door and after what seemed ages, she answered. Wow, she stood there in front of me looking amazing. Her beautiful face framed by her long blonde hair falling down around her shoulders. My gaze continued down to her huge breasts pushing her vest top to the limit. She had slim arms and legs but her breasts and belly stuck right out in front. 'Hey, come in, just got the baby to sleep', she said. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and bought the food in. Her eyes lit up and we started getting it ready. I knew she liked her food but I couldn't believe how fat she was, as it really doesn't show in her face. I was so turned on but had to try and hide it.
Her flat was nice, she was obviously very homely and it was very clean. Her kitchen was packed with food, which made sense. We sat on the sofa together surrounded by all the bits for our fajitas. We both stuffed out faces, there was so much food. She finished her last wrap and lay back on the sofa, which made her top come up and her belly pop out. She was mortified and quickly hid it. I laughed. She paused and said, I saw your face when we met earlier. I didn't know what you were thinking when you saw me, and now that has happened, I bet you don't like fat girls. Oh god, please don't worry, I said. I have to confess I was in awe. You are gorgeous! I love how curvy you are. She laughed, 'curvy', I'm fat now! She said hitting her belly in disgust. I was a size 10 for years and then got pregnant. I was living with my parents and just ate and ate, I had such a pregnancy appetite. My boobs got huge too, they're 38GG now. I didn't really notice my belly getting so fat, as I was pregnant anyway. I put on about 4 stone during pregnancy, now I'm 17stone! Anyway as I was single and a disgrace to them, they chucked me out. Luckily I got this place , my dad felt a bit sorry and I get an allowance now, just to get by on. Kinda bad really, I don't have time to work but get enough money to make myself fatter. I just loved my new curves when I was pregnant and I guess I don't have anything else to do now! I just feed the baby and eat haha. Thank you for bringing the dinner, it was fab, and I'm glad you don't mind me being a bit fat.
I think you are gorgeous and I'm glad you have such an appetite as I bought dessert! Still lying back on the sofa holding her belly, she looked at me and her eyes lit up! Stay there, I said, and went off to get more food. I got a chocolate mud pie, strawberry cheese cake, cream and ice cream. I took them all in with two bowls. 'Awww my god, I love them all!' Mel said. 'Well you better have a bit of each!' I dug out a portion of each, drowned it in cream and gave her the bowl. She started slowly to eat and I started mine. It wasn't long before it was finished. She groaned and heaved herself up off the sofa and went to the toilet. While she was away I refilled our bowls with another helping. I put the Tv on and started a film I had bought. I started eating mine when she came back. She looked amazing as she walked in the room. Her long hair was wild and bangs of hair fell down in face, her huge boobs bulged out and jiggled over top of her large round belly, which stuck out of her trousers and top as she walked. She noticed her newly replenished bowl of dessert, stopped and said bloody hell! I said, what? 'You didn't finish' then grinned. You really want to make me fatter! She said as she picked it up and slumped down next to me and cuddled up.
I had finished my dessert and as we watched the film, she was sitting there not eating hers. As we cuddled I picked up the spoon and started to try and feed it to her. She looked at me with a cheeky smile and took what was on the spoon. I kissed her as she ate it and loaded up another spoon. 'This is so good' she said with her mouth full. I stroked her belly and completely revealed it buy pulling her pants down and her top up. She took another mouthful from my spoon, then pulled her top off and took off her bra. Her boobs fell out and rolled over her big stomach. 'God, that's better', she said. I got her another spoon full and took off my clothes too. She laid along the sofa, eating her dessert and stroking her breasts with her eyes closed. I got her another spoonful and she eagerly took it. 'mmmmmm' she let out in ecstasy,... 'fuck me'. I got over her and our tummies pressed together. She was extremely wet, it felt so good entering her pussy. As she was stroking her huge breasts, they began to release milk. 'UUURRRHHH' she let out as if the lactation also turned her on. I was in heaven! Without hesitation I put my hand around one breast, pulled it to my mouth, licked off the milk and started sucking more from her leaking nipple.
I've never heard a girl make such amazing noises; she clearly loved the stuffed full feeling of her belly, the milk coming from her breasts, and her satisfied vagina. I came and pulled out. She lay there looking knackered, with milk all down her. She soon became aware of the mess the milk was making. I quickly went in for the other breast and started suckling. 'Fuck that's good' she whispered as she lay there on her side, belly and breasts sprawled out in front of her, with her eyes closed and me hoovering up all the delicious milk coming from her beautiful, engorged, enormous breasts. She stroked my hair as I suckled her. When the milk had stopped, still in a bit of a daze, she sat up, her breast flopped down, she heaved herself up and led me off to bed. We got in under the covers, she turned to me and we kissed. Soon she pulled away, pulled her boobs up in front of her and ushered my head down. We lay there cuddling with my head resting in her boobs, I kissed and suckled them all night.
I was aware of her getting up in the night to feed the baby. But next morning I found myself alone in bed and I could hear her doing things somewhere else in the flat. She came back, still naked and eating the rest of a heavily buttered crumpet. She pulled the covers away and straddled me. I rubbed my blurry eyes. Morning gorgeous, she said. I looked up at this beautiful woman, just finishing chewing her crumpet. 'Sorry, I can't sleep long, I was getting hungry so made my first breakfast'. First breakfast, I thought to myself, no wonder she has such a big belly now. 'If you want food, you have to be awake, she giggled'. I was kinda hungry. But I had a hot naked girl on me, naturally I started playing with her huge boobs. We kissed and she got hold of my cock and put it in her wet pussy. She was pretty heavy on me, well 17 stone is heavy. But it was amazing, all those curves and lovely squishy bits to play with. I grabbed her love handles as we had sex. I came, she kissed me again, got off and went to shower. As she walked away she shouted, 'Hey, I did make you some breakfast, but hadn't factored in the fucking'. I wandered in the kitchen to find 6! luke warm crumpets. I got dressed and watched Tv with a cuppa and the crumpets.
Mel got the baby up and fed her. She came back in with very sexy, just washed hair, quite a stretched out strap top on and the usual leggings. 'you're looking at me weird again'. 'Sorry', I said, 'you just always manage to look hot!'. She laughed and asked what I wanted to eat for proper breakfast. Wow, she does like to eat these days, I thought. She said she didn't have much in, so I offered to order groceries online. She nearly snatched my hand off and started compiling a huge list. God knows why, you could feed an army with what she had in that kitchen. She was in the kitchen a while but then came out with two huge plates of full English breakfast and a big shopping list. 'wow, this looks amazing, but you said you didn't have much in!'. Haha, it doesn't seem to last long these days' as she looked down at her big tummy.
The breakfast was amazing. Sausages, beans, hash browns, tomatoes, bacon. It tasted amazing, she was a great cook. She watched me devour it and smiled. I'm glad we both like our food she said as she stroked my knee. I sat back feeling bloated but content. I really should go home I said. 'Oh, but I love having you here, and it's the weekend, what have you got to do?'. 'Erm.. nothing' I said. I could do plenty, but why would I want to leave her! I was loving being lazy and well fed and had the most perfect woman to enjoy. We lay back on the sofa together watching tv and cuddling. I couldn't stop playing with her tummy or a big huge boob. I was hard again. Soon the baby was crying and she put her on her lap to breastfeed. Do you want one? She said. Without any hesitation I turned over, put her leaking breast in my mouth and stared suckling. There was so much milk and it tasted so good!
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