chapter 1

Naomi turns off her alarm clock and gets out of bed. The 22 year old girl rubs the sleep from her eyes and starts her morning routine. First she freshens up a bit and steps on the scale, the dial spins and stops at 112 pounds. Naomi admires her hard work in the mirror, which reflects her dedication to the gym and a healthy diet. She has a smooth and bit of a pale skin, her legs are slender and her belly toned. Her blond hair comes to her small but perky breasts. She spins around and looks at her backside. Being 112 pounds at 5'5'' meant that she wasn't that curvy and even though she does squads in the gym every time her ass is flat but toned. She does have a nice thigh gap and her arms actually show some muscle, which are aspects that she is very proud off. All in all she had a body that some girls would kill for. She puts on her XS working clothes and heads to the kitchen. In the kitchen she takes a piece of dry toast and an apple to go. Noami had never been a big eater, which helped with keeping her skinny. After finishing the toast Noami takes a bite out of the apple and starts getting ready for work. She was working in one of the finest dining places in the city and one day she hopes to be manager there.

Noami sighs as she comes back into the restaurant, she had just had her break and ate a bit too much of the salad the chef made for her. And now it was time to deal with a customer complaint. The customers at the restaurant were all high class and would often complain about the littlest things. Right now she had to help a lady who complained that there was not enough chocolate sauce on her dessert. Naomi kept a friendly smile while she listened to the woman. She did look the woman up and down real fast. It was the average rich customer. She was probably only 5 years older than Naomi but she was dressed in an expensive dress and wore expensive jewelry. Another thing is that the woman was probably 20 pounds overweight. Naomi kept smiling and nodding at the woman "Of course madam" She said in her politest way "I will take your order back to the kitchen and fix a new one" Naomi took the half eaten dessert and turned around. "It is not like you really need more food any way" She said under her breath so the customer wouldn't hear it. "Honestly why would you let yourself go like that" Naomi continued annoyed by the scene. Naomi was pretty sure that no one heard her since it was pretty busy at the moment.

However she had been wrong. At the table next to the complaining customer there was a group of people sitting. And even though it seems like they are having a busy conversation with each other. There is one girl at the end of the table that was actually listening. The girl adjusts some of her snow white hair behind her ear and looks at Naomi, who is walking towards the kitchen. The cold blue eyes of the girl glister and a malicious smile appears on her face. She makes a beckoning sign. Not much later a modernly dressed business woman with a stern face shows up. The girl with the white hair hides her mouth behind her hand and whispers something. The business woman seems a little taken back, but nods and walks away.

Naomi is glad that the work day is almost over and she is packing her stuff to go home and hit the gym. "Miss Collins" an unfamiliar voice calls her and she turns around, surprised to hear her last name. Behind her is a lady dressed in a black skirt with a woman's business jacket. "My name is Jane Alenta" miss Alenta says "I'm working for the owner of this restaurant and I would like to make you a special offer" Naomi is a bit surprised but nods to indicate that she is listing. "Tomorrow you will have an interview" miss Alenta continues "We will determine if you can join the personal staff of the mansion this will include a pay rise, free housing and will open opportunities for your career. A car will be send to pick you up at 9 o'clock in the morning. Everything understood?" Naomi is not sure how she is suppose to react to the proposition. It was a good opportunity, but it was a bit weird that she just assumed that she would say yes. Naomi quickly regained her posture, this was how deals went in this business and she would be a fool to say no. "That sounds fantastic" Naomi responds with confidence "I will not disappoint you". "Excellent" Miss Alenta says, her face nor her voice displaying any emotion "Then I will see you tomorrow" And with that miss Alenta left the room. Naomi kept looking at the woman trying her best to conceal her excitement. After miss Alenta left the room Naomi made a small jump and then rushed home still happy about the potential promotion. At home she enjoyed a diner of half a plate of spinach with roasted chestnuts and chicken.

After her diner Naomi went to the gym, the place were she maintained her figure. Naomi went to the gym every other day. Today she had 45 minutes of running on the treadmill, 30 push ups and 30 sit ups and some of the other weight lifting machines to finish it off. Naomi rolls her eyes when the only machine left free is the one next to a chubby brunette struggling to keep up a swift walking speed. Naomi gets on the machine gives the girl a smile and turns up the speed. She will show that tubby what a real workout looks like.

Yesterday was a great workout, Naomi thought to herself. She was drinking a cup of tea and eating a orange as breakfast. Soon a car would arrive to pick her up for her new job and she was feeling excited. She hears a honk outside and grabs her purse and goes outside. In the street a large black SUV with tinted windows is waiting for her. Next to the car are two men dressed in black suits. One of the man opens a door for her and the other one gets behind the wheel. The drive takes quite a while and the men don't say anything. Half way through the drive Naomi notices that the man in the passenger seat is checking her out. Naomi is not overwhelmed by this as she is used to man looking at her. "Can I help you?" Naomi says confronting while giving the man a cold look in the mirror. "Just admiring what a beautiful lady you are" The man says grinning and revealing a golden tooth "And may I say that you will probably do a mighty fine job at the mansion" Naomi is surprised to hear such an encouraging word from a man who hasn't even introduced himself. "Thank you" Naomi responds professionally "I will try to strive for perfection in my job and will look for opportunities to grow along with it" The man laughs out loud and Naomi feels like she is left out of an inside joke or something. She shrugs it off and looks out of the window again.

Naomi is amazed by the size of the mansion, it was truly a modern day castle. There is a stair leading up to a large entrance hall, above the door a large and fancy drawn H is cut out of the stone. Everything that is on display shows of great wealth. In the entrance hall the same woman she spoke to yesterday was waiting for her. "Follow me" the women says and she opens a large door and walks through it. Naomi can't help but feel a little impressed with all the paintings vases and other expansive items that she sees. Naomi follows the woman closely and after a short walk they arrive in a large hall with a large wooden table in the middle. Next to the table are some fancy chairs and there is a lounging couch in the corner. Miss Alenta sits down at the table and opens a holder and gets out some papers. Not much later a waiter walks in and asks what they want to drink. "Just water for me" Naomi responds after miss Alenta ordered some coffee. Not much later the waiter returns and puts down a glass of water, a cup of coffee and a plate with some kind of chocolate cookies. Miss Alenta offers them to Naomi but she refuses and says that she tries to eat as least sugar as possible. The plate with cookies goes to the side of the table, without any of them touched. The next hour and a half miss Alenta talks a lot and tells her all about the contract that is in front of them. Noami will live in the mansion and all services will be provided, including food and clothing. Naomi's job will be being a personal assistant to one of the family members. Miss Alenta keeps talking for a while and gives Naomi a short moment to think. However Naomi is already sold and is ready to sign. Quite a lot of signatures are needed but once it is all set and done miss Alenta gets up and shakes her hand "Then everything is settled" She says, as always without a sign of emotion "I will go get the young misses so you can introduce yourself to her". Noami did not expect that she would be the assistant for a ''young miss'' she just really hopes she doesn't become some kind of expensive babysitter.
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Theswordsman 4 years
I feel sorry for victorias next victim because she'll probably want to go further
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Hot damn! This is so good! My favorite type of story, and written so well! I hope you will post more chapters. Many, many more! 😁
Waxer 5 years
WOW I hope you don't mind but I went onto your DA and read the rest of this story early (and started on some of the others) I really love this type of story. I hope to see more whenever you have the chance!
Logitechk1 5 years
Thanks for the notification, I fixed it
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Hey. Liking the story. But it appears to of cut off a lot. You may want to play with formatting for this site