Oh debbie

chapter 1

She watched from the shadows as her creation approached the unsuspecting employee.
"Hi!" The little boy with spiked honey brown hair smiled at the grownup sitting in the waiting area.
The adult looked at the child blinking. "Are you-? How are you-? Who are you?" Brow furrowed in confusion.
The boy smiled innocently and said, "I am you. Your younger you. I am here because you work yourself too hard. Here have a chocolate marshmallow pie." He opened his empty palm and a round chocolate disk appeared out of thin air.
She takes note that the man is very thin. With his shirt off you could probably almost see his ribs. His blue eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep and honey brown hair unkempt. Various shades of blue and black ink splotches made his shirt look more like an art canvas. A devious smile forms on her lips, but she remains hidden.
"It does look good, but I am waiting for Deborah. Thank you though." He shakes his head at the proffered treat but his eyes give him away.
The child tilts his head and looks at the man with calculating eyes for a moment. "Oh fine. I'll just leave it here--" he puts the cookie on the man's lap--"in case you change your mind."
Her eyes fixate on the man's visible weakening resolve as the child walks away. The sinful scent of chocolate teasing his nose and mouth. He hesitantly picks up the treat and slowly brings it to his mouth but pauses at the last second.
"Good morning, you must be Carl--" She smiles as her sudden arrival causes him to bite down on the cookie-- "I'm Debbie, please join me in my office. My apologies for making you jump."
He tries to open his mouth to apologize but his hand shoves the rest of the cookie in instead. His mind that was just moments ago going a million miles an hour to figure out why the big boss wants to see him, a mere paper pusher, is going at a significantly slower speed. She notices the reduced brain rate by looking into his eyes that were only a short while ago very sharp and aware but are now taking on a glassy appearance.
She sits behind her massive Cherrywood desk and indicates to the leather recliner on the other side for him to sit in. "Just a quick quality check, how was the cookie you just ate?"
"Very good. My younger self knows me well. I just wish I had another. If I may, why have been called to your office?" His mind, though slowed down slightly still retains enough clarity.
Opening a secret compartment in her desk she pushes a button and slots in the armrest of his chair open and a claw slithers out of one with another chocolate marshmallow pie while the other has a whole box of the aforementioned confection. The average person might express concern. Carl's eyes are fully surprised yet there is a hint of eagerness.
"A very good question. I will just cut to the chase, I am promoting you. You were the subject of a trial and you passed. From now on you will be my pet. My docile and obedient pet" His eyes are on her but they are taking on a dazed appearance as cookie after cookie is fed to him.
The average treat shouldn't have such effects on anyone. That is until Debbie added some chemicals into all of her products. At any rate he is eating the first and only batch that she made herself. She smiles as his body takes on a healthier appearance. No longer is he gaunt and looking sleep deprived. Rather his stomach is rounding and softening. To be fair all of him is starting to thicken. Preferring to execute her plans subtly so he, with his original size kept in mind, will have actually just have a healthy appearance. All is falling into place. She nods at the young boy from earlier who is standing by the door.
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Zurea 7 years
Fun and enticing read, can't wait for the next chapter
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Fun read