The feeder franchise

Chapter 1 - come on alex, you know you want to.

“Welcome Mr and mrs Davis. Let me show you to your room.” A thin woman said while guiding them to their room.

“Rachel, this is your bed!” The woman said. Rachel laid down on the bed, she was instantly in a new world of comfort.

“And sir you can sleep with her any time you want.” The woman said before exiting.

“Let me know when you want to start.”
The moan said exiting the room.

“Start? What does she mean by that?” He said walking to Rachel.

“Maybe start the service.” She said still laid down on the bed.

“Ok, wanna look around?”

“Alex, can I stay here?”

“Sure.” He’d sigh and look out of his room.

He walked about them heard all sorts of stuff in the hallway. He heard a lot of mechanical noises and grunting. It made him feel a bit uncomfortable.

He heard some sort of gathering going in the hall so he took a peek. His body was filled with fear when he saw fat woman and men on leashes with some others being fed. He ran across the hall and went through a random door. And then saw a obese woman with a collar that was being milked by her tits while being fed through a pipe attached to a huge metal tub.

“What are you doing here?” Said a man behind Alex.

“What are you doing to these people?”

“What ever do you mean? My little piggy is doing fine.”

“Pig? That’s a human!”

“You aren’t meant to be here. Are you?”
The man said walking closer to Alex.

“N-No... leave me alone!” He said running out and into his room.

“We need to get out of this place.” He said grabbing Rachel and their bags.

“What do you mean?” She said.

“This place isn’t what it seems.” But before they did a woman came into her room.

“Where are you going?”

“We are leaving this creepy place!”

“I don’t think you are.” She said spraying something on to their faces causing them to black out.

——————————— ——————————

Alex woke up and got up from what seems to be a bed. And got pushed back down by a slim woman in a tight dress and got kissed on his lips.

“Hey what are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m going to make a deal with you, let me show you something.”

She grabbed his hand.
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Bellylover95 4 years
epic cant wait to read more
Karenjenk 4 years
This shows a lot of promise
I like the set up. sets up some questions that need answers.
Pleaseeee go on