Mother's blessing

Chapter 1 - jake's confession

*The Crypt Keeper is in his dungeon*

TCK: Hello boils and ghouls, its your old pal Cryptie! Tonights terror laden tale tells the story of a young man who falls for the girl of his dreams with a nightmare of a mother. He knows he'll have to go through the mother to get to the daughter, but the mother will never...EVER...forget how he does it. I call this....MOTHER'S BLESSING

She was beautiful. She was breath-taking. She was classy. She was a living, breathing goddess....and her daughter wasn't so bad either.

I'm kidding....sorta. My name's Jake and this is a story you're never going to believe....but I'll tell it anyway.

All through my younger years I liked fat women. I never could explain it but the idea of big, fat, larger than life women always turned me on.

....and no, don't give me that shit about my mother being the inspiration because she was fat. My mom's thin as a rail and still competes in tennis matches during the spring. Being 1/2 Greek (my father's side) I always read about the goddesses of mythology, I guess reading about how fat women were treated as goddesses flipped the switch in my brain.

Realizing that if I was going to date larger girls, I better learn how to cook. Luckily my dad's mother was F.B.G. (full blooded greek...duh) and she taught me the finer points of making anything. Cutting steaks, cooking hamburgers, making pasta, making pizza, preparing salads, baking cakes and on and on.

If I wasn't into sports and being active I'd probably be 400 pounds myself with all the culinary efforts I've concocted over the years. By the time I was in high school I had offers from culinary schools from Boston to Boca Raton on the east coast.

It was a good thing too because my love for fat women really bit me in the ass in high school. Most of the girls were image conscious and had no desire to be fat and the ones that were fat wanted to lose weight so my services were rarely needed.

It didn't help that the one girl that gave me a chance my sophomore year ended up turning on me and pretty much blackballing me from dating. I'll never forget her either. Good ol Lydia Mathers, stood about 5'2 with long flowing brunette hair. She had some of the biggest boobs I'd ever seen to that point which rested comfortably on a nice pot-belly with pudgy arms and first.

We had common interests in music (Counting Crows, System of a Down) and both of us loved watching Jackass on TV. She loved my cooking, oh did she ever. Her favorite was the lasagne/chicken cutlets/meatball combination my grandmother taught me. She was always eating around me and at first I thought she didn't mind.

Then 3 months went by and her body changed. Her face became more fuller and rounder with her double chin becoming more apparent. Her arms were flabbier and squishier while her breasts were more jumbo than before. When she bent over they hung so low I could have used them as door knockers. Her pot-belly had become a full fledged gut that probably measured 55 inches around. Her thighs had grown so much that she could no longer wear jeans or capris because she'd split right out of them. Her ass wasn't particularly big but it was so wide she often had trouble fitting into the seats when we went to the movies.

All of this aroused me and for me it was fun to hold her chubby face and kiss her as deep as I could with all this soft, curvy flesh to hold on to. Unfortunately she didn't feel the same way. Whether it was friends, parents, her dog (I swear that thing was evil, it tried to eat my shoes while my feet were still in them!) or whatever...some voice in her head was telling her she was getting too fat and I was a freak for liking her that way.

She ended up dumping me and telling all her friends that I was sick and twisted for wanting to fatten her up and eat her. I had no intentions of devouring her of course but she kinda had me on the fattening up part. While it wasn't my goal to make her gain weight, the fact she did and how she looked was arousing. That didn't do shit for me though as no other girl would come close to me in fear they'd become fat once we started dating. I did manage to go to prom with my friend Tara...except she was a thin lesbian who I had absolutely no chance to fornicating with. After I graduated I enrolled at...*drumroll*...International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes of Minnesota. Not exactly Boston or Boca Raton but I'm from Robbinsdale so who gives a damn?

That's when I met the woman who changed me....and her daughter too.
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