Mister fox and miss bunny...

chapter 1

She stood at her door as the anticipation built. He was on his way up from the parking lot, here to visit her for the first time in ages. She bit her lower lip and wiggled her wide hips as she paced, waiting for the... Knock! In a flash she had the door open and leapt into his arms, putting him off balance. He adjusted his footing and hugged her back; she was so very much heavier than when last he'd seen her. Her big belly and full bosom cushioned him as she squeezed him tight in her arms. It took him a few moments just to start to take her all in: she was overflowing, pounds and pounds of adorable stuffed into figure hugging jeans and a purple top that he guessed might even be a size too small. He leaned his head down to whisper: "I brought you goodies."

She led him in and he led her to the dining table. He seated her at the head of the table and unveiled from his bag a plate stacked high with brownies so rich with dark chocolate, mint frosting, and fudge that she felt full just looking at them. Then there was a plate of red velvet cupcakes frosted and decorated with cinnamon imperials. She was licking her lips by the time he gingerly tucked a napkin into her collar. He took his time unwrapping the brownies to tease her. His "Bonny Bunny" with her "Bonny Belly" with her "healthy appetite." She wiggled excitedly in her seat, her ample chest rising and falling and her shirt riding up ever so slightly. She blew kisses at her "Fox of a boyfriend" with his long, curly brown hair and bright, clever hazel eyes.

He fed her bite by bite and peppered her with praise and kisses while she chewed and swallowed. First he kissed her hands, then her cheeks, then he snuck little pokes, then pinches and pats of her tummy and round ham thighs. By the time she'd half finished the plate she was breathing heavy, stuffed to the gills, and he was massaging her belly and calling her his "greedy girl." She pretended to pout and insisted that her clothes were just too tight. He unfastened her belt and to their mutual surprise... and delight... her pants button promptly popped right off. She covered her mouth with her hands to suppress a giggle while he leaned in and tenderly kissed her now exposed tummy just above the fringe of her lavender panties.

He helped her up and then followed her into her bedroom. He kissed her and offered to help her change into something more comfortable. She admired him, tall and strong, with broad shoulders and a swimmer's build. She put her arms around his shoulders and pressed herself into him... until she realized how much that stressed her stuffed belly. "Please..." she agreed. He knelt before her and delicately drew down her jeans. He paused to kiss her on the full of each fat thigh and both hips. He brought her shirt up over her head, then kissed her on the sumptuous upper portion of her plump breasts. She selected a long night shirt with a fluffy bunny rabbit on the front. The fabric stretched to accommodate the dough-girl, heavy with brownies in addition to her own softness.

He led her back out to the couch and seated himself; she lowered herself onto his lap and felt the comfort and strength of his embrace. He felt the sheer weight of her, her girth, his heavy, fat enough for holiday dinner Bunny. He massaged and caressed her, lingering on her belly to help her digest, but taking time to feel her pillowy upper-arms, spare tire, and her abundant bottom that she kindly wiggled for him. Then they settled in to snuggle. They kissed and kissed and kissed for what seemed like hours. After a while he slid up her shirt to cover her tummy in even more kisses.

"I think I'll be ready for dinner soon, Mr. Fox. What will you make?" She asked.

"My my my, little Bunny, you've certainly fattened up nicely, perhaps I should have you for dinner?" She giggled and turned sat up to look at him.

He suddenly looked much more like a literal fox. He was smiling at her with bared, sharp teeth...

... ... ...

SHE JERKED AWAKE! with a start! Her chest was heaving, her heart pounding, her face flushed and hot to the touch. She was sweating. The clock on her nightstand said that it was three in the morning. She turned on the light and strode over to the mirror. What she saw was very little like what she'd dreamt. She was a bit plush, perhaps a tad chubby, she might generously be called plump, but not the tubby fat-girl. She had a little, cute pot belly, her hips were getting a bit wider. She still fit easily into her bunny night-shirt without it stretching. She returned to her bed and tried to get back to sleep.

After only a few minutes she left the covers again and went into the kitchen like a woman on a mission. She put some cheese coated, sauce smothered, cheese stuffed ravioli leftovers into the microwave and prepared a clean plate. She thought about the dream, how it had felt to be so big, and how her fantasy Mr. Fox had treated her and found her thighs rubbing together involuntarily. She thought about the beast at the end talking about wanting to eat her... and bit her lip.
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