My little piggy

Chapter 1 - lyla comes home

"Rain?" Lyla called around the corner slipping her shoes off by the door. "One second babe!" Yelled Rain from upstairs. Soon there was the pounding of feet on the stairs. The brown haired girl came bounding down the last steps her chest bouncing up and down. Lyla walked over to her and cupped her chubby cheek in her slim hand. Looking into the girls coffee eyes with her own emerald ones she closed them. Kissing her girlfriends plump lips. When she pulled her closer my the waist she felt something soft and squishy. Though she played it off like nothing, she became more turned on then she already was.

That evening Lyla made rain's favorite. Pasta and sauce with meat balls and garlic bread. "Lyla? Did you make pasta?" Rain asked turning the corner to the kitchen. Turning around Lyla nodded her head setting the last bits of food on the table. "Help yourself to as much as you like babe I made enough for a family, I got carried away." The red headed girl said chuckling. "Oh ok!" Rain said delightfuly, sitting herself down and getting a large helping of food. She ate ravenously without a stop going for seconds but stopped at thirds. "Are you sure? You don't want any more?" The petite girl asked. The taller of the two shook her head moaning and rubbing her stomach. Come on let's go lay down. Insisted Lyla leading Rain upstairs to their bedroom. Flopping her back into the bed, Lyla climbed onto her legs and started to gently massage her small paunch. "Ooooo that feels really good more please." Rain mumbled getting lost in her girlfriends touch.

That next morning Lyla woke up to faint crying in the bathroom across the hall. Slowly she crept into the bathroom opening the squeaking door. Instantly Rain's tear stained face turned itself to her. "What's wrong love?" Lyla asked. "Your gonna break up with me!" She wailed. But the red head just took her into a hug smelling her favorite shampoo. "And why is that?" She asked concerned. "Because I've gained weight!" She cried once again. Lyla held her girlfriend at arms length and looked her up and down. "You know I'd love you with each and every pound you pile on. You know I'd prefer you with a few more." She said quietly with her big doe eyes shining with truth. "That would be ok?" Lyla nodded and led the still thing girl to the kitchen sitting her down. "Now would you like pancakes or waffles?"
Bacon or sausage?"
"Milks hake?"
"Chocolate please!"
From under the counter Lyla pulled out a weight gain powder. Puzzled rain asked where she got that. "I've had it for a while, I uh had to gain weight a while back because I was so under weight. I don't use all of it and I didn't throw it out so. Might as well use it." She said.
Quickly she threw together the whole meal but getting complaints from Rain. "I'm hungry." She wined. "Hold on baby girl I'm almost finished. Just a few moments later she set all the plates down and served up a large heaping plate. "How am I gonna eat all of that?" She quivered slightly at the sight. "Don't worry darling I'll help you, but you have to promise to eat all of it then you might get a special surprise." She said giving her chubby pink cheek a kiss. Slowly she began eating but about three quarters of the way through she couldn't eat any more and sat back in her chair. Her stomach was taught against her shirt and her pajama pants stretched to the point of ripping. "Darling your not done yet!" She moaned and groaned under the pressure of her belly. "My,my, I thought you were taught to obey rules?" She said clicking her tongue. "Does my piggy need some help?" She asked rubbing Rain's stomach. She nodded her head so bite by bite Lyla helped Rain finish her breakfast. "Good job my piggy you did amazing! Would you like your belly rubbed?" She asked and there was a quiet yes. "Come in let's get up" She said pulling her up out of the creaking chair. She sat her into the bed and took a soothing lotion and started to massage the massive ball that was Rain's stomach. "What a little piggy you are gobbling down all that food becoming a fat and plump little girl for me. This is why I love you because I know now you will never leave me because I will treat you right. Make sure you are always fed and happy, my little plump and hungry piggy. I want you to be fat! So I will always have something to hold on to I want to have you bursting out of the seams of your clothing. So embarrassed of yourself you won't know what to do. To the point where you can't stop eating. Where your hunger has consumed you life. I want you to be my fat little piggy and I know you are going to enjoy every little pound I pile onto you."
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