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chapter 1: the discovery

Claire was hungry.

For the past few months, Claire had steadily been gaining weight, increasing her appetite as she overate during every meal. Her girlfriend Martha hadn't seemed to mind the changes in Claire's body, how she went from chubby to downright fat, how she jiggled when she walked and got out of breath walking up the stairs. No, Martha didn't mind: She even brought in extra snacks when she got home from work every day, which Claire greatly appreciated. But the constant eating meant that Claire's appetite had increased by a lot, and now she was hungry.

Claire walked downstairs towards the fridge, rubbing her empty belly as it strained against her tight, white t-shirt. She hadn't outgrown her clothes yet, but it was only a matter of time. She opened the fridge, gasping in delight when she saw its contents. Oh, how she loved the snacks Martha always bought!
Inside the fridge was a giant two-tiered chocolate cake, covered from top to bottom in thick, creamy frosting. Claire took out the plate and licked her lips. This would do nicely to still her hunger.

After cutting the cake into eight thick slices, she sat down on the sturdy sofa and dug in. The first slice went in, and soon after so did the second, and before she knew it, Claire had eaten more than half the cake. She slowed down a bit, reminding herself to savour the cake instead of just devouring it. She grabbed the sixth slice and slowly bit into it. It was sweet and creamy, and as the chocolate melted in her mouth, she let out a loud moan of satisfaction. Slowly but surely she made her way through the rest of the cake, letting out a small burp when she finished. "I need... *urp* More..." She moaned to herself.

After digging through the freezer for a while, she found just what she was looking for: A giant tub of ice cream. Knowing however that this wouldn't be enough, she also grabbed a frozen pepperoni pizza and a liter bottle of coke from the fridge. As she heated up the pizza, she greedily began digging into the ice cream. By the time the microwave sounded its trusty ping, she had finished the whole tub.
She took the pizza out of the microwave and once again sat herself down on the sofa. She attempted to pull down her shirt, which was exposing the underside of her full belly, but after realising that this was to no avail she quickly resumed eating.

Claire had devoured half the pizza before she began showing signs of slowing down, her gut now round and tight and stretching far past the waistband of her pants, and even past her boobs. She kept eating, moaning with every bite she took, taking in the cheesy goodness and savouring it as best as she could. She was full, so full but there was still more to be eaten, her stomach hurt but she couldn't stop. There was only one slice left now, Claire attempted to reach for it but she couldn't move.
The weight of her stuffed gut kept her pinned to the couch, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get up. After trying for a few minutes to reach the desired last slice, Claire froze: She heard keys turning in the lock.
She desperately attempted to stand up, pull down her shirt and hide the evidence of her gluttony, but to no avail. Claire was completely unable to move, panting from the exertion with her shirt riding up above her bellybutton when her girlfriend entered the room.
"Claire? Are you home? I brought you a sna- Oh." "H-Hi darling." Claire stuttered as she looked at Martha's perplexed face.
Martha mumbled something, her face going red. She looked at Claire, then at the pizza slice, and back at Claire again. Then she finally spoke up: "Well... Someone's been greedy! You need a little help with that pizza, honey?"
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Xylo 6 years
Good story - plz continue
Jazzman 6 years
Stop complaining about the pacing.Its wonderful and realistic pacing.Would love some numbers to go along but its still a great story regardless
QuebecFA 6 years
The story is very well-written and fast paced! I cannot weight, er... WAIT, for Chapter II! :-)