Our life on the island

chapter 1

I wake you in the morning and give you your funnelfeed to start an other beautiful day in paradise. You are so full and your belly is bursting from all the cream and weight gain shake. I let you sleep it off and prepare for our trip to the beach. I have the maid pack us a huge lunch for you and a healthy salad for me. After an hour I go back to your feeding room. You are still asleep and I slide between your fat soft thighs to find your tiny dick hidden in layers of soft creamy blubber. I find it soft and small and I start to stroke it. It soon gets hard and you start to wake up. "Hello love of my life", you murmer as you caress your hard nippels and huge moobs. "Hello fat boy", I reply. "If you are 200 kg I will take you to the beach and we will have a whale of time".
I help you get out of bed and you waddle to the bathroom. I admire your soft hanging belly and your huge swaying moobs. Your ass is enormous with stretchmarks and dimples all over them. You make me so horny and creamy but I need to know your weight first. You step on the built in scales which go to 500 kg, big enough for the moment at least. It has been a week since we weighed you and we are both excited to know if you have reached the next milestone. I promised you a day at the beach with a few surprises and you took extra funnelfeeds in an effort to get there quickly. You look at the display as you see the numbers going up and we both cheer when it stops at 208 kg. That is 10 kg in one week! I am so proud of my big boy and I hug you and play with your hanging moobs to reward you. I lower myself and as you pull up your hanging belly I suck and play with your sexy disappearing dick. I love the fat pad surrounding it and make you cum within minutes. "I love you so much my sweet girl, I am so thankful for making me this fat, please make me double fat babe, I want that for you, Please make me fatter, make me your fattest man", you beg of me. "Mmm, I am not sure yet. I think you are fat enough", I tease you by saying.
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Fat Fiji 5 months
Still one of the hottest gainer stories ever!
Verychubbyte... 1 year
Wow you must add some more, great story so far
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
"...your three chins started quivering in anticipation."

And I'm quivering in anticipation also. I can't wait for more.
Built4com4t 6 years
More please....wonderfully kinky