You are my pet. and only my pet.

chapter 1 you are mine

“Master I am extremely sorry!” She begged for Noras forgiveness.

“It’s fine! We are just going somewhere to talk about all of this ok?” She said holding ashinas hand.


They go into a dark room,

“Ok go lay down and we will talk this through.” Ashina stumbles around and finds the chair like bed , like the one you’d see at a doctors. It felt really comfortable.

“Now, let’s talk.” She said but then ashina heard a weird click then instantly had restraints on her.

“M-maste-“ she then had a mask on her mouth.

“Heh... you see I’m going to teach you something you will never forget ok?” She stroked her face and pulled her skinny cheek.

“I’m going to puff you up, so big that you will be helpless without me. Breathing would be a pain.”

“(Master)” she said muffled.

“Your going to be my pet and my pet only...I’m going to make up big and plump.” She said pulling up ashinas crop top and running her skinny, soft stomach.
She’d then walk over and turn the light on revealing a tank with yellow lumpy liquid.

“This is going to be your life now, my little pet piggy. Have fun...”

She’d turn the machine on and ashina was bombarded with thick sweet liquid going down her throat. She gulped it down and cried.

“I can’t wait to see the look on their face when they see how much of a fat piggy you are going to become.” She said smirking.

She could already see the change of her figure. Her soft tummy now a bit of a red lump, she moaned in pain.

“Oh don’t be like that....” she said. She started rubbing ashinas red stomach. That calmed her down a lot. Her cheeks started going red too, swelling with fat.

“I’ll be back soon my little pet.” She blew a kiss as she walked out.

4 hours went by and ashina was tubby. She started growing rolls. She was once 70lbs now 180lbs. Her stomach was less swollen thanks to the mashing machine that Nora equipped.
Nora then took the mask off ashina and kissed her mouth.
“M-master?” She said.

“Aww, my little piggy. I got something g for you... donuts!”

“No pl-“ she Stuffed them in her mouth, she obediently swallowed.

“Open your legs pretty girl.”

“Master no-“ Nora rubbed the inside of her thighs then she opened them moaning in pleasure.

“Hm... disobedience. We will change that soon my piggy, but for now... just keep eating...”

“Please no not anymore...” she puts the mask back on ashinas face and turns the machine back on.

“See you soon” she’d kiss ashinas forehead and walk out.
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Guys I am just re-writing part 2 if you are wondering.

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What happened to chapter two we need more stories like this
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