My dream

Chapter 1 - giving in

You know you want to you always did.
Just do it let yourself go. Get as fat as possible let that belly expand just eat and eat and eat. You need to give in to your own desires.
These are the tought's i have been having lately.
I have always been interested in fat people but lately i wanted more not only did i love fat woman but i wanted to be fat myself too. Not fat like chubby fat but huge and inmobile And bug fat plump breasts. But now i have decided i will give in. 2 weeks ago i looked in the mirror at my chubby self and i wasn't happy not that i was chubby but i wasn't big enough. It is time i told myself time to let myself go and get as fat as i possibly can.

I have since been stuffing my face 24/7. I have a goal of 300 pounds(for now) my body is swelling up each day. For a boy (i am 18 but i love being talked to like a little fat boy) i have a huge butt and big boobs witch i really love. I have always been bullied about it but now i just want everyone to talk about me. How fat i am and how much i have gained i love it it turns me on so so bad. even girls say it they talk about my boobs allot witch i freaking love.

My dream is to 1 day have a feeder who will feed me every second i'm awake. Even now i wish i had a feeder i really wanna be dominated and told what to do and eat . I can already see it. me on my hands and knees on the ground with a funnel going in my fat mouth whils't a feeder is pouring down pure fat in the other end of the tube and i can never stop i just have to suck and suck and suck the fat in expanding my fat self and making me look more and more feminine. My breast just keep expanding and expanding my but just growing and growing and of course my belly expanding and expanding every single day. I know i can only talk about this for now but i know this will one day all become true
especially the fact that i will be inmobile.

I can't wait until i am 300 pounds i will look so feminine with my big plump breasts poking out of the shirt and my huge but and belly shaking with each step i take those are my goals i want to achieve.

If you want to talk to me ask me something encourage me or just talk send me a message.
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