More than a degree

chapter 1

Shannon had just started college a few states away from her home town. She was excited to branch out and start being herself more freely.

In high school, she was quiet and reserved. After coming out to her family and a few close friends when she was 15, she felt uncomfortable in her small, conservative town. Now that she had a fresh start, she was determined to try new things, meet new people, and maybe even try dating.

Shannon started by making friends with her roommate, Blaire, and some of the other girls that lived on her dorm floor.

At the end of her last class on the first Friday of school, Shannon walked back to her dorm and flopped herself onto her bed. Blaire popped her head out of the bathroom as she brushed her teeth.

"Hey Shan!", Blaire mumbled through a mouthful of toothpaste. She spit out and rinsed. "Wanna go to a party tonight? Marissa down the hall says she knows of some kids hosting a party across campus"

"Uh sure! I don't really have 'party clothes', but I'll make do!" Shannon said

The two girls got ready. Blaire wore a skirt with a crop top and Shannon threw on some blue skinny jeans and a tank top, popped in some contacts, and pulled her long blonde hair into a topknot.

The roommates made their way across campus with a few other girls from their floor. As they entered the house, Shannon new she was out of her usual element. She was excited and nervous all at the same time.

They all got some drinks and started to mix into the crowd of dancing drunk people. Shannon and her friends danced and drank for a bit.

After a few songs, Shannon left her group of friends to use the restroom and refill her drink. She had never been really drunk before and she wanted to keep it that way by maintaining a slight buzz (without going overboard).

As she walked out of the bathroom, she was greeted by a tall drunk guy.

"Hey baby" he slurred at her.

"Hi um excuse me" she said as she stepped past him.

"No I wanna talk to you" he huffed

"I'm sorry but I got to go"

He grabbed her wrist and made a drunk kissy face at her.

"Grant, you drunk bastard, ***" said a girl from behind Shannon.

He let go and went into the bathroom and Shannon turned around to see who "saved" her.

"Hey sorry about him, he's an idiot" the girl said, tucking her black hair behind her ear. She was about 5'6" with a thin-but-curvy-in-all-the-right-places type of body.

"I'm Elise" she stated and shook Shannon's hand.

"Hi, my name is Shannon" she blurted with a blush.

"Well hello, Shannon. You look like you could use another drink" she said with a grin.

The two went back to the kitchen of the house and made some drinks and chatted before going to the other room where everyone was dancing.

As the party started to thin out, Blaire tapped on Shannon's should.

"Hey girl, we're going to head back and grab a snack. You can come with if you want, but if you wanna keep talking to your new friend" Blaire winked at Shannon, "you should totally go for it!"

Shannon blushed again as Elise said, "good idea! This party is getting lame any way. Want to go hang out at my place and order a pizza? I'm wide awake and starving!"

Blaire and her friends left for the campus market and Shannon and Elise headed to Elise's apartment a few blocks away.
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SomeGiraffez 5 years
More please! This set up is looking great smiley
JoeBillyBob 5 years
I would love some more, but how much does Shannon weigh now?
Jazzman 5 years
$300 in bakery in one night? No need to rush.
Very nice story.The twist at the end of chapter 3 is nice!
Jazzman 5 years
These are really good characters and the concept is one that has definitely happened in real life.This will be a great story as long as the gain is realistic. I'm looking forward to regular updates