My little pig

chapter 1

Kate woke up bound to a chair, she could only move her hands and a little bit of her legs.

“Help! Anybody?!” She yelled.

“Oh hello, Kate.” A mysterious voice said. But she has heard that voice before. The lights flickered on, it was Eva.

“It’s you! Ugh, I swear when I get out of this I’m going to kill you fat b*.” She said trying to get out of the restraints

“Oh but when we are done. You’re going to be the fat b* here.”

Kate was confused and then Eva walked closer.

“I’ve always had a crush on you... but you where to good for me. You hated me and now after this I’m the only one who is going to love you.” She giggles.

“Get aw-“ she was cut off when Eva put some sort of mask on her mouth that was connected to a huge machine.

“Don’t waist your breath, it’s going to be a lot of work soon. Now your probably wondering what this is... this is a little contraption that will pump over a trillion calories in your tiny body. Oh and that’s not even the best part. It’s laced with a drug that will stretch your skin and stomach but in a healthy way not to damage your health.” She said.

Kate’s heart dropped.

“Now any last words to your figure?”

“You b-“ she said but shortly cut off by a thick cream getting stuffed into her mouth, she had to swallow or she would choke. She could feel her stomach stretch with each gulp.

After 2 hours she was already way heavier. About 120 pounds heavier, she was now 200lbs.

“Look how big you’ve already gotten! My little piggy.” She said stroking her now chubby cheeks.

“Now eat up you fatty, you got way more to go before we are done...” she said.

By the time she finished Kate had already gained 50 lbs more. Kate started crying. Her figure slowly deteriorating.

“Aww don’t look so down. You get to 300lbs everything will be fine.”

She said walking out

“Goodnight, piggy.”

300lbs? Not that much... she could work out in the Jim and change her identity for a bit... yeah, that dumb b*. Then she would have her arrested.

She was now 300lbs. She was now free.

“Very good piggy. Now time for faze 2.”

Wait what? Faze 2? She thought she would be free but before she knew it she was injected with something that made her limbs floppy. She couldn’t run. Then Eva put a leash around her neck. She picked Kate up and put her in a wheelchair and pushed her into a hallway.

Where are they going? Find out in the next chapter.
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Theswordsman 3 years
Please continue i want to see how this plays out