Night in bliss

chapter 1

Laying safely under the warmth of the thick covers the nighttime light had started to make me sleepy. My eyes were closing and my breathing soon to be at a slow place. I turned over to face her, my girlfriend. She lay on her back peacefully. This was the first night we slept together,she was so beautiful. With the way the light flickered on the tv bouncing on her skin she was breathing heavy and slow her mouth slightly parted I smiled to myself wondering how I could've found someone like her suddenly her mouth opened further a almost startling sound following it not only vibrated through her massively rising and falling chest it shook the actual bed we were in the noise filling the whole room with such resonance it seemed to bounce off every single wall the sound should have been a scare but for some reason a little piece inside me liked it no scratch that loved it the way she would take in a deep breath exaggerating her already huge cup size she wore no bra to bed her nipples were peeking through the sheer material covering her upper torso barely her chest was so large it moved her thin tank top to just below her rib cage her stomach moved almost as violently as her chest did filling with air releasing A massive explosion of sound from her mouth I moved in closer to get a better look curious now to how she managed to make such a ruckus her mouth lay completely relaxed wide open her tongue lay placid in the span of the open dark space only moving up and down with each blast of noise drool was falling slowly out of the left corner of her parted lips I was leaning in so closely I had accidentally bumped into her she stayed completely undisturbed no falter in her breaths not even a move from her hand I moved my finger gently down the middle of her chest my finger stopping at her breast line simply because her breasts were too big I had no choice but to go up and over her outline her chest rattling shaking with the new snore she had decided to let go of the sound deep loud and full she would blast out as hard as she could then recover just as urgently drawing in breath to refill the contrast pulling me in the simple up and down just telling me how much work she was putting in to sleep so deeply it made the sound of the snore so exciting to physically see how much she moved she snores so magnificently powerful that occasionally she would release a small gasp her mouth moving up and down in time with the snoring like the sound was pulling it down with it I took my finger gently and put it in her wet mouth feeling the warm saliva soak into my finger she hadn't noticed the newest visitor into her mouth I explored the inner workings playing with her tongue I noticed every time I pushed it down she snored even louder than before creating a vastly different sound I sat up having fun now with this and placed my other hand on top of her eyes and softly pulling back her eyelids revealing her eyes staring blankly completely asleep still this sight excited me made me crave more I pulled down on her tongue at the same time keeping her eyes open she was just pulling in another super deep breath before letting it out the result making me tingle all over because of the volume and sound it was a constant rattle almost like starting a motorcycle a high pitched motorcycle that just didn't want to stop riding on the road she drew in another breath again before igniting my body on fire with a feeling of such euphoria she let out her breath so hard she physically moved upward her body doing all it can to release the loudest snore possible I took my hands down from her face and placed them on her larger stomach it was so soft and dough like perfectly plump and round she had just finished a rather full dinner before bed I could see where she was storing it all her extreme round stomach pumping up and down at such a force my fingers felt tingly as her stomach expanded so profoundly the feel of the skin moving on skin it fueled me I had become obsessed with her belly now I had come up with a brilliant idea now I lowered myself just above her and used my elbow to support me as I stuck my finger back into her mouth pulling her tongue down once more she had no idea I was doing any of this I loved that feeling she was dead to the world her massive stomach filled with air once more and filled the empty space between me and her at the same time she let out another massive snore which I could feel vibrate inside of her even through her stomach the energy was electric she was just getting started too I didn't know she could possibly fall any more asleep but she did suddenly her breathing pace picked up her breaths became more forced and urgent her snoring louder and more close together leaving almost no gaps of sound the room was never silent her chest rebounded from being deflated so low causing her body to shake every inch of her moved by the one gesture her stomach filling up again and her mouth opening even more to let all of the glory pass through her drool even thicker now leaving the slightest trail down her neck and to her arm wow she was a fucking beauty just like this in her natural environment I sat on my knees over her and rubbed my hands on her stomach moving her up and down with a force that matched her inhalation and exhales the sound almost doubling from my simple touch on her soft round stomach so I took it a step further and lowered my entire body on top of hers pulling my shirt up a bit so that my bare stomach was touching her soft jiggly flesh instantly sinking into it now her body had to work overtime to keep up with her noisy routine
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